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Who's wedding is it anyway?

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Lynne and Ryans!! Enjoy!!

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"Ryan, from the moment I met you, I knew you were the one for me. I love you. You're my Rybear. I know that we're going to have a great life together. I promise to be a loving and devoted wife," said Lynne as she said her wedding vows to Ryan.
"Lynne, I have loved you since the first time our eyes met. I love you soo much. You're my best friend, my partner, my everything. I can't wait to start our life together. I also promise to be a loving and committed husband, to you," said Ryan to Lynne.
They then placed the rings on each other's left ring fingers and kissed. The priest formally announced them husband and wife. They walked down the aisle and out into the lobby. Nicole, Katie Kay, Dusty, Mrs. Urie, Mrs. Ross, Brendon, Spencer, Jon, and Pete, all followed, behind them.
^^ Lynne's dress (really Carmen Electra's dress).
Everyone followed to the reception hall that was only a few miles up the road from the church and they all had a blast, eating, dancing, drinking, talking, and just admiring the newly weds.
Ryan and Lynne shared their first dance as husband and wife to Shania Twain's 'From This Moment On'.
"I love you," Ryan whispered to Lynne, while they were dancing.
"I love you, baby," replied Lynne to Ryan.
Ryan and Lynne went to Paris and Rome for their honey moon and they enjoyed being in each others' company. They bought a house together in their hometown of Las Vegas, NV. Lynne continued to dance with Panic! and Ryan went back on-tour with the guys. After Panic!'s tour, 'Nothing Rhymes With Circus', they were spending days in the studio, recording their new album. Lynne would watch them record, but she decided to go back to school and get her degree in acting. Ryan and Lynne plan to have children, someday, but for right now, they're going to focus on what they have; each other.

The End
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