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A little talk

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Delilah and julius have been going out for 2 months and everything has been going great until something unexpected happens. ****************************************** i hope you like it its on...

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Delilah's POV
I was sneaking down the hall to meet Julius we had been secretly dating for 2 months now. I looked up to see my boyfriend waiting for me at the front door, smiling. "hey beautiful you ready to go?" he asked lovingly.
"yes, where to tonite?" i inquired.
"a movie." he said while wrapping his arm around my waist.
Later we were sneaking into back into the acamdemy.
"i think were in the clear." i said. We looked around and heard someone comeing down the hall, it was Al! We ducked into a closet until he was gone then we snuck into my room because it was closest.
"that was close" i said.
"ya but worth it" he said moving closer.We got closer until our lips met, for a long passionette kiss, we let our hands explore all over. We backed up and sat on my bed, he pulled away slightly."do you know how much trouble we'd be in if we were caught." he sadi kissing me again.
"i know but there's a lock on my door and theres no cameras in our rooms." i said mischeviously(A/N: spelling?)
"ooh miss perfect is being bad." he said laughing.
"who-ever said i was perfect?" i laughed. We kissed again and lied down ........

The next morning- julius POV
I woke up with the sunlight blindind me i went to stretch when i found something on top of my waist, it was an arm, delilah/s to be exact. I looked over at her sleeping 'our fist night together' i thought smiling. Just then she woke up stretching."hey" i said kissing her on the forehead.
"hey" she replied pulling me into a hug. All of a sudden Scarlette burst in saying "delilah's not in her room and i can't find..." she started until she saw us in eachothers arms. "what's going on in here?" she asked angrily.
"umm.." i started but she cut me off
"Julius please go to your room." she said slightly less angry. I left but i just listened through the door.

Delilahs POV
" i can explain..." i started
"okay explain" she said folding her arms.
"okay i can't explain" i said dissapointed in myself.
"delilah how long has this been going on for?" she asked calming down.
"well last night was our first time but we've been dating for 2 months." i said sighing
"delilah i'm dissapointed" she said looking at the floor.
"well atleast it happened with someone who really loves me and cares about me." i said in defence
"i know and i'm glad it was julius but you should have waited until your married." she explained
"i'm sorry scarlette please dont tell anyone ." i pleaded
"i have to tell Al but other than that its between us." she said
" please dont tell Al he'll have a fit." i asked
"okay but only if you promise to keep me in the loop from now on." she said smiling
"okay" i said giving her a hug
"i have to go talk to julius talk to you later kitten." she said whille leaving.
Julius dashed into his room and sat on his bed just in time for scarlette to enter.

Julius' POV
"hey kitten can we talk?" she asked
"yea sure." i said nervously.
"delilah told me you've been dating for 2 months and how that was your guys first time>" she said
"so..." i asked cautiously
"well im happy for you but be careful." she said seriously
"careful about what... oh okay." i said uneasily
"okay i got to go so i'll talk to you later." she said and left.
After she left i snuck over to delilahs room, she was lying on her bed."heyy" i said nervously.
"Hey julius we need to talk." she said sitting up.
"okay" i said sitting on her bed.

Delilahs POV
"julius scarlette was right we have to be more careful, i don't want to know...end up...pregnent." i said looking away.He took my hand.
"i agree and just so you know if you ever want to slow down just tell me." he said lovingly
'I love him he's soo sweet' i thought. "oh julius i love you." i said hugging him.
"i love you to de." he said kissing me on the forehead.

3 months later-Julius POV
I was lying on my bed thinking 'why has delilah been acting so strange latley, shes alway swithing moods and runs to the bathroom every morning' I decided to go down to the river to think. I walked up until i saw someone crying on the bench. It was delilah, i ran up to her and sat beside her. "de whats wrong"i asked with concern in my voice. "nothing" she said whipping away a tear and trying to smile.
" come on de tell me what wrong" i said rubbing her back.
"julius...i'm pregnent" she said bursting into more tears.
"oh it's okay de." i said hugging her.
"no it's not okay i'm only 18" she said crying into my shirt.
"come on de lets talk" i said still holding her.
"juls i dont know what to do i dont know how to tell scarlette and i cant take care of a kid..."she said in one big breath.
"come on de lets go back to the acamedmy you can take a nap and then we'll figure this out." i said helping her up.
"julius im scared." she said calming down a little bit.
We went back but just as delilah was lying down everyone was called to the pool , where some people were breaking into the academy. When we got there delilah and i were each figghting a goon when i looked over i saw him knock delilah out and drop her in the pool. I dived in and pulled her out. She coughed and opened her eyes,"de are you okay" i asked.
"yea im okay." she said trying to get up.
"hows your stomache?" i asked putting a towel around her.
"okay but i dont think i should anymore." she said walking indoors(by the way the goons ran off when delilah fell in the water)
"i guess we need to go talk to Al then." i said as we headed inside.We were outside his office when i said "lets talk to scarlette first." We entered her lab "heyy kittens..." she noticed the worried looks on our faces"whats wrong?" she asked.
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