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Quidditch and Correspondence

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live
By Loralee
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

Chapter 6
Quidditch and Correspondence

Harry checked into the magical Hilton in Salem under goblin glamour and using the name Nigel Grim. He wasn't ready to be recognized again. Picklock had recommended the magical sector because he wanted to be able to forward some of the mail for Harry that had been collecting at Gringotts.

The packet of mail was sent to the Salem branch of Gringotts then forwarded to the Hilton. The desk clerk had it for Harry as he checked in. Harry checked the seal on the packet and then noticed a large group of teens gathered in the lobby.

"What is that about?" ask Harry.

"Oh, we are a portkey entry to the Fitchburg Finches quidditch stadium and there is a game this afternoon, Mr. Grim. I believe we still have tickets available if you are interested," said the desk clerk.

"Oh yes, I'd like to go to a game. Can you charge my room for the ticket or do you need me to pay now?" Harry was rather excited. The next best thing to playing quidditch was watching it.

"I'll charge your room sir." Then he signaled to the valet. "Please show Mr. Grim to 28 and provide him with a Finches ticket."

Harry followed the valet to his room and dropped off his mail. He went to the hotel dinning room and grabbed a quick bite before porting to the stadium for a great game between the Fitchburg Finches and the Moose Jaw Meteorites.

The seat was excellent and the play exciting but it was the announcement just before the game began that sparked the most interest. The American Quidditch League was sponsoring a quidditch camp for youth between the ages of 15 and 18 starting in just a week. The announcement was that there were still spaces open and that applications could be collected at the information desk after the game.

Harry was happy when he returned to the Hilton and his room late that evening with the application for the quidditch camp. His smile faded some when he remembered the packet of mail waiting for him.


Mum' s going spare. She says if you needed a holiday you should have come to the burrow. She really gave Dumbledore a piece of her mind, rattled the rafters she did. He told her it was your destiny to destroy Voldemort and that you knew it and that if you wanted a holiday we should abide by your wishes.

I just want to know what's going on. Mum says 'come home soon'.

That gave Harry pause and he dug through the pile of mail for the one from Dumbledore.

Dear Harry

I must once again offer my apologies though I do not expect your forgiveness. I can only hope that one day you will at the least understand the reasons behind my choices.

I will not try to find you or persuade you to return before you are ready. I do hope you will return to Hogwarts to finish your schooling. I believe that even though you have fulfilled the prophecy you have much to offer the Wizarding World and we have much to offer you.

I should warn you that there are still followers of Voldemort loose but you have shown that you are quite capable of taking care of yourself. Please be vigilant Harry and enjoy your holiday.

If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to ask. I will refuse you nothing and ask nothing in return.

With much affection
Albus Dumbledore

Harry couldn't quite believe it. Dumbledore wasn't going to come after him and drag him back. Harry held the letter thinking about that. He had fulfilled his destiny, done what Dumbledore wanted so Dumbledore was apparently going to let him live his life.

Harry began to smile once more and filled out the quidditch camp application to post in the morning. He'd hesitated to begin with because he'd need to go as Harry Potter, Nigel Grim was too old to attend the youth camp. The only thing he'd need to worry about was catching the snitch and possibly rogue Death Eaters trying to kill him. No worries.


Your note was unacceptable. 'Killed Voldy going on holiday' was not enough information. I am so angry with you, you prat. You had better write or better yet telephone me as soon as you get this, Harry Potter!
I am very worried about you.
PS I'm proud of you, congratulations.

After reading the letter from Hermione Harry thought that he might have to worry more about her killing him, that the Death Eaters. Included in her note was a separate parchment with Hermione's telephone number. Harry decided he'd better call her soon.

Dear Mr. Potter

I want to personally let you know that Sirius Black has been cleared of all charges and the Wizengamot has authorized reparations for false imprisonment to be paid to his estate. I have been informed that Mr. Black had unfortunately passed away and I am sorry for your loss.

The Death Eaters captured at the Ministry in June will be going to trial starting August 4th. I would ask that you let me know if you will be available to testify against these men.

The Wizarding world owes you a debt of gratitude Mr. Potter, as do I personally. If there is anything that I may do for you please let me know.

Amelia Bones
Minister of Magic

Harry was stunned by the information in Bones' letter. Sirius was vindicated and Fudge was no longer minister. Harry briefly wondered how that had happened but didn't give it much thought.


Gran and I wanted to let you know that if you ever need anything that we have or can do for you, just let us know. I can't tell you how I felt when we saw the paper that 'she' was dead. I would have liked to do it myself but I'm glad she is gone.

Gran took me to get a new wand; Ollivander said this one should work much better than my Dad's did.

See you on the train if not before.


It was getting late and Harry decided to put off writing his replies until morning. He'd taken out his magical cell phone to call Hermione when he realized that it would be the middle of the night where she was. As he gathered up the loose letters he found one more unopened.

Dear Harry

I can't believe that you went after Peter by yourself. I wish you had let me know so I could have helped. I don't understand how you found him. I have been hunting him since you got rid of Voldemort. The Ministry used Veritaserum and cleared Sirius.

I know I failed you, that I let you down by not being there when you needed me, but I promise to make it up to you if you'll let me. Just let me know where you are and I promise I'll help you hunt down the rest of the death eaters, if that is what you are doing.


Harry shook his head over Remus' letter. What in the world would make Remus think he was actively hunting Death Eaters? He must be mental thought Harry. He would definitely write and reassure Remus that he was doing nothing of the kind. Maybe he'd let him know about the quidditch camp.

When Harry received the acceptance letter from The American League Youth Quidditch Camp the first thing he did was go down the street from the Hilton to a nearby magical sporting goods shop and purchase a new broom.

He supposed that his broom was still chained in the dungeon at Hogwarts and reminded himself to write to McGonagall about getting it back. Even if he had it with him he was unsure if he would want to take a chance on it being damaged by using it.

On display was the newest American designed racing broom, a Spitfire 1600, which Harry drooled over for twenty minutes before debating with the clerk over the merits between it and the British made Firebolt. The deciding factor in the purchase of the Spitfire was that the shop did not have the Firebolt in stock.

Harry also purchased new pads and gloves, polishing kit, carry case, crimson practice robes similar to his Gryffindor robes, a practice snitch and lastly a jersey in Chudley Cannon's colors for Ron. The clerk threw in a Quidditch Illustrated for free because of the large purchase.

Harry spent a couple of days playing tourist in the Salem area. He visited the site of the famous witch trials, took a tour of the museum there and watched a reenactment of a witch burning. It was somewhat surreal but the other wizarding tourist seemed to enjoy it

He also wrote several letters.

Dear Ron
My mail finally caught up with me. Gringotts is forwarding everything. I sent your Mum a package from my last stop. It should be there by now but if not tell her I'm fine and will come to dinner when I get back if I'm still welcome.

I found this shirt and though of you. Tell everyone there 'hi'.

Dear Remus
I didn't go after Peter, I just happen to find him. I'm not looking for trouble; I'm just taking a little holiday. I will be back at Hogwarts in the fall. Was glad to hear about Sirius. Maybe we can get together when I get back.

Dear Neville
You don't owe me anything. I already have what I want, your friendship. I hope we can meet in Diagon Alley before school.

Dear Professor McGonagall
I wanted to inquire as to the status of my Quidditch ban and broom. Even if I can no longer play I would like to have my broom back as it was a gift from my godfather.

Also please send my school letter to Gringotts care of Picklock and it will find me. I do not wish to be an Auror any longer so please do not try to talk Snape into letting me in to Potions if I don't make the required marks.
Thank you,

He dropped the mail packet off at the Salem Gringotts to be included in their over seas dispatches. The packet of mail would go to Picklock who would owl it to its respective destinations.

Harry took the floo from his hotel to a very large airport in New York City. The floo came out in a VIP lounge and a very nice witch directed him to the ticket counter to pick up his tickets. He would be flying first to Denver Colorado where he had a four-hour lay over and then would fly to Billings Montana. From there his directions were a bus to an Indian Reservation and a port key terminal in the back of a gift shop.

Harry enjoyed every bit of the trip but was beginning to be very tired by the time he arrived in the little gift shop.

"Hello, may I help you?" asked the young man behind the counter as Harry stepped into the shop.

"Hi, yes I'm supposed to catch a ride to camp here?" said Harry using the words his letter had suggested.

"Oh, ok, transport will be leaving from out back in another uh, twenty minutes. You can look around in here or wait outside. There are some benches and a drink machine out back," said the young man with a wave toward a screen door in the back wall of the room.

Harry nodded and went to the back of the store trying not to gawk at all of the stuff for sale. If he weren't quite so tired he'd look for a present for some of his friends but at the moment all he wanted was something to drink and a place to rest.

There were two vending machines, three long benches and a marked circle outside. Harry fished for change and bought a cola and some crisps from the machines and plopped down on one of the benches.

A sandy haired boy with a duffle at his feet nodded at him and then continued to stare off into space.

There was a sound just behind Harry and he jumped, and then noticed an old man. The man sat down on the same bench.

"Greetings Warrior," he said to Harry. Harry could see the other boy take notice.

"Um, hello," said Harry.

The old man gazed at Harry and with a strange smile said, "Your journey is not yet done, Warrior."

Harry grinned and answered, "Only a little farther though, right, after the portkey it will be done."

The old man smiled wider, "This is not the journey I speak of, Warrior, the spirits have sent me to remind you, though you have earned this time of rest do not forget that you must return to your tribe. You must unite the tribes of your great house for only then will your nation become strong and good again. You have a great destiny, Warrior, and your journey has only just begun. The Evil One's end was only an end for him, for you it was but the beginning of your journey."

The hairs on the back of Harry's neck stood up at the man's words and he heard the boy on the next bench snicker.

"Grandfather what are you doing here?" said the young man from the shop. He was holding a length of rope that Harry guessed to be the portkey.

"The spirits sent me to speak to the Warrior who has been touch by lighting," said the old man with dignity.

Harry immediately brushed at his bangs to make sure his scar was covered.

The younger man shook his head, "You aren't suppose to be here. Ma will have a fit if she can't find you." Then he looked at Harry, "Don't let him bother you. He likes to play the old wise Indian but he is just old."

There was a pop and three teens appeared in the marked circle.

"Good, this is enough for a group. Step in here." He motioned to the sandy haired boy and Harry then handed them the rope and the three new teens also grabbed on and with a touch of the young man's wand they were swept away by the portkey.

Harry fell over on landing as usual still feeling the old man's knowing gaze. Now he just had to figure out what it meant and why these things always happened to him.

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