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Quidditch Camp

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 8
By Loralee

Disclaimer: I don't own the Potter 'verse if I did I'd have a lot more money than I do now.

Quidditch Camp

The portkey deposited Harry and the others in a marked circle a short walk away from a large wooden building. A man stood just outside of the circle.

"Welcome, please follow the white flags to the registration area." And pointed toward the line of white flags leading to the building. Harry could see lines of blue, red, green and yellow flags leading away from the building and larger colored flags in the distance.

Inside the building were several desks with letters hang above them. Another man standing in the doorway said, "Please line up under the first letter of your last name."

Harry found the one labeled M-P and went over. A lady sat behind the desk and waved him forward.

"Please have a seat young man. What's your name?"

"Harry Potter, ma'am," said Harry.

She scanned down the list in front of her and made a check mark next to his name. Then she pulled out another paper.

"Ok, I have you down as a seeker?" She looked up for his nod. "You will be in Pine Creek cabin in the blue section. Here is a map of the grounds; your cabin, the dining hall, blue section pitch, workshops, infirmary, commissary and activity areas are clearly marked. Here is a timetable with blue group activities on it. What workshops are you interested in?"

Harry was at a loss, "I don't know ma'am, what are available?"

The lady frowned then looked to see if there was anyone waiting in line. There wasn't so she pulled out another paper.

"Here is the list. I can answer questions if you need me to."

Harry quickly scanned the list.

"Oh, I'd like the seekers special session, of course, and the broom care and maintenance class, the broom design workshop sounds fun, game tactic's and strategies, what's team building?" asked Harry.

"That's a good one for captains. It's full of ideas for getting a team to work together, play stronger and learn to depend on each other."

Harry nodded, "I'd like that. How many can I take?"

"Maybe you'd like to add a few non quidditch activities?" said the lady with a smile.

"Oh ok, umm, apparition class? I'm not old enough for that am I?" asked Harry confused.

The lady looked surprised for a moment then glanced down at the paper with Harry's name. She tapped it with her wand.

"I see, you are from England, let me explain. The United States Ministry follows the International laws for apparition and provides provisional licenses for children age 12-14 to Apparate, when with a parent or guardian. At age 15 you are eligible for limited licensing. The applicant must take an approved course and pass and then they are granted a limited license. None of the South American countries license apparition, so for the youth that come here to camp to legally Apparate in this country we offer the licensing course. I believe you have to be older in Britain?"

Yes ma'am." Harry replied.

"'Well if you take the course here, you will be granted an international limited license which will allow you to Apparate there as well, under the International Confederation Laws. Would you like to take the class?"

"Yes ma'am, uh what does limited mean?"

"There are three levels of apparition licenses; provisional, limited and unlimited. Limited are usually issued to young people or wizards of medium strength. If you can pass the extra portions of the test you can be granted an unlimited license for distance and dual apparition."

She waved her wand and summoned a booklet from a table at the side of the room.

"Here is the theory book, have it read by the time of the workshop."

Harry grinned, added the booklet to the papers he already held and then looked back at the workshop list.

"I don't really know what else, oh, this dueling competition." Harry looked at the lady eagerly. She gave a small laugh.

"Sounds good. You can add workshops any time up to the day before the workshop provided there is room. Just come back here and speak to whoever is on duty. Here is a list of other activities available. You don't have to sign up for this list."

Harry scanned it quickly and saw things like broom obstacle course, baseball, swimming, nature hiking, horseback riding and quadpot.

The lady went on, "We do ask that you do not use magic in the common areas nor on your fellow campers. Offensive spells are highly frowned on and violent behavior will get you expelled from the camp. Counselors will be wearing visible nametags in the color of their sections but you may ask any counselor for help. We also ask that you do not bother the professional players for autographs, as they donate their time and there will be several meet and greet sessions where autographs can be obtained. Do you have a familiar, pet or animal with you?"

Harry shook his head.

The lady smiled again and hand him a card with his cabin assignment, workshop schedule and quidditch practice times on it.

"You are assigned to the blue sector and Alpha squad. Squad assignments are a random draw, all squads will receive equal play time during the first two weeks then the best players with be selected from each sector for the play offs. Good Luck. If you follow the blue flags out that door they will lead you to the blue sector. Your cabin will be the second on the right."

Harry took the papers and feeling rather overwhelmed, followed the blue flags down a wooded path.

At the end of the line of blue flags were a cluster of large cabins, each with a sign on the wall by the door, the second on the right was labeled Pine Creek, there was a screen door and the inner wooden door was standing open.

Harry entered to find a large room; ten cot sized single beds lined the walls, with a wooden chest or trunk at the foot of each bed and a wooden nightstand with a drawer beside each bed. Rough log walls with small windows above each bed let the light in. Six of the beds were made up and four had sheets and blanket folded on the mattress.

There were several boys in the room who looked up at Harry's entrance.

"Welcome to Pine Creek, I'm Keith your counselor. You can take any one of the unmade beds. The door to the right is the bathroom and the one to the left is my room. Don't hesitate to ask if you need anything. You'll be required; to make up your own bunk, keep your area neat and tidy, clean up the bathroom after yourself. The mesh bag hanging on the wall beside your bunk is for your laundry. Put whatever you have there, about every other day your clean laundry will be returned to your bunk. If you don't put it in the bag it won't get cleaned. The footlocker and drawer have magical signature locks, just place the tip of your wand on the lock and say you name. I suggest keeping your stuff locked up as any one can come in the cabin. Better safe than sorry. Though stealing or messing with someone else's stuff is a bootable offense."

The sandy haired boy paused as if trying to remember if there were more to his spiel, and then grinned.

"That's it, I think, any questions?"

Harry shook his head, "No, not right now but if I think of any, I'll let you know." Then he opened the footlocker at the end of one of the unmade bunks and pulled out his luggage and began to unshrink it and put it away. He got a crawly sensation of being stared at and looked up.

The boys in the room were staring.

"Uh, I can have this bed right?" asked Harry a bit unnerved.

"Dude, where are you from? Your accent is like weird." said a blonde.

Harry blinked, "Uh, Oh I, I'm from Surrey." At the blank looks he added, "in England."

"Wow, why'd you come here?" asked another, this one with dark hair.

"I was on holiday and went to a Finches game and heard the advert for the camp. I thought it sounded like something I'd enjoy and they still had places available." aaid Harry with a laugh.

"Cool," said the blonde, "I'm Davy by the way, that's Horace," pointing to the dark haired one, "and he's Robert. Were glad to meet 'cha."

"I'm Harry, I'm happy to meet you as well," said Harry with a smile.

"We should be going up to the dinning hall, dinner will be served soon," said Keith.

At the dinning hall, Harry found that the cabins were seated together for the first night. After that they would be able to sit wherever they wanted.

He met the rest of his bunkmates at the table; Keith thought that they might get one or two more in the late arrivals. The food was good, a little strange for Harry's taste but filling and when they were done eating a large man with wide shoulders and gray hair stood.

"Welcome to the American League Youth Quidditch Camp. I'm Phil Parker the Director here. I have a few announcements before letting you go tonight. You may have noticed on your way to your cabins that there are bulletin boards set up in each section. You need look at them at some point each day. Workshop reschedules, additional classes, the day's program and the squad stats will all be found there.

"The movie suggestion box is up here. Movies will be shown in this building every evening after dinner. The sign up sheets for the chess, scrabble and dominoes tournaments are on this bulletin board.

"The canteen will be open until 9pm every evening. There are two different mailboxes out side of the canteen one for owl delivery the other for the mundane post office. Notices will be sent each morning if you have received mail, please remember you must pick up your own mail at the canteen.

"Curfew is 10pm, lights out at 11pm. PT starts at 6am for those who wish to participate; breakfast is at 8am, lunch at noon.

"Please remember if you spot one of our professional players they are volunteering their time and are not here to give autographs or be hounded for pictures. There will be four meet and greets over the next three weeks where these folk will be willing to sign and have their pictures taken. I expect them to be treated with kindness and respect.

"The movie tonight is 'Hoosiers', the lake is open and I remind you, you must have proper swim attire. There are still some workshops that still have space and the administration building will be open until 9pm. You're free to go."

The noise volume in the building rose dramatically as the boys and girls all seemed to start talking at once. Harry didn't know what the movie might be about but decided he was too tired to see. As he headed back toward his cabin, Davy and another boy whose name was Josh joined him. They discussed Quidditch, their respective positions and the camp.

Harry was sound asleep long before lights out.

Blue Section had six squads and Harry learned they would practice every day and every other day would have timed games. The games would last two hours, if the snitch wasn't caught the team with the most points won.

Harry enjoyed the workshops, the one on broom design was the best, and they designed their own racing broom and began to learn the standard charms placed on all brooms. Of course the different broom companies had variations of charms that they kept secret to enhance the various brooms. The teens that showed the most promise in the standard charms were invited to a 'Build Your Own Broom' workshop sponsored by the Franklin Broom Company of Boston. Franklin donated the supplies and each invitee had the opportunity to construct a broom from scratch. These were of course simple, functional brooms not racing brooms by any means but for Harry it was a lot of fun. His charm work passed inspection and he was allowed to keep and fly the broom he built.

Harry's biggest surprise came when he attended the Seeker's special session. Special training and tactic sessions were held for each position. Maximus Brankovitch III the seeker for the Fitchburg Finches and Captain of the US National Team was the lead instructor for the special session. He had invited several other seekers from around the world for the session and Victor Krum was there.

They hadn't been in session for ten minutes when Victor spotted Harry and embarrassed him with a hug.

"Harry Potter, what are you doing here? Max do you know who this is?" said Victor one arm still slung around Harry's shoulders.

Harry was blushing but managed to find his voice, "Geroff Victor, I'm just another quidditch player here and I'd like it to stay that way."

"Krum, you're not supposed to man-handle the kiddies," said Max.

"Harry and I are old friends, Max. He saved my life a couple of years ago, won the tri-wizard tournament and recently he defeat the British Dark Lord. He is a great Wizard," said Victor.

"Pleased to meet you, Harry," said Max. "Now for the important question, can you fly?"

Harry smirked at the two professional seekers, "Well, we will just have to see, won't we."

Harry was happy to finally have the chance to fly with Victor and in one face off that afternoon; Harry was able to beat Victor to the snitch. He didn't think life could be much better.

Harry had stopped in the canteen one evening and bought a bottle of butterbeer and several chocolate frogs. He'd been surprised to find Benjamin Franklin in his frog card.
Davy had explained that The Chocolate Frog Company issued different sets of cards for America and Britain. His brother collected the cards and had acquired, with great difficulty some of the British cards. That had given Harry an idea.

Harry sat on his bunk in the cabin and made a call he'd been putting off.

"Hello, may I speak to Hermione Granger, please? It's Harry Potter calling."

"Hello Hermione, how are you?" Harry winced and pulled the phone away from his ear. Some of his bunkmates laughed at the tinny sounds of screaming, issuing from the phone.

"I'm fine, Hermione, really, I'm having a lot of fun and if you keep screaming I'll hang up," said Harry in a mild voice. There was silence from the other end of the phone.

"I know you were worried, but I was afraid if I told you Dumbledore would find out and manage to lock me up somewhere. I did what he wanted and it's time for me to live at little," Harry listened.

"I can't explain it on the phone, but I promise a full explanation when we get back to school."

"Of course I'm coming back, we have NEWT's in just two years."

Harry had to pull the phone away from his ear again, but was grinning widely.

"Actually, I called because I need a favor. Would you write a note to the twins for me?
Tell them to send me a care package through Picklock at Gringotts. He'll see it gets to me and to be sure to send a case of chocolate frogs in it."

"What? No I'm still in the United States and I found out that the cards are different here, so I wanted to give some to some new friends."

"No I'm not replacing you Hermione, I'm at a quidditch camp."

Harry was silent, listening for a long time.

"I have to be back by August 4th for the trials, I'll call and we can get together. I'll make reservations at a muggle hotel in London. One with a pool, you and Ron, Neville and Luna can come see me."

"Will you send the letter? Yes, I will call again in a couple of days."

When Harry hung up he was treated to a barrage of whistles and catcalls.

"That's what you get when you don't call your girl often enough. You should've told her you love her you prick," said Josh.

Davy who'd become a good friend was staring at Harry with a look of shock.

"Dave, mate, you ok?"

"Dude, you're him," said Davy at last still staring at Harry.

"'Him', what're you talking about?" asked one of the boys.

You're that dude that killed that evil wizard terrorist in England, the one that was on the news a while back, what's his name Foldadork. Why didn't you tell us dude, you're like famous."

Harry hung his head, "Voldemort, I didn't really want to think about it. He killed my parents and godfather; if I didn't fight back he'd have killed me too. I did what I had to. I didn't ask to be famous and I've really enjoyed being just Harry."

"I heard about that," said Keith, "he attacked you at your home and the fight collapsed your whole house and they found him dead in the rubble along with some woman with knives all stuck in her."

Several of the boys had looks of awe and one whispered, "Gross!"

Davy suddenly got an incredulous look, "Wait, are you saying Harry dropped a house on the evil wizard dude?"

At Harry's nod Davy smirked, "Way to go Dorothy."

The rest of the boys burst into laughter and Harry's fame was a non-issue from then on.

Several days later Harry received a package in the mail containing a regular packet of letters and a small box.

Dear Partner,
As requested we have sent you one care package full of the best Weasley Wizards Wheezes, along with several catalogs and order forms. The illustrious Miss Granger informs us that you are attending a Quidditch camp in America and to us this spells profit. Please share these items among the attendees and assure them that we will ship overseas. Your goblin friend, Mr. Picklock, helped us with the pricing in American dollars for these catalogs and has set us up with the appropriate business license and currency exchange rates. We've also included the frogs and a basket from Mum. We only let her know that we knew how to send you something. We think she likes you better than us.
The box has a password protected shrinking charm.
Gred and Forge

Harry set the small box on the floor and muttered 'I solemnly swear I am up to no good' and the box began expanding. The pranks went over great and before the end of camp Harry had to call Picklock and request the twins send more. Harry did a short, swift business selling the chocolate frogs and eventually suggested the twins add them as a resale item in the catalog.

The dueling competitions had been spread out over a week and a half. Harry was enjoying dueling for fun, instead of life and death. He'd always been good at Defense and spent time watching the other duels as well as winning his own. He'd made several new friends by approaching those who used spells he'd never seen and asking them to show him the spell.

The only bad part was midway through the fifth round when the boy Harry was to duel challenged Harry's right to participate.

"Sir, I must protest the qualifications of my opponent. I believe he should be ranked as a professional dueler and be disqualified from this competition," said Jason Pierce.

Harry stood on the end of the dueling platform in shock, staring at the pompous boy who suddenly reminded him of Percy Weasley, even though he didn't have red hair.

"What do you mean I'm a professional?" yelled Harry.

The judge gestured both boys to him. "This is most irregular Mr. Pierce. If you have any proof of your allegations then you should have brought them forward, not waited until time for your duel and accused Mr. Potter in public."

"I'm not a professional," said Harry again.

The judge held up a hand, quieting Harry. "Mr. Pierce, proof?"

"He is Harry Potter, Britain's 'Boy-Who-Lived' and the slayer the wizard terrorist Dark Lord Who. I'd say that's a professional. He captured some other dark wizard in the Bahamas a month ago. It's been in the papers," said Pierce smugly.

The judge looked at Harry. "Mr. Potter would you like to answer these allegations?"

Harry snorted, "Yes sir. In the Bahamas I snuck up behind a Death Eater and stuck my wand in his neck, no duel. As for the Dark Lord, his name is Voldemort and my house fell on him and killed him. My understanding is that a professional is someone who gets paid for dueling? I didn't get paid, I was trying not to get killed."

The judge turned back to Pierce. "I tend to agree with Mr. Potter. He is not a professional. To your places."

"That's not fair. Hit wizards have probably trained him. He's a killer and I won't fight him," yelled Jason.

The judge glared at Jason Pierce. "Very well," he raised his voice, "Mr. Pierce forfeits, win to Mr. Potter. Next pair."

Harry was embarrassed and wondered if it would affect the rest of his time at camp but discovered that most of the teens there were on his side. Jason Pierce was not a well-liked person and had offended quite a few people with his attitude on 'fair play'. Life for Jason was only 'fair' if he got his own way.

Harry's quidditch squad had the most wins and Harry had the most snitch catches at the end of the first two weeks of camp. Harry was selected as seeker for the blue section team, for the play offs and Harry had never been happier.

The morning of the final game of the play offs was beautiful. Harry Potter was almost too excited to eat. Blue section had the lead, and if Harry could catch the snitch, they could win the whole thing. The pitch was filled with campers and parents. Harry had forgotten what he'd been told, that there would be scouts among the spectators. Harry and the Blues soared out over the pitch and Harry began looking for the snitch and reveling in the feel of flying. He almost didn't want to find the snitch because then the game would be over and he didn't know if he'd ever fly again.

He might not have a place on the Hogwarts team even if his ban had been lifted.

The crowd roared and he realized the Blues were in the lead just as he caught sight of the snitch. Harry rolled over into a power dive the opposing seeker trailing behind and in a matter of seconds, inches from the ground Harry Potter caught the snitch and won the game.

Harry had cleaned up and was just coming out of the locker room when he saw two distinctive red heads.

"Fred, George, what are you guys doing here?" Asked Harry.

"We wanted to see ickle harrikins play, of course,"

"and we brought someone with us."

"He had to swear a wizards oath not to tell anyone where you are,"

"and not to try to kidnap you."

The twins separated and there stood Remus Lupin, with a silly grin on his face.

"Harry, I, you were great."

Harry smiled and leaned forward to hug the surprised man.

"They'd be so proud of you Harry, I'm proud of you," he whispered.

When Harry left the camp the next day; he had an unlimited International Confederation Apparation license, a small bronze trophy for first place in the dueling competition, a somewhat larger bronze trophy for quidditch and three offers for professional quidditch contracts, one from the Moose Jaw Meteorites as starting seeker, from the Fitchburg Finches as reserve seeker and most surprising an offer from the English National Team.

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