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Sirius Presents

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 9
By Loralee
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

Sirius Presents

Harry walked out of Heathrow Airport and caught a cab to the same posh hotel he'd stayed in just after the defeat of Voldemort. He had several things he needed to do in London before the start of the Death Eater trials. The most important being visiting the muggle storage locker that Sirius had left him a key for.

Harry had finally accepted Sirius' death. The death of Bellatrix and the capture of Peter had helped, as had spending time being just Harry this summer.

Quidditch camp had been a blessing. No one there had treated him out of the ordinary except in the area of quidditch. He'd left camp with a notebook full of addresses and numbers of new friends.

After the trials he would be meeting Viktor Krum in Athens Greece to watch the World Cup. Harry hoped the meeting with his friends went well as he had acquired several tickets and hoped to persuade Molly Weasley to allow Ron to go to Athens as well.

As he unpacked his bag in his room he read a note from Picklock requesting a face-to-face meeting when convenient. He would need to let Amelia Bones know he was back in England. She wanted to go over testimony or something with him and he hoped to pick up his OWL scores and school letter from Gringotts when he met with Picklock.

After a short shower and a light meal from room service Harry went to sleep he had a lot to do in the next few days.

The next morning Harry's first stop was the muggle storage building. Sirius had left the key to the building in his Gringotts secure box with the note that his birthday present was there. Harry had not wanted to go there earlier in the summer but now it was the reason he was back in London today, his birthday.

Harry opened the padlock on door eighteen. It looked just like all the other doors in the metal building. He pushed up the garage style door and gazed into the room.

A tarp-covered mound with a large bow on it was in the middle of the floor. A battered and sagging armchair sat in one corner next to a crate with several gaily-wrapped packages sitting on it. An envelope with Harry's name on it resided atop the packages. The opposite wall sported a large metal toolbox on wheels, with many different sized drawers.

Harry picked up the envelope and sat down in the chair.


Happy Birthday, you should find a couple of presents here. I keep finding things to get you. Moony says I'm going to spoil you. I hope so. The rent on this place is paid for three years.

I thought you might like a hidey-hole in the muggle world to keep your things. Big drawer on the bottom of the toolbox is password sealed. You should know the password.

Have fun, chase girls, play a few pranks and live life.


Harry shook his head, laid the letter aside and pulled the tarp from the gleaming motorcycle beneath it.

"Thanks, Sirius," he said in a whisper.

Harry heard a noise in the gravel just outside the door and looked up. Remus Lupin stood in the doorway.

"Hello Harry, I wondered if you'd be here today?" said Remus, "you're looking good."

"Moony, you knew about this?" asked Harry.

"Oh yes, I helped Sirius find this place and pick out that monstrosity. He decided at Christmas that he was going to go out for this. We were going to steal you from the Dursley's today and bring you here," Remus smiled.

Harry grinned and gestured Remus to the battered chair.

"You won't tell anyone I'm here will you?" at the shake of Remus' head he went on "I'm not ready to go public yet. I'm still not sure about Dumbledore. It's almost like he gave in to easy."

Remus nodded, "You going to open those?" pointing to the wrapped boxes.

Harry tore into the packages. There was a pair of heavy black boots; the note with them said there was a one time sizing charm on them. A pair of what Harry first thought was leather trousers but soon discovered they weren't all there. He looked at Remus in confusion. Remus laughed.

"They are chaps, Harry, they go over your trousers for added protection."

The next box had a black leather jacket with a stag, wolf and grim like black dog embroidered on the back.

There were also two black helmets with visors and flaming green lightning bolts on them.

"Sirius saw the design in a catalog. He wanted 'Marauders' stenciled on, but was afraid people might think you were part of a gang and we didn't want that. The helmets have a charm that lets both riders talk to each other while riding. We did that part."

"Wow, this is great Moony," said Harry. "But I don't know how to ride and I can't take it to Hogwarts with me." He shook his head. Totally impractical but he liked it anyways.

Remus laughed again, "I can teach you if you want. You can ride during the summer. That's why we got this place for three years. I think the manual is in the saddlebags; there may be other stuff there. Don't tell anyone but Sirius snuck out several times this past spring. Always when someone else was at the house, of course, but that house was really getting to him. It was only a matter of time before he got into trouble." The last came out sadly.

"You know Harry, someone put this chair out by the bins but Sirius drug it in here said it was to good chair to be thrown away." They laughed together at the image of Sirius dragging in the ragged chair.

Harry and Remus roared around the gravel lot of the storage buildings until Harry got the hang of the bike. Then went for some lunch and talked about Sirius, James and Lily and Harry's plans for the rest of the summer.

When Harry went to put the bike away he remembered the password-sealed drawer. With a muttered, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," the drawer popped open to reveal three books, several stacks of muggle money and another note.

Jr. Marauder,
Every marauder should have a secret stash of mad money. This is to be wasted on pranks, birds, and booze. Use the books wisely, hell just use them.

The books were An Adult Wizards Guide to Daily Life and to Harry's embarrassment the Wizarding versions of The Joy of Sex and The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra.

Harry locked up the building and apparated to the alley way just behind his hotel. He dropped off the books Sirius had left for him in his room and made a phone call.

"Hello, Mrs. Granger this is Harry Potter I was wondering if I could take Hermione out for dinner this evening? Oh, yes, you and your husband are invited. I'm in London. I'd like it to be a surprise actually. Today is my birthday and Hermione doesn't know that I'm back in the country. Yes ma'am that would be wonderful. Let me make reservations and I'll ring you back in a few minutes. Goodbye ma'am."

Harry called the concierge for a recommendation and reservation to somewhere nice. A short time later he called Mrs. Granger once more with the information and a time of 7pm for dinner.

Harry then took the bus to the Leaky Cauldron. Before he went into the Cauldron Harry activated his goblin glamour and became Nigel Grim. He strolled through Diagon Alley at a leisurely pace, once again delighting at being in the Wizarding world unrecognized.

At Gringotts he asked for Picklock and was escorted to his office. Harry negated the goblin glamour at the door to Picklock's outer office never noticing the startled Bill Weasley at the other end of the corridor.

Once seated in Picklock's office with tea Harry grinned at his goblin account manager.

"How have you been, Picklock? Are we making lots of money?"

Picklock scowled at Harry, "Mr. Potter the mail room is simply furious. Owl's have been arriving all day with birthday presents for you. They are threatening to levy an extra fee for the disruption. I suppose I should have expected this but I was not prepared. I believe you must hire help for this mail."

Harry goggled at him for a moment.

"Presents? Hire help? What kind of help?"

"Yes, the Wizarding world has deluged you with presents. The mailroom has your list of course and will be forwarding those from people you know and those from Hogwarts students. You should take on a house elf or two."

Harry shuddered; "I need a house elf like I need another hole..." he broke off as Dobby popped into the room.

"Dobby has been listening for Harry Potter sir. Dobby would be very happy to be Harry Potter sirs elf." Dobby was bouncing up and down in excitement. Harry sighed Hermione was going to kill him.

"I don't have a house Dobby," said Harry. Picklock cleared his throat and Dobby bounced faster and began to nod. Harry turned to Picklock, "I have a house?"

"Several Mr. Potter."

"Fine, two galleons a week, two days off a month, you wear what ever you like and you call me Harry, just Harry." said Harry.

Dobby's ears drooped slightly and the bouncing stopped.

"Two galleons a month, one day off, Master Harry sir," said Dobby.

"Four galleons and two day a month," countered Harry.

This time Dobby sighed then started to bounce once more. "Master Harry sir drives hard bargain. Dobby takes care of Master Harry sirs mail." And he popped away.

"Well now that that is settled perhaps we can get down to business, Mr. Potter?" said Picklock.

Harry smiled, "Yeah, besides my mail what's the problem?"

"With the arrest of Peter Pettigrew and Mr. Black's name being cleared, his death became public knowledge. Lucius Malfoy has made a claim for the Black estate in the name of his minor son Draco. I need to know how you would like this handled," said Picklock.

Harry's mouth hung open for a long moment. "I thought Lucius was arrested at the Ministry. How can he make a claim for Draco?"

"Mr. Malfoy was released by ex-Minister Fudge the day after you left Britain, Harry. The new Minister has issued an arrest warrant but Mr. Malfoy is in hiding. He is not aware however that Mr. Black's will has already been executed and that you are the Head of the Black Family. To pursue this claim both he and his son would have to appear here at Gringotts. Traditionally we goblins would overlook such legal matters to forward a claim, as we would have overlooked Mr. Black's legal difficulties if he had been able to come into Gringotts to make his claim. However as the Black Family has a Head, you, Mr. Potter we would abide by your decision in dealing with a false claimant," Picklock paused to eye Harry carefully.

Harry's eyes narrowed, "So if, as Head of the Black Family, I told you to have Malfoy come in for the reading of the will and I also had Aurors here you wouldn't stop them from arresting him?"

"Ministry Aurors would not be able to arrest Mr. Malfoy inside of Gringotts, but if Security were to apprehend a false claimant, they would be willing to release him to Aurors on your say so, Lord Potter-Black," stated Picklock firmly.

"Do you think 10 o'clock tomorrow would be to soon?"

"I believe that would not be to soon. There are other bequests to be fulfilled as well."

Harry and Picklock shared an evil smile.

Harry left Gringotts and made his way down the alley to the nearby apparition point forgetting to replace his glamour and not really paying attention to the startled glances around him. He was thinking about what to say to Amelia Bones.

He apparated directly to the Ministry atrium and passed the checkpoint with no problems. The guard there did not realize whom he was talking to until Harry was striding away. Harry rode the lift with a harried looking man who never looked up from his papers and got off a floor before Harry.

Harry entered the Minister's outer office to see a young woman filing her nails. He snorted slightly when she never bothered to look up.

"I'm here to see Minister Bones."

"Do you have an appointment?" she asked sounding bored and not bothering to look up.

"No, but I think she'll want to see me anyway." Said Harry.

"The Minister is very busy, her time is valuable, and you'll need to make an appointment," said the girl tone turning snotty.

"I need to see her today, Miss," said Harry. He wondered what her reaction would be when she finally looked up.

"Like I said her time is valuable." Then she held out her hand, "How much is seeing her worth to you." She was craning her head toward the hall now, to see if anyone was near.

Harry had enough, instead of paying to see the Minister as this girl was indicating, he turned and strode to the door to the inner office and threw it open, eliciting a startled squeal from the girl and jump from Madam Bones inside the office.

As Harry shut the door behind him he said to the startled Minister.

"Did you know your secretary tried to make me pay to see you?"

At that moment two Aurors apparated into the room and third burst through the door startling Harry into drawing his wand.

"Stop!" shouted Amelia.

She was to late. Harry's shield reflected the first Auror's Stupefy; he dodged the second Auror's body bind and stunned him. The thirds cutting curse had hit Harry in the left shoulder but only pissed him off. Harry's Reducto threw him back through the door to the outer office.

Harry crouched there for a moment in a battle ready stance then relaxed looking sheepishly at Amelia, "Oops!"

From the outer office came a voice Harry recognized as Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"Minister, are you all right?"

Amelia Bones sighed and called back, "I'm fine Kingsley, stand down, Alpha four. You can come in now."

Kingsley stepped into the doorway and eyed the downed Aurors. "What happened here, Minister?"

Amelia Bones, Minister of Magic for Great Britain, drew in her breath and let it out again in a rush as she burst into laughter.

Fifteen minutes later; Harry's shoulder was healed, the chagrined Aurors revived, the secretary sacked and Harry was explaining his need for several Aurors to be present at the reading of Sirius Black's will the next day.

Amelia had brushed off Harry's apology and given Kingsley a significant glance.

"There is nothing to be sorry about. Mr. Potter, you've just proven a point that the Aurors in my personal guard need more training. I have heard that you may be considering a career in Law Enforcement?"

"Actually Minister, I don't believe that I am now. I had thought that when Voldemort was still alive but I, well," Harry blushed, "I have an offer to play Quidditch for the English National Team. And well, my financial advisor says I really don't have to ever work. I really liked teaching the DA last year. I'm only sixteen Ma'am, I think I can wait a while to decide."

Amelia chuckled, "I quite agree Mr. Potter but if you decide you'd like to be an Auror we have a place for you. So why are you here Mr. Potter?"

"Well you sent me a letter saying you wanted to discuss the trials with me but I'm really here about Lucius Malfoy."

"Malfoy, a disagreeable business. Cornelius allowed Malfoy to buy his way free only days before you released your statement to the press. In the end it was what precipitated his removal as Minister. I suppose I owe my job to you, Mr. Potter," said Bones with a smile.

"I can assure you, Mr. Potter, the Aurors are doing every thing they can to find and arrest Malfoy," said Kingsley.

"Oh, well, would you like to know where he is going to be, at 10am tomorrow morning?" asked Harry with a smirk.

The look of shock on Kingsley Shacklebolt's face made Harry laugh.

"Malfoy is trying to claim the Black Estate for Draco. He will fail because I'm Sirius' Heir and the new Head of the Black Family. My account manger Picklock said if I have Aurors at Gringotts tomorrow when Malfoy comes in, I can have him arrested."

"Mr. Potter, Gringotts is Goblin territory. The Aurors have no authority there. They cannot legally make an arrest inside of Gringotts. Are you quite sure that you understood?" said Amelia.

"Yes, as Head of the Black Family I can have Malfoy detained by Gringotts security for making a false claim, they will hand him over to the Aurors," said Harry.

Amelia turned to Kingsley. "You have to be very care not to offend the goblins Kingsley. Whatever happens you can't use offensive magic inside Gringotts."

Kingsley agreed to meet Harry at Gringotts the next morning with a team of Aurors, however he would not brief them until they were inside Gringotts. They want no chance of a leak. Shacklebolt left chuckling gleefully.

Harry and Amelia spent a while discussing the upcoming Death Eater trials. Fudge had not allowed questioning of any of the alleged Death Eaters captured in the Ministry in June. He'd merely sent those that had escaped Azkaban back and confined the rest in high security Ministry holding cells.

When Amelia came into office she had ordered the convicted Death Eaters in Azkaban questioned under Veritaserum to try to uncover other Death Eaters not in custody and more arrests had been made. However the accused could not be forced to take Veritaserum until their trials.

Harry would be asked to identify the accused wizards from the Ministry battle. When Harry told Amelia about Voldemort's rebirth and his naming of the Death Eaters that responded to his summons, she told him they'd request a pensieve memory of that at the trial also.

When Harry left the Minister's office he ran into Arthur Weasley in the hall.

"Harry how good to see you," said Mr. Weasley.

"Hi Mr. Weasley, I was wondering may I come to the Burrow tomorrow evening?"

"Of course Harry, Molly will be most disappointed if you don't. You could come this evening if you wanted you should know you are always welcome."

"I have plans tonight, sir, but I'll be there tomorrow."

With a wave Harry was off and left Arthur wondering if he should have insisted that Harry come to the Burrow. Perhaps he just wouldn't mention the meeting to Molly.

When Harry returned to his hotel to get ready for his dinner with the Grangers he found Dobby waiting on him with his mail. There was a large pile of packages; he sorted though until he found the one from Hermione. He wanted to open it before dinner so that he could thank her.

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