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Dinner with the Grangers

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live
By Loralee
Disclaimer: Not mine

Dinner with the Grangers

Harry arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes early dressed in his finest clothes. It was a very high-class place with a daunting array of tableware. Harry snickered to himself thinking he would have to watch Hermione to see which fork to use.

As the Grangers were led up to the table Hermione spotted Harry and launched herself at him with a high pitched squeal of "Harry". Although there were a few glares at first from the surrounding tables those frowns soon turned to smiles at the enthusiastic hug from the girl and the red face of the boy.

When Hermione was calmed and seated she turned to her parents.

"You could have told me we were meeting Harry."

"He asked me not to, Hermione dear. Harry wanted to surprise you on his birthday," stated her mother.

She turned to Harry.

He held up a hand, "I told you I'd get in touch with you. I have to be here in London for the Death Eater's trials on the fourth. I had some business at Gringotts today and I wanted to see you and ask you a very important question."

Hermione's mother suddenly had a startled expression and her father choked on his water.

"What kind of question, Harry?" she asked ignoring her parents.

"Well, I wanted to know if you would like to- you don't have to of course- but I thought it might be fun for us, you know, together

"Harry, for pity's sake just spit it out," snapped Hermione.

"Oh well, would you like to go to a quidditch game?" Harry said very fast.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger eyed each other with some relief.

Hermione sighed, "A quidditch game? Not the Cannons I hope."

"No, not the Cannons. I have tickets to the World Cup in Athens. I have a villa there. We can leave on the 18th. The game is on the 22nd and then we can come back here the 24th and still have time to do any last minute school shopping. I've been told there a great wizard section in Athens and then there's ruins and tours and stuff you might like."

"Excuse me, are you asking my daughter to go to Greece with you for a week, un-chaperoned?" asked Mr. Granger.

Harry blinked at the hostile tone.

"Daddy!" protested Hermione.

"George," said Mrs. Granger.

"Er, no sir. Remus Lupin will be going also. He was our DADA teacher third year and a good friend of my parents. I plan to invite Ron and Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. I know Mrs. Weasley will never agree if there isn't at least one adult with us. I reserved a box so there may be a few more to going as well."

Hermione's mouth dropped open. Her eyes narrowed and glanced around the restaurant.

"You reserved a box at the World Cup, you have a villa in Greece, you've been on holiday for a month already, and you are paying for this meal. Harry I don't think you should be blowing all your money while you are still in school." She took a breath to continue but Harry stopped her.

"Hermione you don't understand. I am emancipated; I inherited my family money and the Black estate. Sirius," he took a deep breath, "left me instructions to have fun with the money. My account manager told me today that I haven't even spent a percentage of the interest yet, including the tickets for the World cup. Face it; you know that Sirius would want me to enjoy the money. It's really the only way I can face having it."

"Of course I understand Harry and I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. Do you really think Ron and Ginny will be able to go? You know how they are."

"I'm having supper there tomorrow. I'll try really hard to convince them but it may be difficult as I want to travel muggle style."

"Oh dear, Ron, Luna and Neville muggle style?" asked Hermione.

"Harry," interrupted Mr. Granger. "If you don't mind my asking just how much money do you have?"

Hermione's face turned beet red and Mrs. Granger frowned. Harry however laughed.

"My account manager tells me that I will never have to work if I don't want to," said Harry. "However I've been offered a contract with the English National Team already."

The waiter coming to take their orders interrupted them. When the conversation restarted the subject was changed.

"I wanted to thank you Hermione for the NEWT study guides you sent. I understand the Defense guide, but why Potions? I don't even know if I want to take Potions let alone if I can?" Harry said with a smile.

"Harry that should be obvious, even if you didn't get into Potions you can still take the NEWT if you want and you need it for Auror training," said Hermione.

"I see, but I don't think I want to be an Auror now."

"Well Potions might be a lot different now anyway, you know."

"Different why?" asked Harry.

"Didn't you hear? The Ministry arrested Snape. One of the Lestrange brothers named him. Haven't you been keeping up with the news?"

"No, I haven't seen a paper-" Harry's voice trailed off. "What is that?" he asked pointing.

They all looked, a man in a tall hat was holding a flaming pan beside a nearby table.

When their waiter came back Harry asked about the flaming stuff.

"Oh, one of our special desserts, sir. Bananas Foster, prepared right at the table, bananas, brown sugar and rum and then set alight, served over ice cream. Would you like to try it after your meal?"

All four agreed and after a delicious meal and nice conversation they were entertained by the wonderful, flaming dessert.

By the time the meal was over Mr. and Mrs. Granger had agreed that Hermione could go to Athens with Harry but they wanted to speak to Remus Lupin sometime before they left.

Harry returned to his hotel wondering why Snape had been arrested. Didn't Dumbledore vouch for him? Dumbledore had always defended Snape in the past, said he trusted Snape with his life, so why was Snape arrested. Harry didn't like Snape, didn't trust him and still blamed him somewhat for Sirius' death but Dumbledore had said... then again he was still angry with Dumbledore too. The thoughts trailed off. Harry shook his head and decided he would ask Madam Bones the next time he saw her.

A/N: Bananas Foster is one of my favorite desserts. I was in a restaurant where they fixed at the table and I ordered simply because it was fun to watch. We watched it fixed at six different tables during the course of our meal. J
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