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Chapter Two: The Vial

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They find the vial where the unstable element was put in so they do research on it to see if there is anyway to cure the virus.

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Horror - Characters: Leon S. Kennedy, Other - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-01-20 - Updated: 2007-01-20 - 956 words

Clarke and I ran to Leon and saw that he had found an empty vial behind the desk. "It looks like they put the element in this vial. We need to get to the research lab to see if there is a way to stop this damn virus." And then we ran to the stairs to floor two. We shot down six zombies in the hallway as we were running to the lab. I turned and blew another zombie's head clean off. "Man, where are they all coming from?!" And then we ran into the lab and shot two zombies that were in it. "Block the doors!" Leon said as he pushed two bookshelves in front of the door. It will buy us some time, but not much. I turned on the computer but when I opened the Umbrella Corp. files it said "CORRUPTED FILES; CANNOT READ" So I cursed and knocked the computer screen off the desk, shattering it into pieces. Then I took a microscope and put the vial in front of it. Then, the door was bust down by a group of zombies. Leon and Clarke tried to shoot them down but there were too many. So I threw the microscope off the desk because I found nothing of use. I reached into my bag and pulled out a bottle of cocktail and some matches. I let a match and dropped in the bottle. "Stand back!" I said as a threw it spiraling into the group of zombies. It caused an explosion and left the walls and the door on fire. "Damn, now how do we get out?" Clarke said as he stared at the fire. I walked to a window and busted it to pieces, leaving a hole in it. "Theres only one way out." I said and then I jumped out the window. Clarke and Leon followed me outside and up the street. Zombies were coming behind us. "There!" Clarke said pointing at a car. We got it and I hot wired the car so we could drive it. "Ok, lets ram 'em!" Leon said as he put the car into drive. He drove at 120 MPH at the zombies, running over each one. One's head got stuck on the side view mirror. "Damn! Get that off! But it would make a nice hood ornament." We kept ramming the zombies until the car was out of gas. We were stopped at the bar again. We ran back inside. "Guys! Blockade the doors!" But it was too late. A group of zombies broke into the bar. The bar tender looked at them in the zombies in a strange way. "What the hell ARE those things?!" I turned to him. "Zombies." I tossed him a pistol and he began shooting at them. Everyone in the bar began the fight. Even if they didn't have guns, they improvised. One was smashing some over the head with bottles of beer. One was bating at them with a chair. After we cleared the zombies out. We all agreed to go out as a team. We all left the bar to go to the gun shop. After we picked out our guns, we stopped at the garden supplies. The bartender looked at me weird. "What are we gonna do with garden supplies? Give them flowers?!" He said as he stared at me. I disappeared behind an isle and came back holding a chainsaw. "No, we are going to kill them." And then turned on the chainsaw. We exited the shop and we went back to the Umbrella Corp. building. There were two zombies with swords guarding the doors. I wonder why. But I ran up to them and sliced them open with my chainsaw. I was covered in blood. "Man, and these were my GOOD clothes..." And then I signaled for the others to follow. There seemed to be something diffrent. More zombies then before. We ran into the lounge and there we found a door. It looked like it went to a basement. We opened it, we were correct. We heard an evil laugh from down there. I told the others to stay at the top. I went down and listened to what the man was saying. "Hahahaahaha! They will never know that I am responsible for the zombies. I messed up the Xonic! Bwhahahahha! And soon, once everyone in the city is dead, I can make more zombies. Today, Racoon City. Later, the world!!!" Then I peeked around the corner. It was that creepy guy who asked me if I wanted to buy a bone. I jumped down the stairs. "I remember you, your that bone seller I saw in the bar! What are you? Some grave robber?!" He noticed I was there and turned around. "Yes boy, I am. But thats not important! Whats important is that I kill YOU!" And then a group of zombies with swords appeared behind the man and they ran at me. There was no way out. But then, I heard a gun shot. I looked at the stairs. Clarke was stating there. He shot down some more zombies. Then Leon and the rest of the guys game down shooting and knocking down each zombie. Then I got up close to the grave robber. I pointed my chainsaw at his neck and turned it on. "Any last words?" And he backed up. "Yes, goodbye!" He jumped into a pod and it was shot through a tube. It looked like it went into the city. I turned off my chain saw. Damn, now how are we supposed to find him?!" We went upstairs and exited the dreary and destroyed building and back into the city. He has to be hiding somewhere...
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