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Chapter Five: Empty

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Frank's voice was barely a whisper as he turned around slowly to find the source of the voice in the shadows of the room's corner. He stood paralysed on the spot where he was as she pushed away from where she had been leaning, next to a light switch, and glided towards him forcefully.

She grabbed his shoulders roughly with more power than Frank would have expected from her perfectly manicured fingers, she pushed him to the wall behind them trapping him with her legs entwined in his. She held his arms wilfully and strongly above his head and leaned into his ear.

Her usually seductive, slutty tones had vanished leaving in place venomous, heated ones, "Tell me exactly how much you know, you cunning bastard!" she spat chillingly into the silence causing shivers to run down his back and through his spine.
"Answer me!" she demanded forcing his head against the stonewall for emphasis of her point.

"Nothing!" he said through attempting to mask his pain.

"Liar!" she pounded his aching skull against the white bricks for a second time, "Why else would you be here in this room then?"

"I got lost while I was looking for my father, I ended up in the corridor outside. When I saw the sign I had to come in; he's my friend, I...I had no idea he had a problem." Frank had always intended on playing ignorant if caught and he considered his story to be quite believable, especially when he added the false worried stutter at the end.

Isobel, however, was not so convinced and pounded Frank's head yet again to the cold, hard surface behind them and then let her crushing grip go causing him to fall to ground clutching it, now bleeding, leaving a red trail, noticeably, behind where he slid down dizzily.

With one last aggressive movement she kicked him hard in the stomach and collapsed gracefully down in front of him staring intensely waiting for his dangerous and deceitful eyes to rise and meet hers. She smiled to herself at the thought of turning him in to his father. She really didn't like Frank; throwing herself at him may have only been an order from above to keep an eye on him, there were no genuine feelings, but still it hurt that he rejected her so harshly.

Finally his pain-induced tear filled eyes lifted to meet her cold spiteful ones. He wanted to look down again for several reasons; he was scared of the look she was giving him, he was ashamed and angry with himself for being so stupid as to get caught and he was confused at her sudden change in attitude towards him. But he was stubborn and so kept her intense stare.

"I've been watching you for some time Frankie. I know that you found Lab#.264. I know you've seen the experiment. And I also know you witnessed the meeting when you were eight as I, myself, was there. It was me you saw staring at you through the window." She explained calmly but making sure her voice had its edge of sharpness.

Frank opened his mouth to speak but the shock made him close it again, swallowing his unformed words.

"How long did it take for everything to click into place inside your little head?" she asked smiling sickly and patronising him beyond comprehension.

"I was 15..." he found himself explaining for a reason unknown to himself- it must have been because he was feeling faint, "it all made sense when I found the papers with all the 'clients'' information. They weren't insane and they definitely didn't have any other mental illnesses; they were all intelligent people trying to stop my parents. That was when I..." he trailed off. Why was he telling this so easily?

"That was when you began your plans to stop us." She finished, curtly, for him. There was anger and resentment in her voice.

"'Us'? What do mean by 'stop us'?" Frank asked confused, she was only a secretary; she couldn't be part of it all...

"Yes, us. I'm part of it all. Why else would I have been present at the meeting that set our plans in action?" she laughed rolling the left-sleeve of her revealing shirt up so that he could see that she too, like Donna and the rest of them, was marked. "And I'm not going to let you stop us, we are too close to finishing now." She resounded standing from her place on the floor and motioning for Frank to do the same.

Surely this couldn't be it? It couldn't be the end. He had to do something, anything, to save his friends, himself and more importantly -as stupid as it sounds- the world. Yet he followed her actions and stood from his seated position in the shadows.

"This is the end Frankie, there's nothing you can do to stop it, we're going to control everything. Did you not see the sign on Mikey's door?" she asked still smiling.

Frank stood blank and so she continued explaining unprompted, "I'll refresh your memory; before his 'condition' it is printed that he is patient #264. Now think back to the lab #264. Are you following?"

He nodded in horror. They had found the missing piece to the puzzle, the one they had been searching for since Frank was 15; Mikey.

She smiled coldly, "Yes, Mikey is the final piece. The tests came back today and his DNA fits perfectly. By tomorrow evening everything will be done..." her voice got slightly quieter as she exited the room out onto the hallway Frank had crept down earlier. She was expecting Frank to follow, after all he had no choice -the windows were barred- and he had nowhere else to run to or hide in.

But he still stayed back a fraction longer with the intention of apologising and saying goodbye to Mikey. However, as he turned to do so, he realised that Mikey's bed was empty...

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