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Chapter Six: The Meeting

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the eight-year old Frank tells yez about a terrifying cult meeting...

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This is kind of where i start to not like this story cause it has the potential to just make the idea S-T-U-P-I-D.
But, inside my head, when i see the adorable little eight-year old Frank it makes me like it more cause he's, well... adorable! :)


The eight-year-old Frank was NOT happy.

His family owned and lived in a very large mansion with vast amounts of well-kept land surrounding its superficial magnificence. To an eight-year-old boy it was a never-ending source of adventure and excitement. There was always something more interesting and more unusual to discover. Tonight however, much to the young boy's dismay, boundaries had been put into existence; he wasn't allowed to go into the big hall next to the piano room. The hall, coincidentally, was the room in which he wished to have that night's adventure, with his imaginary friend Simon, in. But his parents had told him right after dinner, cooked by the live-in top chef, that he was not allowed into the hall, with the threat of being sent back to boarding school if he disobeyed. That threat was enough to make the little boy nod his head so enthusiastically that it would make even his disinterested, passive mother take notice of his willingness to oblige.

Sitting in his immaculate room -thanks to the house maids- the boundary was still bothering him despite his attempts at moving his mind from the hall with various modern toys that were his parents' substitute for love.

"What bothers me most Simon, is that they didn't say why I wasn't allowed in the hall. They just said I wasn't." Franks soft voice spoke through the room in the general direction of the window where he had convinced himself Simon stood.

The threat of boarding school still heavy on his mind he sat in the middle of his floor folding his short legs underneath him and putting his chin on his palm, sighing. The curiosity was driving him insane but, he couldn't go back there; where everyone bullied him. He needed to stay here where he had Simon. But he really really needed to find out what was going on in the hall.

"Simon, what do you think I should do?" Frank asked Simon, the window.

Frank didn't even take the time to pretend he heard an answer, he was staring directly at the window, a cunning smile playing on his childish, pink lips. From his room he could step out onto the roof of the piano room and then jump down onto the greenhouse roof and then, finally, the ground where he could sneak over to the window of the hall and solve the mystery that had been plaguing him since dinner.

Standing gazing through the glass of the hall window, his legs aching from the fact he had to tiptoe to get his eye-level with the room right, he shivered at both the cold and what he was witnessing.

He was a very smart boy -when you don't have many friends books are very appealing- and from watching his parents along with many people he recognised from dinner parties and many people he had never met before acting in the way the were in the hall, he was absolutely certain they were taking part in a satanic ritual. But then he noticed the large display in the middle of the room; a large black cross. He ruled out Satanism as they would not boast a cross like that. But neither was this a Christian display, the cross was not a crucifix it was more of a medical cross.

He watched, growing increasingly scared, as the gathered people, taking up the best part of the very large hall, danced around 'The Mark' as he had quickly dubbed it. The sleeves of their long, flowing black and blue robes rolled up on the left side baring their forearms, which also bore the mark.

Petrified already, his small pale face grew even more pale when his eyes caught on the sight on front of the large display; three terrified, screaming people bound and struggling as the robed people continued to dance cheerfully and determinedly.

It was then that he saw his mother and father step up, with more importance than all the others gathered and also wearing differing robes; theirs were entirely blue, and reach the three captives pulling needles from inside their symbolic clothing and extracting what Frank was sure to be blood from their heads.
Although he never once before managed to lip read, the eerie way in which he heard his father's message loud and clear through the glass sent shivers down his spine, "Control; they won't give it, so we will TAKE it!" he shouted to his house guests while holding the collected blood above his head proudly.

Frank was in so much shock and attempting desperately to take the whole room in, he let his eyes skim the crowd searching in vain for an explanation of why this was happening. His eyes kept skimming, threatening to spill with tears at the horror of what he was witnessing; he had just seen his parents kill three human beings. He was almost faint with dizziness at the speed his eyes were moving until they stopped and locked with one certain member of the robed, ritualistic group. She was looking straight at him.

She was about the same age as Frank -his childish side of his brain made him question sulkily why she was allowed in on this when he wasn't. But then he realised he didn't want to be part of it; he would never go in that room again. She had stopped dancing and was just standing staring directly into his eyes. They way she looked at him caused him, without thinking, to turn and run back across the lush green grass to the greenhouse then up to the roof and finally back through the window to his room.

He slammed it closed and made his way though the darkness to his bed, Diving on it he let his confused, alarmed, frightened tears fall and clambered under the covers. He rocked back and forth muttering nothing to himself attempting to fall asleep and escape the burden newly placed on his shoulders. But as he closed his eyes tighter and tighter all he could see was a playback of the three screaming people's faces as they died. And those eyes...

"I WILL stop them!" Frank's small, childish voice was replaced by a more certain, less innocent tainted one. In those short minutes outside that window he had been shocked into growing up and now he knew what to do; stop his parents and their following.

"Control; they won't give it, so we will take it!" -What did it all mean?...?

So, as always, cheers a lot for the reviews. Let me know what you think...:)
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