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Chapter Seven: Blood Relations

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Frank's Dad loves his son unconditionally and would never think of murdering him...cough cough...

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Dr Iero felt his initial anger subside when he caught a glimpse of the CCTV surveillance screens behind the desk where she should currently be sat. Still not convinced he was actually seeing it, he moved behind the desk and leant towards one particular screen pressing his nose almost flat against it.
What he was seeing was most definitely not a trick of his over-stressed mind: Isobel's lifeless body was indeed lying in the corridor outside room #264.

Scanning his security card quickly and running along the corridor where he had seen her on the screen, he was panicking beyond control. As his feet slammed against the linoleum floor repeatedly all he could do was hope to high heaven that this would not affect his plans and that she had simply been unfortunate enough to suffer a sudden internal organ failure; something permissible and natural.

However, reaching his destination outside room #264, his worst fears began to be realized when the blood covered floor filtered itself, shockingly, into his sight along with the thickly oozing red liquid creeping out of her bludgeoned head.

Searching for an answer to the question 'how?', his eyes grabbed hold of the partially blood-spattered fire extinguisher dis-guarded hurriedly to the side as the culprit, no doubt, ran as fast as their legs would carry them out of the institution.

Turning his attention back to the door that holds -possibly now it would need to be said 'held' as the dead girl on the other side of the wall suggested an escape- the key to domination he shook with fright and dread as the cold, white emptiness of the interior snaked into his vision; The one they had been in search of for so long was gone.

"No!" he shouted breaking into tears and falling against the nearest wall distraught. His hand raised itself to make the support on the wall more comfortable. However, it fell from it's new position straight away when it came into contact with the, unusually, slippery surface.

"Blood?" Dr Iero's voice hoarsely whispered while staring down at his now red-coloured hand. He turned his back quickly from the wall and gazed at the trailing red print on it. At faint, menacing smile of hope played at his wicked lips; this blood didn't belong to Isobel; this blood belonged to whoever helped Mikey escape.

"Dr Iero! What the fuck happened?" Dr. Bradley's panicked, slightly -only slightly- sorrowful voice filled the room breaking Dr. Iero from his hope-filled thoughts.

"Patient #264: Mikey Way has escaped. Isobel has been killed, she must of tried to stop them- I'm sorry. Mikey did not act alone." Dr Iero's now calm voice explained to his colleague.

"What? #264? But,...but he was our answer." Bradley stuttered in disbelief.

"I know, I know. But we'll get him back, I have an idea who helped him. Get this blood tested."- Dr Iero motioned to the blood-stained wall and then exited the room deep in thought. The 'idea' he had about who helped Mikey was far more than that; he was absolutely sure that Frank was responsible for this inconvenience.

"Family or not Frank, I'm going to murder you as a lesson for your interfering. This is all because you're so meddlesome in the first place; you should never have met the Way's".

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