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he can't stop thinking about her, even on a tennis court, maybe just maybe this match will help him forget

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This was it. The match that would determine my future. A chance to get away from Cascasdia and all of it's problems. A chance to get away from everybody that is in Cascadia, but mostly to get away from her.

I loved correction still love her but she doesn't feel the same way. She couldn't feel the same way. She's the one that always confesses her feelings, tells people what she's feeling no matter how harsh her words come out. So if she did love me then why wouldn't she say so?

I loved her from the first day she arrived at Cascadia. I mean sure she was different but that didn't matter to me. She didn't play tennis, so what? That's one of the things that I love most about her. Her hair. Oh god her hair! It's so red and pure, so soft, so smooth, I would do anything just to run my fingers through her hair. And her eyes. I always thought that that was her best quailty, I still do think that. Her eyes were like an ocean, you could get lost in those eyes. If you looked deep enough into her eyes it was like you could see her soul. I used to just stare into those eyes. I wish I could now but I guess I'll never have my chance to look into those eyes and tell her those three words that I wanted to say since the day I met her...I love you.

As I was about to serve I saw her with Rick. Doesn't Rick have Cassidy to talk to? After all she is his girlfriend. So I took all of my anger out into that tennis ball and fought. I fought for her, I fought to leave this horrible place that has so many wonderful memories of me and her, I just fought to leave this place. I think that the tennis gods or whatever you're gonna call them were looking out for me, because the next think I rememeber was hearing the words....

"Game set and Match, Mr. Squib Furlong"
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