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something i need to say

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cody has one last chance to tell squib what she always wanted to tell him...will she be able to?

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"Maybe it was all for the best" Adeena Styles said trying to console her best friend Cody Myers.

"But I don't get it! Why did he have to leave?" Cody cried

"Well if you don't want him to leave, GO GET HIM, HE'S STILL HERE!!!" Adeena yelled

"Your right, but where is he?" Cody asked

"Well if you look out the window right here you can see he's with the taxi driver and President Bates talking so if you want him, hurry because he won't be here for long." Adeena said

"Okay Adeena I gotta go bye"

"Good luck Cody" Adeena said but Cody never heard her because she was out the door running for her life to the guy she's loved since she arrived at Cascadia.


As Cody ran through the hallways it seemed to her that everybody was getting in her way and she was getting fed up with it. Two seconds later all you could here through the hallways of Cascadia was on small red head screaming "EVERYBODY MOVE, NOW!" After that there was abseloutly no problem getting through the hallways. As Cody got outside she could see Squib getting into the cab so she had to pick up speed. When she was close enough she yelled "SQUIB WAIT!" He turned around in utter shock to see her running towards him, but she looked abseloutly exhaused so he thought he should be nice and at least meet her halfway.

As soon as Cody and Squib reached each other Cody panted and said "Squib i'm so sorry..."

"Sorry for what?" Squib said with some hurt in his voice but mostly anger.

"I'm sorry for not telling you how I really feel after you told me." She said

"Your sorry for just leaving me there looking like a fool in front of everybody?" Squib said with more anger in his voice then ever before.

" Yes, I'm so sorry Squib....but it's just that I realised something after I left you there, well it's not that I realised something it's more like I knew it, but was just to scared to say it."

"Well what did you wanna say Cody? Because I don't really have time for this." Squib said annoyed

" I wanted to say..."

"What Cody spit it out!!"

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