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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 23
By Loralee

Disclaimer: Not mine


As the plane pulled away from the terminal and taxied across the tarmac, Neville stared out of the window entranced. Harry had assured him that it was a perfectly safe way to fly and he believed Harry. Ron on the other hand began to pale as the plane lifted off into the sky, he definitely did not like to fly with out being in control and felt that the muggle contraption was not a safe way to fly.

Once in the air, the steward Case, told them they could unbuckle and move around and that snacks would be served shortly. Ron was deadly pale, clutching at the arms of his seat and startled everyone when he whispered that he wasn't hungry. Even the ecstatic Neville was jerked from the clouds beyond his window to stare drop jawed at Ron. However Ron's mind was quickly distracted when a tray of sandwiches and another of cream puffs was placed in front of him.

Harry had gathered several tourist flyers and the group spent the time discussing where and what they might like to see and do during their stay in Athens. The flight passed swiftly and although they didn't agree on what they wanted to do the teens had a pleasant conversation.

The landing was smooth but Ron insisted that he wanted to take a portkey home when it was time.

They were allowed to claim their wands as they exited the plane and found a middle-aged man with thinning brown hair and a mustache waiting at the gate. He held a small sign that read LUPIN. They followed Remus up to the man.

"I'm Remus Lupin."

"Ah, good afternoon Mr. Lupin. My name is Burke. I am the caretaker of the villa where you will be staying. Your baggage arrived this morning and if everyone is here I have transportation waiting." At Remus' nod he led the way through the airport to the parking garage and a large passenger van. The van did not seem to be magical in the least and they eagerly craned their heads, gawking at the traffic. After about 40 minutes they turned into a small road that ran along a wall for a ways and then entered through a gate. Burke explained that their villa was in a gated magical community, surrounded by muggle repelling wards anchored to the walls on the landside and extending half a mile into the sea on the coastal side. The community consisted of a dozen residences stretched along several miles of beach. The house was large and airy and divided into two wings. The girls were placed in the east wing and the boys in the west wing. The villa set on a terrace and stone stairs led down to the beach.

Dinner that night was traditional Greek fare and Ron expressed some hesitation over some of the dishes but after trying them he ate more than his share.

Harry rose early the next morning well before his friends. He found a shy elf setting out a buffet in the dining room and Burke having a cup of coffee.

"Good morning Sir, I was wondering if there was anywhere to fly here?" asked Harry as he filled a plate.

"Because the community is warded you may fly anywhere inside the walls and not more that quarter mile out to sea. Thank you for asking Mr. Potter," Burke replied, "If there is anything else I can do for you please don't hesitant to ask."

Harry grinned at the man and after finishing the small meal went to get his broom and take a fly.

Harry hovered above the gardens and gazed out to sea. The blue water sparkled in the early morning sunlight filling Harry with a sense of peace and relaxation. Which was shattered a moment later as a snitch zoomed past his face, hovered for a moment just out of reach and then dropped suddenly toward the gardens below. Without a second thought Harry turned his broom and careened after the small winged ball. Two minutes into the chase Harry suddenly realized that he had competition as the snitch reversed course past him and he nearly plowed into the boy following him in an effort to keep up. Another minute and Harry had both the snitch and a red-faced boy shouting at him in Greek.

"I'm sorry I don't understand what you're saying," said Harry holding the snitch out the other boy. The boy stopped abruptly and switched languages.

"Your flying was wonderful, I could not keep up with you. Who are you? I've never seen you before. Are you here for the World Cup?"

Harry grinned realizing the boy was not angry but exited. "My name is Harry, we only got here yesterday and yes we are here for the World Cup. Will you be attending? You're flying was pretty good too. Sorry if I interfered with your practice."

"It was wonderful to fly against you, can we do it again. Will you tell me what I can do to became as good as you? I'm Nikos," said the boy, with a happy grin.

"Sure, I'll practice with you if you want. Let loose the snitch."

Nikos released the snitch and they took off after the small ball once more. Harry caught the snitch several more times then began to hold back so he could watch the other boy fly. Eventually Ron, Ginny and Susan joined them in the air. Ron had brought a Quaffle out and they played a round robin game of catch.

When they heard a whistle from the ground Nikos reluctantly pulled up his broom and said goodbye. Harry watched him descend to the next house over from theirs. He had a clear view from the air but saw that the houses were separated by gardens and several rows of trees. With a glance at his watch he discovered it was nearly time for lunch and he'd been flying for several hours. He signaled to the others that it was time for them to go in as well.

"That was some bloody brilliant flying, Harry. Who was that kid? I don't think he's as old as us. He's even littler than you. He wasn't bad though. Can we fly some more after lunch? Wonder what we're having? I'm half starved," Ron rambled on as they entered the house amusing Harry with his train of thought. He exchanged a glance with Susan a saw her lips twitching. Ginny just rolled her eyes at her brother and pushed past him toward the girl's wing.

Harry sat between Hermione and Luna at lunch and Neville sat just to the other side of Hermione. Neville was excited about some of the plants he'd discovered in the gardens that morning.

"You should take some cuttings back to Snape, Harry," Neville said. All conversation stopped as they all stared at Neville. He blushed as he tried to fix what he believe was his mistake. "I mean if that's all right Mr. Burke."

"Bloody hell, Neville why would you want to do anything for Snape? You hate each other," asked Ron in a shocked tone.

"Well, he's not so bad now. We got along alright after I beat him in a duel."

Chaos erupted around the table. Ron demanding details and everyone else yelling questions, Harry only smirking as Neville dug himself in deeper with every word.

Finally order was restored and Neville forced to recount the duel in detail. Hermione admonished Harry for allowing it but Neville defend him and said it was one of the best things to happen to him. Neville was quite proud that Snape had pronounced him adequate.

They spent the afternoon on the beach below the cliff. Ginny had coerced Neville into spreading sun potion on her back and insisted on doing the same for him, occasionally taking sidelong glances at Harry. Neville had finally retreated waist deep in the water examining bits of floating water plants. Ron had offered to put the potion on Susan and Hermione but they told him they had taken care of it in their rooms. Then he asked they rub it on him but they refused. Luna finally took pity on him, however she just poured out a glob into the middle of his back and then used her wand to animate the potion to crawl over him and spread itself. Ron ran up and down the beach screaming about spiders.

Late in the afternoon Harry threw himself down on the sand next to Luna and the huge sandcastle of Hogwarts she was constructing.

"This is brilliant Luna!" he exclaimed examining the castle in detail. Luna turned her eyes on him and looked closely.

"You look very happy, Harry."

"I am," he grinned at her, "I've had a lot of fun today. I like being with everyone and not having to worry about anything."

They heard a whistle and looked up toward the house. Burke stood there and waved. Harry waved back. The group all started up toward the house. They would need to get cleaned up before dinner. Harry watched Luna cast a preserving charm on her sand castle and then he noticed that Remus was still asleep, stretched out in a lounge chair under an umbrella. Smirking Harry banished the small plastic bucket Luna had been using toward the water and then levitated it over Remus. He was already sprinting up the stone stairway when the soaked and startled Remus came straight out of the chair wand at the ready.

At dinner they were informed that they would be going muggle sightseeing the next day so to dress muggle when the got up.

They spent the evening in the library reading or playing muggle boards game and taking turns letting Ron beat them at chess. It was getting late and Ron was begging for one more game. The girls had all gone up and Neville was saying good night as Burke stuck his head into the room.

"Say Mr. Burke do you play chess?" asked Ron.

"Yes, Mr. Weasley I do." Burke sat down at the chessboard and Harry watched him slaughter Ron in ten minutes. Ron stared at the board in shock, shook his head and finally thanked Burke and headed to bed.

"Mr. Potter, I was hoping to have a word with you privately."

"Sure, Mr. Burke."

"If you would come this way I'd like to show you the master suite. My instructions where to treat you as a guest but I am very aware that you are the owner of this estate and my employer." Burke led the way past the study that had been declared off limits on the house tour. At a pair of ornate double doors Burke stopped. "These are your rooms anytime you wish to use them, Mr. Potter."

He opened the right door and led Harry into a large sitting room. Shelves lined the right hand side of the room, filled with books and trinkets. The back wall was filled with a large window overlooking the sea. In the center of the left wall was a large portrait of a man with black hair and dark eyes dressed in old fashion frilly dress robes with doorways on either side of him. One led to a bathroom the other to a large bedroom.

"These room are never used for guests, Mr. Potter."

"Wow, so I could come here anytime then, even if there are guests?"

"Yes Mr. Potter."

The portrait opened his eyes, looked at Harry and said, "Who are you?"

"I'm Harry Potter."

"Ah, it's been awhile since there's been a heir here. Well boy where's you father? I need to speak to him," ordered the picture imperiously.

"Sir, Mr. Potter here is the Head of the Family," stated Burke to the picture.

"Oh, well get out Burke, I need to speak to the Head privately."

Burke bowed to the portrait and left the room.

"That was very rude," Harry said coldly.

"Rude? He's hired help and a squib besides, you don't have to be nice to them. We Potters are an old family and as such are much better than squibs and mudbloods and the like."

Harry gritted his teeth. "I've always wanted to meet family but I will not tolerate that kind of attitude. You will be polite to the help and you will not use that word again."

"Mudblood?" the painting smiled, "I'm glad to see the blood hasn't weakened with age and that you are willing to stick up for what you believe is right. I will do as you say."

"You were testing me?" asked Harry.

"Yes, to an extent. It has been years since a Potter has been here. There is one thing I should tell you. I am guarding something. I can not tell you the pass word though."

"Pass word? Was my father, James Potter ever here?" asked Harry.

"The last Head here was Geoffrey Potter," offered the painting.

" old password then, any hints? Who are you anyway?"

"I am Jonathan Potter and for a hint I can tell you it is an unofficial family motto."

Harry smiled, "I know it then. 'The wheel turns'."

The painting nodded and opened revealing a metal door about three feet tall set two feet off the floor. Harry examined the door briefly and then laid his hand on it. He felt a small magical surge and heard the latch click and the door swung forward slightly. Inside the safe were several wands, two bags of galleons, a tray of gemstones, several gaudy rings and half a dozen books. Harry waved his wand over the rings but detected no magical residue. The books had no titles so would have to be examined more carefully later. He shut up the safe and closed the portrait.

"So do you know what's in there?" Harry asked Jonathan.

"Yes, my grandson called it his emergency fund. Spare wands and funds to make a quick getaway, trinkets to be sold or traded for safe passage, food or protection when needed."

"And the books?"

"Books? Oh, the diaries. The Heads of Potter have always kept a record of important events and information. You should find mine, my father Paul, my son Christopher, grandson Alexander, great-grandson Philip and perhaps his son Geoffrey."

Harry stared open mouthed at the man. Journals from his ancestors were truly treasures.

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