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Back at Briarwood

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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 27 Time to Live 26
By Loralee

Disclaimer: I want them, I need them but I so don't own them. Hmm sounds like my last relationship lol

Harry apparated into the entryway of Briarwood House and was met by a smiling Winky, who took his bag.

"Welcome home Master Harry," she said.

"Thank you Winky, how are you, any problems?" he asked.

"Winky is fine, Master Harry, Mr. Snape is being working too hard, Mr. Snape is being making potions when he should be eating and sleeping," she said, tugging on one ear.

"I'll talk to him, Winky but it's up to him if he wants taken care of, you know," Harry said gently. "Could you let him know that I'm back? I'll be in the study until dinner."

Winky nodded and popped away and Harry went into the study, he knew that there would be a lot of mail to deal with. He was just beginning to sort through the 'known' pile when Snape knocked on the door and then entered the room. He was dressed in the leather apron he wore in the garden and carrying a small book.

"Hello Severus, how have you been," Harry greeted him politely.

"I assume you wish a report of my activities, Mr. Potter," said Severus, standing in front of the desk.

Harry stared at him and sighed, "We are back to Mr. Potter again? I just want to know how you were. Please have a seat. Would you like something to drink?"

Severus sagged slightly and sat down in a chair. "I was in the garden when Winky informed me that you were home, I presumed it was a summons and as you are responsible for my actions, you would want a report."

Harry shrugged, "I only told her to let you know I was back, I didn't want to surprise you if you had company or were running around naked or something," Harry said grinning. Severus didn't respond. "Ok, what's wrong?"

"I received an owl from Poppy-- Madam Pomfrey just after you left. She had just returned from holiday and discovered that I would not be returning. The Headmaster informed her she would have to make or purchase the potions for the infirmary herself; he did not however release more funds for said purchases. She wrote for a recommendation for low cost potions. While she can and does make many of the simpler cures for the infirmary, potion making is not her best skill. I had Winky purchase the supplies I needed and made the most critical potions for Hogwarts. I will need to make a trip to Gringotts to replace those funds. I have kept records."

"Where do the supplies usually come from?" asked Harry.

"Hogwarts greenhouses supply most of the ingredients. Poppy and I would work together to order the things needed for both classes and the infirmary. Sixth and Seventh year advanced students make potions that end up in the infirmary and the best of the lower years as well. Professor Sprout also sells off the excess of the student harvested and prepared produce and sometimes has a bit of extra in her budget that she shares with Poppy."

Harry eyed Severus for a moment, "Do you think she wrote to you to make you feel guilty about leaving?"

Severus shook his head and sneered slightly at Harry, "Of course not."

Harry grinned then, "Ok, don't worry about the money. I think I've used enough potions to replace some."

Severus inclined his head in acknowledgement and said, "I will still need to make a trip to Gringotts and I'd like to stop at Slug & Jigger's Apothecary to discuss their offer for my potions, unfortunately you will have to accompany me and counter sign the contract if we can come to an agreement.

"Why do I have to sign and what's wrong with the offer?" asked Harry.

"As part of my probation I am not allowed to sign contracts with out your approval," snapped Severus. "Justinus Jigger wants 35 percent of the profit of Wolfsbane and 3 dozen vials of various common potions for allowing me to market the Wolfsbane through them. The negotiations have gone as far as possible by owl so I must visit him."

"That doesn't sound right Severus, he wants part of the profit and potions he can sell for a profit too? Why don't you use someone else?"

Severus snorted and pinched the bridge of his nose. "No one wants to do business with a Death Eater, Mr. Potter."

"Ex-Death Eater and do you mean no one will want to buy your potions or that none of the Apothecaries want to sell your potions.

"Jigger is the most reputable Apothecary in the Alley, Harry. It would not do for me to be associated with one of the Knockturn Alley distributors. I will have to have Winky deliver the potion stock as it is and the seller will have to deal with those who need the wolfsbane. I can only make a limited supply."

"Would you rather have your own store then?" asked Harry.

Severus glared at Harry, "While having a store front to take orders and distribute my potions would be most advantageous, I do not wish make regular appearances in Diagon Alley."

"Why, I don't understand, you aren't going to be a recluse are you?"

"Did they not explain the terms of my probation to you, Potter? I may be stopped and searched by Aurors anytime I am in public with out your escort. If I have packages they may be searched and confiscated if they are deemed inappropriate. I have no recourse. To place myself in a position where I am regularly in the Alley would be to tempt fate."

Harry scowled and thought for a moment. "If I were to provide you with a shop could they search you or the shop while you are in it?"

"No, if I were working for you they could not but do not forget I do not wish to work in an apothecary catering to fools. I wish to do research and make potions."

"Then we hire someone to run the shop. There must be someone who can run a shop and maybe make the simpler potions. It wouldn't even have to be open all the time."

Severus stared at Harry for moment. "I would have to think about this, it is possible I suppose. I could take special orders, brew the Wolfsbane, perhaps schedule pick up for certain days. I am unsure if it would be profitable however." His brow furrowed in thought

Harry watched him for moment and then pulled his account book from the desk, flipping though to see if he had any properties that would work.

"I would still like to visit Gringotts and speak with Jigger. Negotiating with him and not being forced to accept his offer may be entertaining," Severus said with a smirk.

"Will day after tomorrow work? I have to see Kingsley tomorrow," asked Harry.

"That would be acceptable," said Severus with a nod.

Harry noticed that Severus had finally relaxed into the chair. He looked back to the list of properties not finding one suitable he decided he would call Picklock in the morning.

"By the way, I saved your clippings."

Harry stared, then dropped his face into his hands and muttered, "How bad is it?"

Severus's smirk grew, "Potter strikes down rampaging Death Eaters at World Cup."

Harry groaned, "Merlin!"

"Perhaps, Potter, if you did not throw yourself into such situations people would stop worshiping you," he said, sarcasm dripping from every word.

"Oh, put a sock in it, Sev," said Harry with a scowl.

"Must you mangle my name?" Severus said in mock outrage.

"Yes, if you're going to call me Potter."

"Point taken." Severus conceded. "So how was your holiday?"

Harry grinned and began to talk about his trip.

Harry apparated to the Ministry to meet with Kingsley with some trepidation, he was unsure whether Kingsley would understand about what had happened in Greece. He thought that he wasn't supposed to tell about being a reserve Auror. As he made his way to the Head Auror's office, to his surprise, he was greet by smiling faces and slaps on the back from some of the older Auror's.

"Good morning, Mr. Potter," said Kingsley welcoming him into his office and shutting the door.

"Good morning, I hope I didn't mess things up by letting the Greek Aurors know I was a reserve."

"Not at all, Harry, I spoke to Commander Alexandros and he agreed to keep it quiet. I've informed my own people that I'm courting you and that they are to extend every courtesy."

"Courting?" questioned Harry, shocked at the word.

Kingsley laughed, "As in trying to convince you to come to work for us as soon as you are out of Hogwarts. What that means is that our training facility is open to you and you should be able to find someone to spar with or teach you things you don't know anytime you want to show up."

"Won't that make some of them resent me though? I'm just a 'kid'," said Harry.

Kingsley raised an eyebrow, "Harry you defeated Voldemort, you've seen more action that some of my veteran Aurors."

Harry ducked his head. "You know, killing Voldy was sort of an accident, don't you? I just got lucky," he said in a sheepish tone.

"I saw what was left. You might not know how you did it, Harry but it took an amazing amount of power to destroy him. You have a habit of doing the right thing at the right time in combat. You may have luck on your side but you also have a talent at recognizing when to act and what to do. You and five students you trained fought twelve Death Eaters to a standstill, you took down Bellatrix Lestrange with tactical spell work, you captured Pettigrew without endangering bystanders, and in Greece you stunned the ones you could and killed the most dangerous one. That is something that most wizards can't learn. Never doubt your skills," then Kingsley grinned, "but never stop trying to better them, either."

"Yes, sir," said Harry embarrassed.

"Now let me show you around, introduce some people, then we can have some fun down in the practice rooms. Would you like to try out our obstacle course?" asked Kingsley with a wicked grin.

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