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AU Post OotP, No HBP, With Voldemort gone it's time for Harry to Live.

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Time to Live 27
By Loralee

Disclaimer: Not mine

Harry sat gingerly in his seat the next morning causing Severus to scowl at him.

"Are you injured, Harry?" he asked.

"I'm fine, just a little sore from training with Kingsley and Mathis yesterday. They have this obstacle course that is just fantastic. I'd love to take the DA through it sometime," said Harry as reached for the eggs and then winced.

"You are not fine. Did you have a healer look at your injuries?"

Harry glanced up from his breakfast. "Yes and she healed the scrapes, my shoulder is just a little sore."

Snape sneered and left the room.

Great, thought Harry, just what I need today pissed off Snape. He flexed his right shoulder once more trying to work out the kinks.

"Remove your shirt, Potter," snarled Severus, reentering the room.

Harry glared at him and noticed he held a small jar of purple goop.

"I told you-" he said.

"Potter, remove your shirt so I can treat you or I will do it for you," growled Severus in full Snape rant. Harry took off his shirt.

"Lean forward, good there are no open injuries, hold still," he began to slather on the goop.

"Ahhh!" Harry yelped, "that's cold, bloody hell, Snape, oooohhhhh!" he breathed out in one long sigh. "What is that stuff? It's bloody brilliant."

Severus stepped back with a smirk and went to the sink to wash his hands. "It's my own concoction; a balm to help clear up bruises and heat and relax sore muscles."

"Why hasn't Pomfrey ever used that on me before?" asked Harry, putting his shirt back on.

"It is from my private stores, I've never provided her with any of it."

Harry stared at him. "I want to buy ten jars then. I'll give two to Pomfrey and I'll bet you anything you like she'll be begging for more. If we open a shop you've got to put that on the shelves. What's it called anyway and what else do you make you've never shared with anyone?"

Severus raised an eyebrow and sat back down in his chair. "It's a minor variation, Harry, not something that I've ever thought about marketing. It does not have a name as such."

Harry snorted, "Sev, honestly, that is great stuff, copyright it and sell it."

"Of all the idiotic-Potter you don't copyright potions you patent them, I hold patents for all of my unique potions and several variations of common ones." Severus was nodding his head by this time and re-examining the jar of purple goop. Harry realizing that he'd won that round, dug back into his breakfast.

Just as Harry was finishing his breakfast a flock of owl invaded the kitchen. They landed on the table and the back of chairs, they all had boxes and bundles tied to their legs. As Harry and Severus worked to untie the packages, Harry sent Winky to his room for owl treats. After the owls were fed and watered and sent back on their way Severus settled down with the letters that had been attached.

"It seems that Poppy spoke to Pomona, that is Professor Sprout, and she sent me several packages of processed ingredients to make up for what I used, she has enclosed an inventory. She also wants to know if I'll be doing research and would like a stock of some of the more rare items. We would have to meet as some of the things she is offering can not be shrunk." Severus looked over the second letter, "This one is from Poppy thanking me for the potions and requesting two dozen vials Stomach Soother."

"One of your special variations?" asked Harry.

"Yes, she is complaining that the comparable remedies she is finding in Diagon and Hogsmeade are grossly inadequate for her needs." Severus sounded a little bewildered that Poppy thought that highly of his skills and that Sprout would take the time to make sure he had the supplies he needed.

Harry shook his head as he watched Severus sort through the packages like a kid in a candy store and then waited while he put everything down in his lab.

Finally just after 10am they apparated to Diagon Alley and walked down the street toward Slug and Jigger's Apothecary. Harry was used to ignoring the whispers and sidelong glances and Severus would not give the gawkers the satisfaction of acknowledging them.

They stepped into the Apothecary and were greeted by a young woman with blonde hair wearing an apron who appeared to be stocking shelves near the door.

"Professor Snape, how nice to see you," she said, with a wide smile. Harry was shocked when Severus actually smiled back at the girl.

"Miss Banner, I did not expect to see you here, I was under the impression that you were apprenticing to Madam Restina?" said Severus.

"Oh, I was but Madam's grandson, in Canada, was killed and she moved there to take care of his children and manage his affairs. As you know, I have my own obligations here, so she released me and I tested for an Apothecary license and earned a grade two certificate," she said, her smile dimming somewhat.

"I hadn't heard that. Congratulations on the certificate, will you still be attempting Mastery? You have the potential to be an excellent Potions Mistress."

"Oh, yes I'm still studying and doing some small research when I have the time and I've applied to several Masters but until one of their current Apprentices achieve Mastery I'm stuck here. At least I get to brew working here."

They were interrupted by a man shouting from the back of the shop; "Girl get back to work, Severus come back here we have a contract to discuss."

Severus nodded at the girl and headed to the back of the shop. Harry, who had been out of sight of the man, grinned at the girl and stuck out a hand, "Hi, I'm Harry Potter."

She laughed, "I know, you probably don't remember me but everyone knows you. Sophia Banner, Ravenclaw. I was in fifth year your first. Everyone was every so excited when you were sorted and then it turned out you were just another grubby little firstie."

"Oi! that's not very nice," Harry exclaimed in mock outrage and they shared a grin.

"So, Mr. Jigger has been telling everyone that Snape is going to be making potions for him. I think he's already taken some orders. I heard him tell one man that he'd have a limited amount of Wolfsbane the day before the full moon and that he better bring his galleons if he wanted some because it would be going to the highest bidder," she confided in an undertone.

Harry startled, "The highest bidder? That's not what's in the contract."

She sniffed, "Well what that man agrees to do and what he does in two very different thing if you know what I mean. I wouldn't tell just anyone but I read what you did for Snape, if you can don't let him get involved with Jigger. If I didn't need the money I'd quit for sure."

Harry eyed her for a moment. "Would you really? If Snape opened his own shop would you be willing to work for him?"

Her eyes opened wide and the grin reappeared, "Would I ever! I'd quit this minute for a chance to work for Snape. It's too bad he never takes apprentices; he would have been my first choice. He was always my favorite teacher."

"Well, I think you're a bit mental there but do you know where Number 6 Coopers Place is?" he asked. He glanced over his shoulder toward the back of the shop. Snape and Jigger were 'discussing' at the top of their lungs now.

"Yes, I know where it is." Sophia said her eyes gleaming.

"We are going to see if it's acceptable as soon as we are done in Gringotts, say half an hour?"

"I can be there, I get a lunch break at 11,"

Harry nodded, took a deep breath, straightened his shoulder and marched up the aisle. Jigger caught sight of him and broke off swearing at Snape.

"Here now, this is a private conversation bugger off, boy," he said with a sneer.

Harry sneered right back, after five years of Snape at his worst Jigger's sneer didn't even rate.

"Severus, I think I've heard enough. I believe we'd do better to open our own shop rather than let this man think he can cheat you," said Harry, in his most snobbish tone.

Severus turned and with a little bow said, "Of course, Mr. Potter. It is what I'd prefer also. Good day, Justinus." Snape's cloak flared at he swept down the aisle to the door and held it open for Harry leaving Jigger open mouthed and staring and Sophia snickering into her apron in the corner.

At Gringotts Harry let Severus go to his vault while he met with Picklock. After the short meeting he found Severus in the lobby with the wrapped portrait and the large trunk. Harry called Dobby to take Severus's thing back to Briarwood and told Snape that they had another stop to make.

Number 6 Coopers Place was located in a small cul-de-sac just off Diagon Alley behind Gringotts. As they walked down the lane they passed a used bookshop, a junk shop, a tailor, a cafe and palmistry shop. Numbers 6 and 7 were vacant. Number 8,9 and 10 were stationers, craft shop and tobacconist respectively.

At Number 6 Harry stopped and pulled out a large key.

"What is this, Harry?" asked Severus in some surprise.

"Your shop if it's suitable," said Harry, with a smirk. "Picklock said it was an Apothecary some years ago but closed after the death of the owner. It's been rented a couple of times for various things but no ones been able to make a go of it. The basement is set up for brewing and hasn't been touched."

Severus spared a glance at the empty front room with its shelf lined walls and long counter on the right side and bolted through the doorway to the second room intent on looking over the brewing area. Harry followed little slower, the back half of the shop consisted of a main storage room and a second well sealed smaller cubby about six foot square with floor to ceiling shelves. At the stairwell Harry went up the stairs instead of following Severus down. The first floor consisted of a two bedroom flat, partially furnished with appliances, table and three chairs and a double bed in the front bedroom.

"Harry? Harry?" called Severus.

"Up here," Harry answered.

Severus came up the stairs.

"It's perfect, Potter, the lab is amazing. Well ventilated and room for multiple cauldrons and brews. There is no possible way that I can afford to rent this shop. Is this a flat? Merlin what were you thinking by bringing me here and tempting me with this," he ranted and then sank into one of the chairs, head in his hands.

"You give up to easily, you know? Look, money aside for a moment, you like this place, it will do?" asked Harry.

Severus glared and snarled, "Gods, yes it will 'do' you imbecile. Isn't that what I said? It's perfect."

Harry just grinned, "Ok and that girl in Jigger's. If money wasn't a problem would you hire her?"

"Potter if I thought she'd have me I'd apprentice her in a heartbeat, she has that much potential. If I hadn't known that I would have to return to spying I would have apprenticed her when she left Hogwarts but it was just to dangerous to allow anyone that close to me then. She is wasting her talents brewing grade 2 sludge for the masses."

Harry was unused to a Snape who was that passionate about someone that he wasn't trying to get expelled. He snickered to himself. Yes this was going to work out nicely, how lucky could he get.

"Well, she will be here shortly looking for a job, I suggest you ask her then. As for the money issue; I say we go partners in a potions supply company, this building containing number 6 and 7 and the flats over them is for sale rather than lease, so I propose to buy the building and lease it to the company for one galleon per year for two years. I will provide the start up money for the company in return for 30 percent. You will provide the potions knowledge and do the work. I retain the option that in two years time, if the company in not making money I can sell my share, with you having first refusal on my share. Figure up how much money we will need to buy ingredients and stock for the shelves, wages for the first year for yourself and at least one if not two employees." Harry pulled papers from the bag he'd been carrying. "Here are the papers I had Picklock draw up." He laid them on the table and snickered at Severus's shell-shocked expression. Glanced at his watch and went down stairs into the shop to wait for Miss Banner. Leaving Severus to mumble to himself, and stare at the papers in front of him.

Harry saw the woman come flying down the lane and opened the door.

"That was so great, Mr. Potter, I couldn't believe you got the better of old man Jigger," she said breathlessly, as she looked around the empty store front, "Oh this is nice."

He grinned at her, "Snape is upstairs. He's in a bit of shock I think, look he isn't sure that he can do this, you know?" He waved his hand about the room, "Help me convince him and you'll have a job. Oh, he's free to take an Apprentice now that he's not teaching. I'm going to get some lunch and bring it back, he's upstairs." Harry pointed vaguely in the direction of the unseen staircase and darted out of the door.

Harry walked down the couple of doors to the café, called Mum's Kitchen, and entered. It was a cozy little place over half full of customers. Harry walked up to the counter and round little woman with a cheerful face and white apron approached.

"Set anywhere you like lad and I'll be right with you."

"Actually ma'am I'd like to know if I can get take-away for three?" Harry asked quickly.

"Of course, lad, sandwiches or meals? For meals we have chicken and dumplings or beef stew and for sandwiches we have roast beef or ham and cheese," she answered with a smile.

He grinned back, "Sandwiches, please ma'am a couple of each." She eyed him a moment, nodded and retreated toward the kitchen.

Harry looked around, he liked the place; it was clean and comfortable and in some ways reminded him of Mrs. Weasley's kitchen and something smelled really good making his mouth water.

A moment later she was back with three boxes tied together. "Here you go dearie, you're new around here aren't you?" she asked with interest.

Harry nodded as he dug out his money. "Yes ma'am, we are looking at number 6 down the way. We'll be opening a Potions Supply shop soon, I think."

"Oh, neighbors, how nice, that'll be a galleon, 6 sickles, lad." Harry handed over two galleons and said, "Keep the change ma'am, thank you."

When Harry returned to the flat above number 6 Severus and the girl, Sophia, were deep in discussion of her apprenticeship and the number of hours she would devote to the shop. Severus it seemed had decided to take Harry's offer.

Over the sandwiches, which were nice and thick on slabs of homemade bread slathered with mustard and garnished with a thick dill pickle they ironed out the details of their new venture. Potions by Snape, a name which Sophia and Harry both liked but Severus was afraid would keep people away, would be open for a limited time on Aug 30th, the day before the full moon and have it's official grand opening two weeks later on a Saturday. Harry hoped to be able to be there for the Grand Opening something he would need to talk to McGonagall about.

Sophia ate a hurried lunch and returned to Slug and Jigger's to give notice. Harry escorted Severus to the apparition point to return to Briarwood and begin brewing and then he went back to Gringotts to set things in motion.

When he left Gringotts he ambled down Diagon Alley to visit his other partnership. As he entered the twins shop, the bell over the door dinged and there was a bright flash of light. Harry stood stock-still and took careful inventory, all of his body parts were where they belonged and looked like they should. He looked up to find Fred and George watching him.

"All right guys, what gives? What did you do?" he asked warily.

The twins looked at each other and grinned. "It works every time," said the right twin.

"Yup, every time," said the left twin.

Harry frowned and stepped closer to the counter and the mirror hanging behind it. He looked carefully; his hair was the right color as were his eyes. He was still wearing the same clothes. He turned to the twins.

"So what do you call it? Instant Paranoia? Moody Madness? A bright flash that does absolutely nothing but make your victim think they've been pranked?" he guessed.

"Your good, Harry," said right twin

"We have to give you that," continued left twin.

"You're actually the first,"

"to get it with out explanations."

"So to what,"

"do we owe the pleasure?"

"I've just signed the papers to start a new business," said Harry with a grin.

"Snape's going to make,"

"potions for the masses,"

"that's great, Harry,"

"he's a genius, you know, "

"Snape is."

"We've looked up some of his work,"

"Research, don't you know,"

There was a scream from the back room and Harry startled, pulled his wand.

"Easy there," said right twin while left twin fled through the hanging curtain to the back room. "It's just the timer on a sweet we are working on."

Harry laughed and returned his wand to the holster. "Only you guys would make a timer scream. Why were you researching Snape or don't I want to know?"

"We were trying to figure him out. Did you know he helped us with our pranks? Caught us the middle of first year, said if we were going to use potions in pranking then we need to make damn sure we didn't poison people. He'd always try to catch us and when we did he'd give us detentions but then we'd go over what ever we were working on and he'd give us suggestions or point us in the right direction. We are really glad you're helping him out Harry. If there is anything we can do just let us know, ok?"

Harry nodded, "I will." They chatted a couple more minutes and Harry left, returning to Briarwood to find Snape already holed up in his lab.

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