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Once Zuko finally realises he can no longer regain his honour or his father's love what options are left for him? Sentenced to death, will he accept his fate or create his own destiny? (Warning: Zu...

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Disclaimer: Shock! I don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender or the characters in this fic.

This story contains slash, specifically Zuko/Sokka slash. If this isn't your sort of thing there are loads of other gen and/or het fic on so it's probably best to press the old back button and read some of those.

If you do like slash, I hope you enjoy this story! The prologue is not very long I'm afraid but other chapters will be a bit meatier. Reviews and constructive criticism are very much welcomed.

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Zuko struggles to keep his face impassive. He walks tall and proud, dressed once more in Fire Nation amour. He regrets that his hair is not yet long enough to tie in a topknot but assumes his father will forgive him this. Behind him two guards carry the restrained Avatar. Zuko takes no chances with him this time. His arms and legs are chained and his mouth gagged. Behind the young boy, Dai Li guards drag his companions. They no longer struggle. The hopelessness of the situation seems apparent to them. They can no longer escape; there is nowhere to run.

Zuko enters the throne room of the Earth Kingdom palace. His father has already arrived to triumph over Azula's victory. He watches as the eyes of all present fall on him and he holds back a smile. Finally, /finally/, he has succeeded. Finally he will regain his honour and his rightful place as heir. He can see Azula's eyes narrow as he nears the throne. She is obviously enraged that he had taken most of the Dai Li to capture the Avatar but what choice did he have? The boy had been injured and was defenseless. He had to act quickly to capture him. Azula has spent too much time wallowing in her victory and the chance has passed her by.

Ozai watches as his son approaches, Avatar struggling behind. Zuko fells his heart race as he drops to his knees before the Fire Lord. "I bring you the Avatar, father." He waits for a response but minutes pass by without acknowledgement from Ozai. Zuko does not know what else to say. He expected his father to be overjoyed. With the Avatar captured and Ba Sing Se in Fire Nation hands the war is well and truly won. Eventually he looks up, curiosity over coming etiquette.

The Fire Lord smiles sadistically at him causing Zuko to swallow nervously. Ozai begins to laugh, a harsh, mocking sound. He gets up from his throne and approaches Zuko, glaring down at the boy at his feet. He snarls and spits in his son's face. Zuko is too shocked to do anything save flinch.

"You are a foolish boy." Ozai's deep voice cuts through Zuko. "I am impressed though," His eyes fall on Aang. "I never thought you'd succeed in capturing the Avatar."

Zuko can do nothing but stare up at the formidable form of his father. "Father... I don't understand." He winces at how weak and pathetic his voice sounds.

"You are a traitor, Zuko. You betrayed the Fire Nation and freed the Avatar from Zhao. You betrayed the Fire Nation during the siege of the Northern Tribe. You are an insult and a disgrace." Ozai's voice is quiet and deadly.

"No, father!" Zuko pleads, his voice cracking with emotion.

Ozai backhands Zuko, sending the unprepared boy skidding across the marble floor. "You are dead to me." He turns, making his way back to the throne. "Take him away." He glances at Azula before resuming his seat.

Azula grins, her amber eyes flashing brightly. She nods in the direction of two Dai Li soldiers. They gingerly approached Zuko, prepared for an attack. Forcefully they pick up the fallen prince, hauling him to his feet. Zuko gives no resistance. Azula addresses all the soldiers. "Follow me."

---------- ---------- ----------

Zuko is distantly aware of the Avatar's companions shouting and crying as the monk is dragged to another part of the prison. He registers the voice of the Water Tribe girl sobbing as he and her brother are directed to the male section of the prison. It isn't until Azula speaks in her sadistic tones that he begins to pay attention to the conversation.

"Put him in with the peasant. A traitor like that does not deserve his own cell." She eyes Zuko as if here were a piece of dirt under her shoe.

He is forced to his knees as the soldiers begin to restrain his hands. His fingers are interlaced before they pull a thick leather glove over his hands, securing it tightly at the wrists. He is pushed on to his stomach as they restrain his feet, wrapping them in a similar contraption before tying them both together. He struggles to his knees before Azula pushes him back onto the damp floor with a foot on his spine.

"Break his ribs to prevent him from breathing fire." She orders the soldiers.

Zuko is turned on his back before the Dai Li soldiers began to pummel his chest with rock fists. He screams in pain as his ribs crack under the pressure. Azula holds up her hand to stop the assault, grinning as Zuko squirms and pants on the damp floor. She kneels on his chest, delighting as he finally succumbs and tears leak from his eyes. "Oh Zuzu, how did you not see this coming? Now be a good boy and accept it." She pats his cheek before getting up and nodding to the Dai Li. "He does not deserve to wear the honourable armour of the Fire Nation." Zuko cries out as he is savagely stripped of his clothing and left only in his grey under clothes.

A solider opens the cell before Sokka is thrown into the far corner. Zuko is hauled gasping to his feet before he is savagely pushed into the dank room. He immediately crumples to the ground, curling into a fetal position.

"See you around, Zuzu." Azula mocks as she and the guards retreated to the upper parts of the palace.

Zuko lies panting on the ground. His chest burns from where the Dai Li have attacked him but it is his father's rejection that tightens his lungs and causes his breaths to come in shallow, shaky hitches. He lies on his side, the damp slime of the cell soaking into his clothes.

He can hear the other boy cautiously approach him. He knows when Sokka is standing over him, glaring down at him and passing judgment. He cries out in agony as the younger boy picks him up savagely by the collar. "You bastard!" Sokka screams. Zuko can see the younger boy fighting back bitter tears. "You bastard!" He repeats before he pushes Zuko back against the cell wall. Zuko cries out as his back connects with the hard surface before he falls to his knees. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Sokka kicks Zuko in the stomach. Zuko wheezes as the wind is knocked out of him and he falls forward onto his shoulder. He gasps in agony as he crushes his injured ribs. "You destroyed everything!" Sokka's voice is filled with pain. "The world is fucked... because of you!" He kicks Zuko once more. "You selfish bastard." His voice breaks and Zuko hears him inhale shaky breaths. He looks up to see Sokka biting his lip, face contorted with emotion. The younger boy shakes his head, his mouth twisted by malice. "I hate you." He spits, turning from Zuko and stalking to the corner to wallow in misery.

---------- ---------- ----------

See, told you it was short. This chapter is more of a set up than anything. Hope you liked and if you didn't I do appreciate constructive criticism and thoughts as to how I can improve.
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