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Hanyou Shopping Spree

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Holy Hell?! Ever imagine Inuyasha in real world clothing? Well, it seems Yuki is akign him along for a makeover. He comes out lookign as though he were a real human. The full moon is coming which c...

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Taishun made it back to the campsite where Inuyasha and the others should have been. He tensed as he saw that noone was there.
Great he thought as he sniffed in the air for their scent. They've gone into the well, it's a good thing I have a shard in my blade. he thought again before he walked off towards the Bone Eater's Well. He jumped in and landed in the present era. Taishun dusted himself off and walked towards the house watching as Sango,Miroku,Shipo, and the two critters walked into the house before he yelled.
"Ms. Higurashi!" he said as she shivered slightly and saw her poke her head out and extend her hand in welcome so that he may enter the home. Taishun entered gladly and sat on the couch before his features began to blur, his facial features browing into that of a feline while he began to loze his height. Taishun was now a cat and he licked his paw before laying on the couch next to Kirara.

The hanyou continued to rush through the snow, muttering choice words under his breath as he continued looking for Kagome.
"Damn girl, she always does this crap," he said before walking into a green and black haired girl who smiled as she backed away.
"Hey Inu,Inu," she said as Inuyasha growled.
"The name is Inuyasha Yuki," he muttered as Yuki walked around him and looked him up and down.
"What are you doing here?" asked yuki as Inuyasha growled.
"None of your damn business now get out of my way," he said oushing past her.
"Well, if you are going ot Basil's Hill, you can't possibly go like that," she said smiling as Inuyasha groaned.
"fine, take me on your little "shoping spree," he said as Yuki clapped and giggled before dragging him along to the mall.

"Are we even close to being there yet?" askd Inuyasha grumpily as Yuki continued to drag him along the Tokyo streets. "No, we aren't now quit complaining," she said as Inuyasha harumped before they reached the mall. It was pretty large and people walkedi n and out of it.
"It is almost the size of Sesshoumaru," said Inuyasha as he gazed at the monstrous building. Yui draggedh im in and towards the closest clothing store she could find.
"We'll shop here first. Now, what type of sneakers do you want?" asked Yuki as Inuyasha arched his brow. "Sneakers? They don't have sandals?" he asked as Yuki shook her head.
"The feudal era has gotten to you hasn't it? You want Nike,Jordan, Timberland, or Reebok?" she asked as Inuyasha shrugged. "Jordans I guess," he muttered as she threw him a pair of red and white sneakers with a silouhette of a man on it.
"Wow, these look great," said Inuyasha as Yuki threw him a long sleeved red shirt and a couple of other things.
"It's a full moon tonight too," said Yuki as Inuyasha growled.
"No fair," he said as she placed a Black winter hat on his head. He placed the visor backwards and smiled as she paid for the things. She gave him his stuff and pointed to the dressing rooms. Inuyasha grumbled and placed on everything then came back out. He had at least a weeks worth of clothing in his hand as well.
"You look great, especially that tight--,"
"Don't even say it," said Inuyasha as he walked out of the store and saw a board of some sort sitting in front of him with the word "Tessaiga" written upon it. He grabbed it and smiled.
"What is this for?" he asked as Yuki smiled.
"You're going snowboarding," she said as Inuyasha looked the board over and over.
"Great, now I have to find out what the hell that is," he muttered.
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