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The worst Ride

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This story is my take on how Lily and James get together. There is language in this story that make it R but thats in later chapters. This story will have heart break, blackmail, fights, drugs, dri...

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Love will come through the dark

The worst ride

Ok so this is the same chapter nothing changed just needed to add that I do not I repeat do not own Harry potter. Most should know this because if I was the owner than I be rich! And to which I'm not so enjoy the story.

"Last year," Lily said to herself as she stepped on to the plate form for the last time. "I can't believe it's been so short, I just remember getting my letter. And my parents being so that point Lily thought of her parents for the first time, since the accident. It was over the summer when she was at here friend Emily Prewitts house. The next day when she went home she found no home. Just some tape around the house, and that later she had been informed that there was a gas leek, and that her parents had died in a train accident. But Lily could still feel the pain of it in her, she still thought that maybe she would come home and they would be there but she was wrong. Soon she would be back at Hogwarts with her friends and try to move on, but she knew in her heart that it wouldn't be that easy, but she would still try. Soon as she was thinking in a deep thought she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned to see her friend Bonny Wells.

"Oh Lily, I'm so sorry about what happened". She spoke in a whisper to her

There she stood a small girl just shorter than Lily she was skinny with wavy brown hair and baby blue eyes that were soon filling up with tears as she spoke to her. She hated to see people cry, she knew in a matter of moments she would be crying if she didn't stop. Soon she found her friend Maggie Pierce walking slowly up to her crying too. She was tall and blond with Grey eyes; she was French and often was there in the summer. "Well what a great start to the year Lil's, I'm so sorry." she said with such despair in her voice. Maggie started to cry harder and soon Lily was crying and was starting to collapse on the floor from the sadness in her heart, but before she hit the ground she felt someone grab her. Her head went up to see who had grabbed her and it was James Potter. He helped her stand back up and with his arm around her waist helped her walked to a near by bench and sat her down, soon he was looking at her intently asking her,

"Lily what's the matter?" looking into her green orbs

"Nothing at all I'm just a little upset right now, thank you." not looking at him but down at her hands in her lap

"Lily, what's wrong?" he took his finger under her chin to lift it up so he could see into her eyes, what he saw was deep and utter sadness.

"Nothing I'm ok, I just need to sit here for a little, ok. But thank you for picking me up." looking at him for the first time with a deep thank you for not letting her fall

"Well alright than, if your ok." James left not truly convinced but what could he really do?
With that he made his way on the train to meet his friends. Lily got her self together and did the same.

Making her way down the corridor of the train she found the compartment her friends were in. The compartment door slide open and silence fell over the compartment as Lily made her way into the compartment.

"You guys don't need to stop talking because I'm here, ok" trying to hid a laugh

Lily's friend Maggie spoke up after this was said, "But Lily, I don't think you want to hear what we have to say" in sweet voice with a smile on her face

"Why? What were you all talking about?" the laughter now gone from her voice, now replaced with curiosity.

"Well it was kind of how James came up to you and took you to the bench. It looked like he really cared if you were ok." Bonny answered this time in a caring voice

Lily looked at her and said "I know, it was weird how he kept asking me what the matter was." sounding confused

Lily's friend Emily soon spoke up as well, "See I knew it he cares, he really cares Lily!" sounding excited at the possibility that Lily would come to her senses

"No he doesn't, he was just being weird, and well I'll see you guys later I need to go to the heads compartment." Hurrying to get away from the subject

With that she was out the door and down the hall to the heads compartment." I wonder who the head boy is, she thought. It better not be........POTTER!

"What are you doing in here, what have you done with the head boy?" Lily said accusingly
"What are you taking about? I am head boy, see!" Lily looked to see a gold badge on his robes, it said right there Head Boy James Potter. Lily was shocked, she couldn't believe it. After a couple seconds she finally spit out,

"How did this happen? What about Remus?

"I don't know. But believe me I'm as surprised as you are" he said laughing a little.

"Well I guess we better give out the prefect duties now, but before we go let me just say that if you mess up Potter I will not hesitate to get that badge to its rightful owner." Lily said going out of the compartment to the prefect's carriage

"Um .. Ok, anything you say Evans." Following Lily out the door

Prefect's compartment
"Ok listen up everyone!" Lily screamed to get attention over the talking prefect's "I'm Lily Evans Head girl, and this one over here (pointing over to James leaning on the desk behind her) is your head boy James Potter. Now we are here to give your duties and your passwords for the year." Lily told all the now listening prefect's

"Ok do you want to do the passwords Potter or should I?" Lily asked James looking back at him

"No I'll do it" Taking the list from her hands

"Ok listen up everyone,

Ravenclaw: Dexterous

Slytherin: Pureblood 'they really do think much of them selves, James thought to himself'

Hufflepuff: Destiny

Gryffindor: Fizzy Wiz Be

"Ok so that's all for the passwords so I'll let Evans tell you what you all should and shouldn't do" James said making room for Lily to stand next to him

"Alright, it's a new year and if you're new then these are the rules,

1. No over using your duties as a prefect, which means you are not aloud to take large amounts of points away. The limit is 20 sorry. If there needs to be more taken go to a professor and tell them what happened and they will decided the punishment and the amount of points.

2. You're only aloud out late after curfew if you are doing rounds. Just because you have a badge doesn't mean you can just stay out after curfew.

3. Finally please have a good year and have fun. Just because you're a prefect it doesn't mean your suppose to be uptight.

With that said the compartment started to get empty as the prefects filed out. Soon it was only James and Lily left.

"You know you could have said something Potter!" Lily said rounding on James who was now back to leaning on the desk

"Hey I did say something Evans I read the passwords. Don't jump down my throat if I don't know the rules remember I've never been a prefect. And what the hell is with that last little bit have fun, Evans you wouldn't know fun if it came up and bit you in your ass." James said now standing in front of her

"You know what Potter I don't know what Dumbledore was thinking making you Head Boy, you have no idea what your doing!" Lily screamed at him, and with that she left him standing in the compartment alone.

Lily's compartment

Lily walked into her compartment she shared with her friends and sat down in a huff.

Lily's friends notice that she was pretty angry. And they had a feeling it was Potter that had made her angry,

"What's up Lily?" her friend Bonny asked the only one having enough guts to start the conversation when Lily was like this

"Potters head boy!" she yelled in outrage

"WHAT?!" they all exclaimed

"I know!" Lily said still not able to believe it

"But Lily that can't be right he wasn't a prefect" her friend Emily said
"I know he wasn't a prefect, but he's head boy. And to tope it off he doesn't know what he's doing. He just stood there while I talked. Oh I'm sorry he did deliver the passwords but other than that he just stood there like a complete idiot." Lily exclaimed to her friends

Marauders Compartment

Meanwhile in the Marauders compartment James had just walk in to find Sirius and Remus playing Chess and Peter no where to be found. (Hink-Hink)

"Hey you guys won't believe this!" he said sitting down

Sirius looked up from his game to see James sitting across form him looking upset, "What's up Prongs?" just as Remus smashed his knight

"Lily thought I stole the Head Boy badge she was totally shocked, she didn't know what to say. Well actually she thought I stole it from you Moony." laughing towards the end, looking at Remus

"Well I thought she would think that, I was speech less when you told me." Remus said looking over at James

"How do you think I felt when I got it in the letter, Sirius fainted when I showed it to him." James said laughingly

"I did not!" Sirius said scowling (he has lived with the Potters since 5th year)

"Prongs, just remember to be nice to her!" Remus replied in a worried tone

"I know Moony. Hey Moony your girlfriend is friends with Lily right? (Emily Prewitt), (Remus nodded) so do you know what's wrong with her? Did something happen during break? Cause when I was walking to the train I picked her up and helped her to a bench. She looked a right mess." James replied generally concerned and curious

"Oh, I know why." Remus said depressingly

"Why?" James and Sirius inquired

"Lily's parents died over the summer." Remus said in a sad tone not meeting anyone's eyes

"Are you sure, if that's true that makes a lot of sense." James said thinking back to the moment with Lily

"Yeah, Emily told me over the summer. She has been a wreak ever since"

"That's got to be terrible, she's all alone now." Sirius said

"No she has a sister, but from what Emily said she isn't very nice to her. And she just got married."

"I feel so bad for Lily," James replied with a far off look

The rest of the train ride went in peace as the girls sat there talking about what they thought was going to happen this year, and as the boys sat playing wizard chess they too went into a comfortable atmosphere. Soon night fell and they could see the castle. As James and Lily looked out the windows they both thought "Home" as they looked at the castle that they were soon fast approaching.

My first fan Fiction, give me a lot of comments good or bad. But please mostly Good, LOL. Well I hope to make another chapter. So if you could please review. So I know what I can do to improve.

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