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Chapter 1

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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The auburn haired Motherly Angel made her way down the long corridor with a long purposeful stride. Annette Giry came to the end of the hallway to the large oak door; she knocked lightly a few times and tried to open the door. Annie sighed taking her keys from her pocket and unlocked the door entering into the pitch black make-shift private hell. "Mon Ami, where are you?" Her eyes weren't adjusted to the dark yet, she looked around hoping to catch an outline of his form.

The sharp sound of a lighter flipping open and a flint being struck brought her attention behind her into the dark corner. The faint flicker of a candle illuminated a small circle around the chair here his body slouched. "What do you want, Annette?" He picked up his glass of brandy and took a long swig.

"Do you even know what time....even what day it is?" She spat at him vehemently making her way over to him. She kicked his boots off the coffee table as she made her way past him and flicked the light switch on.

Erik raged out of his chair towards her looming over the woman's slender frame, "What do you think you're doing!" He growled at her the rage in his face concealed only by the partial mask covering the right side of his once angelic features.

Annette, without missing a beat, reached up with her right hand and slapped him across the left side of his face. The assault on his face echoed in the empty silent room. "Do not raise your voice to me child, I am neither your enemy nor your babysitter." As he looked away she continued, "You smell like a look like death. You've not even been out of this room in a week, and what of Elizabeth? You've not seen her in almost two weeks!"

"That is none of your concern," he sighed and slumped back into his chair. "She won't see me or contact me, why should I care." He raised his glass to take another sip; before he could tip it to drink from the amber liquid Annette's hand shot out and slapped away the glass. The shattering glass sprayed across the floor beside them. Erik rose again furious, "What do you want from me Annette, leave me be." The anger inside him continued to rise as he moved around the room to the bar.

Annette followed closely behind him and grabbed his arm to halt his advancement, "Mon ami, please you can not do this anymore. It will kill you...that accident harmed you it did not kill you, but you have to stop with this assault on your body." She continued to press on slowly turning his large form to face her. "You are still number one all over the country and on every chart, there are hundreds of doctors contacting your secretary's daily offering their services to you.."

Before she could continue Erik pulled his arm free bringing it up to remove his mask. "And what can they do for this!" He spat at her, "Do you not see the monster that stands before you! This retched beast left in place of the man of yesterday!" His heart broke at the look of sympathy on her face, he turned away from her as a single tear escaped his eyes. He sighed and put his mask back on, "Do not pity me, its not becoming of you."

"You can not pity a martyr, you are undeserving of pity. I feel sorry for you because you are a sorry individual," her eyes unforgiving to his face. "What kind of man are you to hide away like a hermit. You have duties that you have neglected and fans you've ignored." She grabbed his hand and started to pull his unwilling body towards his closet.

Erik followed behind; he would never admit how much her words had hurt him. Just like the weeks after the accident he followed her silently to the closet with his head hung low.

Erik stood at the door of his closet; Annette had been the only woman who could get through to him. They had met many years ago at a tryout for an Off Broadway musical, Erik had just moved to New York to start his music career, in a way the same as Annette. Annette had moved from Jersey to the Big Apple with dreams of joining the American Ballet Company. The two both knew that their best chance was to get cast into shows to get their names around the circuit. The two became good friends over the coming months, and that blessed evening when Erik got his lucky break and was discovered by Nick 'Z' Hans, one of the most influential music scouts in all of the country; she was the first one Erik shared it with. Erik raced to Annette to inform her of his great fortune and asked her to come along for the ride, to be his manager, and now seven years later she still stood by his side.

It was a long hard road at first but finally Erik had won over the hearts of America and had become a musical force matched by none. Erik's strong, heartfelt voice soothed and inspired everyone it touched as well as rocketed Erik's first album to number one for twelve straight weeks. His first headlining tour sold out weeks ahead of his first performance; Erik could not ask for more and he knew that he could have never got this far without Annette by his side.

A sad look crossed his face as Annette started talking to him; she offered choices of wardrobe for him, though in his lost expression the words seemed to be formed in a language he could not comprehend. Erik's mind wandered back to the days before his accident at his tour stop in Las Vegas, Nevada. He had proposed to Elizabeth in their suite at The Bellagio after his first performance. He thought back to Elizabeth; his girlfriend of almost 7 months, Erik shook his head thinking about their romantic situation. Erik's nostrils flared as he clenched his teeth, he thought back over their short romantic interlude together. They had been introduced at a party by fellow friends; he was instantly attracted to her physically though they were so different in every instance of the word. He had a difficult time opening up to her and thought the best way to prove he cared for her was to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.

Erik growled as pictures flashed before his eyes, suddenly he was brought back to the present. "Erik! Have you heard a word I've said to you?" Annette questioned looking at him intently both with concern for her long time friend and anger for the man he had become.

"Not particularly and I've no need for those I'm not leaving." Erik retorted as he retreated away from the harshness of the closet light. He passed by the light panel for the room and dimmed the entire room completely. "End of conversation Annette."
Annette watched him walk away and shook her head; she threw the clothes on the floor. "Fine! If that is what you want I will not waste any more breath on you Erik!" She stormed out of the closet and moved to his dresser, she picked up his phone and threw it at him. "You have this for a reason: Use it! I've emailed you your list of upcoming events you MUST attend, and included pictures and profiles of the young women coming tryout for your backup female vocalist for your tour. Do with it as you will. " Annette turned on her heel and stormed to the door, "Oh and you will be dressed and downstairs to make an appearance at your party, how can you promote a come back tour and the release of your next album if you ignore those who gave you all you have," she hissed at him slamming the door as she exited.

Erik sighed and shook his head, moved to the bar and made himself another drink. Erik took his full glass to his baby piano in the corner next to his balcony doors; he set it atop the piano and took a seat in front of his sedative. All of his frustration and pain came pouring out into the piano.

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