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Chapter 2

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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Christine starred at her reflection in the mirror, she tilted her head to the left then to the right slowly. She just observed her whole appearance, her dark spiral locks fell lightly framing her face. With only some smoky eye shadow, mascara and peach lip gloss to accent her emerald cocktail dress and heels. She grabbed her perfume off her vanity and dabbed it on her wrist and neck. Suddenly she was startled when a voice came from behind her.

"Are you done yet, we're going to be late and my Aunt is going to kill me," a sweet voice sounded through the room. Meg Giry made her way in front of the mirror beside her, "You look fine, I look fine please let's go." She stressed as she pulled her by the hand to the door.

"Are you sure? I mean we will be at his house...I can't believe we are going. So how did your aunt get us in...?Not to mention the audition tomorrow? Christine questioned as they quickly made haste down the stairs towards the waiting limo.

Meg just shrugged as they climbed in the limo, "My mom was talking to her and told her how I was doing and she asked how my search was coming for a dancing position." Meg slid over to let Christine get in as the driver closed the door and proceeded to the front. Meg turned back to Christine to finish her story, "That's when Aunt Annette suggested we come for this party;" she giggled and clapped her hands together. "According to my mom, Aunt Annette met Erik before he was famous, they were really good friends and when he got famous he brought her along." Meg shrugged," Either way... They have plenty of openings for dancers and... Guess what!?" She asked excitedly bouncing in her seat.

Christine felt as though she was ready to burst, she'd been fascinated with Erik Muhlheim since she first heard him sing. She'd collected all his albums, pictures from magazines and so on, anything she could get her hands on. Now being presented with the opportunity to perform on his come back tour 'this is too good to be true, I've died and gone to heaven.' "Ok so please don't make me wait anymore, what? What!?"

Meg winked at her, "Ok she told me that, since Erik's songs normally require some type of female accompaniment they have tryouts tomorrow for 'female lead vocals' and guess whose name is on the list?" Meg blushed and fluttered her eyelashes innocently, "Why I do believe a Miss Christine Daae!"

The two girls let out a ear piercing yell, Christine was shaking. "Meg please...oh lords please tell me you are not joking." Christine pressed her hands together in a praying form.

Meg rolled her eyes," It's been, what 14 years we've been friends? Have I ever lied about something like this?"

Christine leaned over and hugged her best friend, "Meg you are amazing! What about you though? Are you going to try out too?"

Meg smiled and shook her head," My forte is dance; my voice isn't strong enough to carry beyond the footlights. Besides I can dance rings around you." The two girls giggled, Meg was right they could both sing and dance but each better at one than the other.

Meg tapped on the privacy window and watched it slowly descend, "How much longer till the Muhlheim Estate?" Nathaniel the driver smiled at her," Only 20 minutes Ma'am, would you like a 5 minute warning if you should need to freshen up."

Meg smiled and patted his shoulder, "Thank you Nate." Nate smiled and nodded to her," my pleasure Miss Meg."


Erik had spent his entire day moving between his piano, the balcony and his bar. For the past hour he had done nothing but observe the fast nearing cars and limo's making their approach to his house. 'Arrogant, self satisfying bastards,' he thought to himself watching their ascent to his home, 'They know nothing of me, and now they want to come to take advantage of me and mock me in my own hell.' Erik had wanted nothing to do with a party or a come back tour, he would rather have descended into the darkness of his room to wither and die without the world and it's prying eyes. He knew the harshness of the world, as well as how quickly looks of love and adoration would turn to fear and pity or even worse hatred. Erik raged off the balcony into his room, just a few short months ago he has been amongst the elite of society. Erik Muhlheim could do no wrong in the eyes of the public, he had become accustomed to the jet setter lifestyle, he had relished in every second of it. Now it was he who hid in the shadows, and if not for Annette and Nicholas he would have remained there.

'Why do they hate me so?' He shook his head and looked at the phone Annette had thrown at him. He wasn't ready to come back to his life yet, he was still so angry with what God had allowed to happen to him. But his heart ached everyday, 'Was it true? Do they truly miss me as I do them?'' He thought as he looked at his missed messages and phone calls, a pang of guilt crept into his chest. His entire mailbox was full and his text messages dated back to the day of the accident, his brow furrowed as he started to read the messages from Elizabeth. Her messages had started the day after his accident.

Elizabeth: Erik! Please Love, I need to see you. Annette said you will see no one but her, surely you don't mean your fiancée. Please!

Erik scrolled down some and found more messages, three in a row on the same day.

Elizabeth: Erik, I miss you!

Elizabeth: Erik, I love you!

Elizabeth: I got in contact with Annette today, I'll see you tonight.

Erik clenched his jaw, he remembered that night like it was yesterday. That night roughly two weeks ago when Elizabeth had come to him to be there with him, for him; Annette has shown her into his room. He tried to stay hidden but she had talked him out of his shadows, and after much coaxing out of his mask, unfortunately even the dark of the night couldn't hide the look on her face and in her eyes. That was all it took for him, it broke his heart to see her looking at him in horror of the burns on his face. Erik sent her away that night telling her to leave him and move on, Elizabeth starred at him then started to cry as she ran from his room. Now two weeks later he stands in the same spot, a broken man with little in his mind to lose.

Erik hung his head and moved to the balcony door again, a light knock brought his focus to the entry way. A tall gentleman poked his head in the door, "Erik? Where are you?" Nick asked stepping inside and closing the door behind.

"Here," he replied abruptly stepping out onto the balcony. Nick followed him.
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