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The Ghost of... the Hotel Room

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flashbacks at the video shoot?

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Lily stepped out of the dressing room, carefully tip toeing out the door. Her hair was pulled up in a simple french twist, pinned at the back, bangs sweeping across her forehead and tucked neatly behind her ear. Her eyes were adorned with a razor thin line of black eyeliner, eyelashes thick and long, representing feminine beauty and innocence of the 1940s. Her lips were pouty, painted a bright red and she wore a plain gray dress that extended just below her knees, along with a pair of nylons and black high heels.
She remembered stories her grandmother had told her about the war, about her grandfather's time in the service. And as she stood there, taking her outfit in, staring down at her feet, at her nylons; pouting her lips absentmindedly, she felt GOOD. She felt beautiful, she was playing dress-up, and she was in a sense. She was hiding behind beautiful red lips and elongated lashes...nylons and this false identity from the 1940's. Who was she? A nurse? A riveter? She thought of the possibilities as she stood in the hallway, spinning on her heels.
She almost lost her balance for a moment and laughed at her absurdity, smiling as she leaned back onto the old wall behind her, pondering the history of the building...the people that had come and gone they had died...
She heard a megaphone off in the distance...the bustling of extras and crewmen, the director's voice echoing through the concession hall.
Lily wandered down the hall, steps echoing off the ceiling. She took one step into the main room, and instinctively took another back. She had the feeling she probably SHOULDN'T have interrupted a seemingly serious speech by a handful of seemingly important looking men. The sound of her heels echoed off the walls, and the old man speaking turned around in a pause, taking a glance at her. The whole room instantly followed suit.
"Extras over here!" the director yelled into the megaphone, pointing to the crowd of men in uniform and women in nylons. Just as Lily opened her mouth she was pushed from behind in the most rude way. She opened her mouth in awe; What the HELL was going on? Why were people so RUDE?! Her face almost suddenly turned a shade of red. She turned to see Gerard at her side, the rest of the band filing into the room after him. They were all dressed in dark green uniforms, hair combed and waxed into pompadours, clean cut, shiny and neatly put together. Bob's jawline almost made Lily dizzy, and Rays's absence of hair caused Lily to double-take. Frank seemed as though he was born in the uniform and Mikey was wearing these hilarious aviator-like glasses. In fact, Lily remembered her grandpa having some just like it...thick lenses and an odd frame. He had left them in the glove box of his old truck, along with a Tony Bennet tape cassette. And Gerard...Lily looked at the man at her side, already taken aback from the appearances of the other band members. There was a lot you could say about his appearance; so many adjectives to describe the curve of his cheek, his sweet, almost innocent hazel eyes...the way he grinned with confidence, the excitement he almost exuded as he beamed down at Lily. His side burns...and his HAIR...
Oh god, there were so many feelings, words, EMOTIONS left undescribable to depict the way Lily felt about his hair...and it could be summed up in one word: Amazing.
Lily looked at them there, standing before clean WELL put together. Five classy, stand up guys...dressed up as five classy stand up guys from another time, fighting for their country and the rights of was almost too much. Lily put a hand to her crimson cheek, mouth open in a shocked smile, "....Wow.." was all she could manage in a whisper, aware of the silence surrounding her in the Veteran's Hall. Almost simultaneous with her thoughts, the important looking old men continued to speak into their microphones, droning on about the war, the way it was, and the history of the building.
"You guys look great!"Lily gushed, hands nervously smoothing her dress, squirming under Gerard's gaze.
Suddenly a voice boomed through the hall, echoing...projected through a microphone,
"And here's our band...My Chemical Ro-Mance...come on over here guys!"
Lily turned to see a large, scruffy man in a white t-shirt clutching a microphone, beckoning the guys to his side.
Gerard flashed Lily a grin, and intertwined his arm with hers, Bob doing the same on her other side. Suddenly she was being escorted across the room, arms locked with Bob and Gerard. She couldn't help but feel giddy in a previously awkward situation. She held her head up high,
"That's right assholes, I'm WITH the band..extra my ass..." she thought with a smile, replaying the eyerolls and impatient looks given to her minutes earlier. She showed them.
They came to a stop in front of the table with all the old men. The scruffy, round director who had called her an extra was standing beside the table, microphone in hand,
"There they are, lets give them a nice hand!" he said into the mic, following suit and applauding them.
Lily was surprised she hadn't noticed Brian standing next to him, dressed in a uniform as well. Lily caught his eyes and gave him a smile and a small wave, which he returned kindly.
The director extended the microphone to Gerard, who gently took the device in his hand and began to speak into it a bit awkwardly. Lily was still intertwined with between he and Bob.
"Hey everybody, I want to thank you all for coming out today to help us make our's about an important time in our country's history, and we want to thank you, again, for helping us make this real. It really means a lot to us," he began in his New Jersey swagger. He glanced at Lily, dimples forming at the corners of his mouth, "And I want everybody to know, right here with us," Gerard began, pulling Lily tight to him, "Is our good friend Lily from Saint Lily, "
cheers erupted amongst the small group of extras, "she's going to be helping us here today. She came all the way from Shicahgo, so if you see her around, give her a big hug because we really appreciate her coming up."
Bob followed Gerard's speech by giving Lily a firm, unexpected hug, to which chuckles and bursts of laughter followed,
"There you go, Bob, you've got the right idea," Gerard said into the microphone with a smile as the applause died down,
"So everybody, the crew, the extras, the directors, the veterans that are letting us use this hall, Thank You so much. We love you guys." Gerard finished and handed the microphone back to the director, who began to speak about the schedule,
"Alright, so first things first Ladies and Gentlemen..."
As the Director spoke about the day's agenda , Gerard leaned into Lily discreetly,
"You're our SPECIAL extra" he whispered into her ear, lips brushing against her skin, arm pulling her close to his body for emphasis. Lily smiled, shyly and almost compulsively tucked her bangs behind her ear with a nervous laugh. Gerard softly kissed her ear, causing Lily's body to tremble, her knees to shake gently. She felt a warmth spreading through her, from her ear down her body, moving up her legs and through her chest...a feeling she hadn't felt since that night in the hotel room, locked in his arms..his hot mouth against her quivering skin, body beating alive underneath his, the sweat from his determination, taking their breaths as one as they lay tangled on the bed, bodies screaming for more than just kisses as he pressed himself tighter against her burning skin, moaning softly as he dug into her thigh and....
She looked up to Bob, underneath her long lashes, and gave him a small smile, still glowing red from the unwanted attention of the crowd, and Gerard's momentary kiss. She squeezed Gerard's arm in hers, blood surging from the recollection of that night in her hotel room. She was burning from the inside...and it felt so good.
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