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The Ghost of You

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* at the video shoot.

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Lily looked up at Gerard from her seat on the main floor. She was seated with the rest of the girls, getting ready for the dance scene. Mark stood in the middle of the dance floor, megaphone to mouth,
"Ok ladies and gentlemen, lets just keep it nice and natural. After Gerard takes the microphone, wait for the que and walk in. Ladies, WAIT for the guys, ok? Remember..NATURAL" Mark stressed, voice echoing through the building.
Lily scratched her leg absentmindedly as she gazed up at the stage.
"Oh, watch it.."
Lily tore her eyes from the stage and turned to the girl next to her
" don't want to tear your nylons." she assured Lily nervously, gesturing to her own legs covered in the shear, stretchy garment.
Lily smiled, putting her hand to her neck,
"Oh, thanks...not much of an issue with these nails" she said, spreading her fingers to reveal 10 short, red glazed fingernails.
The girl, who looked about 19, smiled and laughed awkwardly,
"I'm Marina," she said with an eager smile and a nod of the head, "I'm so happy to be have no idea! And now I get to sit next to you..this is the best day ever!" she gushed, trying hard to control the excitement in her voice, cheeks turning red.
Lily smiled, "Oh, thank you Marina, I'm happy to be here too.."
"I have both of your cds...the self titled and Broken Bottles Broken Dreams of course...I saw you guys on Taste of Chaos last year..and you were SO awesome! My friend actually told me about you guys and I listened to her copy of Broken and I was HOOKED!" she laughed nervously, visibly excited.
Lily grinned. Marina took that as a sign to speak more,
"And after I was dumped by the biggest jackass on the PLANET I listened to 'Bleed' NONSTOP, I know all the words to that's so awesome!"
Lily turned her head to see the rest of the extras leaning forward in their seats eagerly.
Lily was then told, in nervous tones and whispers, about ex-boyfriends, boyfriends,concerts and the new cd . She was asked what her favorite color was, which fast food restaurant was her favorite, what it was like on tour with MCR, where Will was and..
"Are you dating Gerard?"
Lily stopped talking, taken a back by the blunt words.
Was she?
She looked up at the stage, 30 girls following suit.
They all turned to see Gerard, microphone in hand, staring at Lily vacantly. He quickly turned away, causing 30 girls to giggle, and one to blush.
"...No" Lily grumbled, rubbing her arm, "We are NOT dating..."
She said with a sigh and a shrug,
"Just friends" she added with a smile.
"OK EVERYBODY!" Mark called through his megaphone, "and...action band!"
The room became silent as the band began to play. Lily leaned forward with a grin, watching Gerard nod his head to the music. Her heart seemed to skip a beat as he grabbed the microphone and crooned into it. He drew a remarkable resemblance to Elvis...
And Lily stood there, almost hypnotized, watching Gerard charismatically sing, eyes locked on the camera. Oh how she wished he would look at her like that...
Suddenly, the men on the other side of the dance floor started to stand up, making their way towards the women...determined looks on their faces.
"Right..."Lily thought, "This is where I act feminine and bashful..."
A handsome, dark haired man with a strong jaw extended his hand to her. Lily, playing the part of the submissive woman, smiled shyly and held out her hand daintily..trying hard to ignore the camera next to her. As they danced atop the shiny, waxed floor, a camera man closed in on them, " love!" he hissed, large black contraption perched upon his shoulder.
Without even acknowledging the camera man Lily laid her head atop her dance partner's shoulder. She breathed in his scent...the scent of shaving cream and after shave. She stared at his neck...cleanly cut hair line...
"Gerard, at the camera, please!" Mark boomed into the megaphone.
Lily glanced up to the stage, pressed, almost uncomfortably, against her partner.
After a couple takes, and various partners, Lily took a seat and sighed as Mark announced a break.
After a few seconds reviewing her dance scenes, she thought of one video shoot in particular when she danced with Gerard...the intense look in his hazel eyes...the trembling of his lower lips as their eyes locked....
Lily's thoughts were interrupted as Gerard pierced through the group of extras around her, bursting through with a nervous smile,
"Hey everybody." Gerard said with a wave.
Lily could feel the tension exuding off of every woman around her.
Random bursts of, "Hey Gerard" followed, along with autographs, hugs, and picture taking.
"Hey, can I get a picture with both of you guys?" a girl asked, holding her disposable camera nervously in her hand.
Lily looked to Gerard, "Yeah, it's ok with me." she said with a smile. Gerard nodded,
"Yeah, that's fine."
The girl stood between them, and bravely wrapped her arms around both of their waists. Lily was accustomed to such bravery, and didn't so much as flinch. After all, she did have a very large male fan base. She recalled, almost vividly, the time a male fan had attempted to kiss her..only to be pulled away by a neighboring security guard and cursed at by a nearby Bert.
Lily , Gerard, and the rest of MCR took many more pictures, and signed many more autographs. They broke free from the crowd, Gerard assuring them they would be back later.
As they stepped back stage, Frank dove for the couch,
"I am so..fucking tired." he moaned rubbing his forehead.
"Me too..." Mikey agreed, "I can't even see anything," he added, taking off his costume glasses.
Ray laughed as Bob held up his middle finger in front of Mikey's eyes.
"I hate you." Mikey stated, putting his prescription lenses back on.
"I gotta tell ya," Gerard began, sipping a cup of water, "These bobby-pins are killing me"
The guys agreed in a chorus of groans.
Lily laughed, taking a seat next to Frank, who promptly rested his head on her shoulder,
"Oh Lily...Lily Lily Lily...danced with just about EVERY guy..." he said in a tired sigh, finishing with a mischievous grin.
Lily smiled and patted Frank's head,
"Well, I missed out on all those highschool dances..I'm making up for it.." She said , stretching out her legs in front of her.
Frank laughed, smiling boyishly, eyes beaming, "And we kept on having to start over..because Gerard couldn't keep his eyes on the camera.."
Frank finished with a laugh.
The rest of the band laughed in unison knowingly, save for Gerard who scrunched up his nose, sipping his water with a roll of the eyes.
Lily couldn't resist joining in on the ribbing,
"What was it? Too many pretty girls, huh Geeberz?" she said with a wink, "They had A LOT to say about you, BELIEVE me." Lily said with a smile.
Gerard laughed, suddenly very interested in the paper cup in his hand.
"There ARE a lot of pretty girls out there..." Bob agreed, peering out the door, "Classy..the kind of remind me of my grandma.." he said, trailing off.
Frank's eyes widened,
"Bob, you think your grandma-that's just creepy, Bob. "
Bob spun around, "That's not what I meant, Frank!"
Everyone chuckled in a tired way.
Frank sighed, staring blankly at Lily's nails,
"'s ok to think you're grandmas hot...but there are some classy girls out there..but there was ONE girl in particular Gerard could NOT stop staring at..." Frank began, only to be sat on by Mikey. Frank giggled and fell silent. Lily decided he was delirious from lack of sleep. She smiled and shook her head, smoothing out her dress.
Mark poked his head in through the door,
"Hey guys..." he said breathless,
"Hey, Lily..there's the old house band here from the 50's...they're wondering if you'd play a song with them...?"
Lily raised an eyebrow, "Sing a song?" she echoed, all eyes on her.
"Yeah..." Mark nodded, "Some classic shit or know, the old bands with the front woman.."
Lily pictured her grandfather out there...she saw him in so many old men,
"Y-yeah..sure..." she blurted.
"Great!" Mark sighed, disappearing behind the door.
"Wait!" Lily called. What the HELL was she thinking?
Mark popped his head back inside.
Lily leaned forward,
"I..I don't really know any classic songs..only a couple..I'm.."
Mark shrugged, "It should be ok..."
Lily swallowed, "Oh..ok.."
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