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I Won't Hold Back Anymore

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*no..he wont!

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Mark shut the door softly, disappearing within moments of his request. Lily sat on the couch, staring at her shoes silently. A grin spread across her face as she ran her hand across her temple, the reality of the situation overcoming her.
She opened her mouth slowly,
"Uh...guys...I don't know...very many..if ANY..old songs..." she mumbled, shuffling her feet back and forth, "Why didn't they ask YOU?" she asked Gerard, wrapping her arms around herself and crossing her legs nervously.
"Uh..." Gerard began, "I don't know. Maybe because... I'm a guy...and you're.."
"You look like my grandma." Bob interjected thoughtfully.
"Yeah," Frank piped, "THAT'S why. Because you look like Bob's grandma. That's it..that's definitely it." he said with a grin, shaking his head.
Lily sighed and tilted her head back....she should be used to such things..after all, she was a singer. She crossed her arms and sighed,
"Oh well.." she shrugged, "I'm going out there." she declared, taking in a deep breath and standing up.
Gerard set his cup down on a nearby table,
"Want me to walk you out there?" he asked, avoiding the smirks and snorts of his fellow band members.
"Uh, sure." Lily said with a smile, shrugging softly.
Gerard's face crinkled with a sweet smile, dimples making her heart flutter.
"Good luck!" Frank called, the band grunting in agreement.
"We'll come out and watch you," Mikey said with a small, almost gummy, smile, "Make you nervous."
Lily chuckled as Gerard held open the door for her,
"Thanks for your support, guys." she said sarcastically, taking time to flash them a toothy, white grin.
Lily stood in the dim hallway as Gerard shut the door behind him softly. She could hear the extras in the dance hall doing expansion shots; dancing in sections to be imposed on a computer later on.
"You'll do fine." Gerard assured her, standing in front of her, hands in pockets.
Lily wrapped her arms around herself, staring at the floor,
"I don't know," she said softly, staring at the lines and grooves in the wood floor,
"I only know a few songs...they can't expect much."
Gerard nodded, "You'll do fine,'s ok." Gerard said, putting a hand to her shoulder.
Lily gasped softly, looking at the hand on her shoulder.
"Thanks..I...I hope so. I's pretty random of them, huh?" she said nervously.
"Yeah, it is. They just want to have some fun..." Gerard trailed off,
"You look really good, Lily. I wanted to tell you earlier, but I was kind of busy." Gerard blurted.
Lily blushed, smiling and staring at her feet.
"Thank look very handsome." Lily added, looking up from the floor and to his face.
"I uh..couldn't keep my eyes off of you on the dance floor." she added, wringing her hands together.
"I had the same problem." Gerard said with a nervous chuckle. Lily almost melted at his sweet, round face and boyish grin..his deep and bright with emotion.
When the laughter faded, they stood there awkwardly. Gerard cleared his throat,
"I uh..think its time I told you how I feel."
"Yeah?" Lily said with a smile, almost giddy with hope and anxiety.
Gerard put his hands in his pockets quickly. He laughed a small laugh and looked up at her,
"I uh...I like you." He began, "A lot. And I think about you...all the time. You're almost all I talk about..the first person I think of when I wake up and the last I think of when I go to bed. And..." Gerard looked into her eyes,
"When I think about you, I smile. And when I see you on tv I get so excited..and Frank makes fun of me but I DON'T CARE."
Gerard grabbed Lily's hands,
"I don't care what other people think because I "
Suddenly the hall was illuminated in a bright white light. Mark was at the end of the hallway, holding open a door. The light came rushing in like white water,
"Hey it-" Mark stopped abruptly, "Oh I...sorry guys. Whenever you're ready Lily." Mark said with a nod and an apologetic wave.
Lily nodded and Mark disappeared, taking the light with him.
Lily sighed, "Is it just me or does that always happen?" she asked with a smile.
Gerard let out a chuckle, " Let them walk in. I don't *care anymore." he said, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her to him in a kiss.
Lily melted in his arms as he pulled her closer, feeling the fabric of his uniform against her soft, pale skin. He kissed her like he was starving, like her cherry red lips were water to his parched mouth, oxygen to his screaming lungs. They stood there in the hallway, passionately locked in each other's embrace, mouths meeting clumsily again and again. He needed her, he wanted her, and dammit, he would have her, in this hallway...during his video shoot.
Their kisses became slower, the lust fading away to something more tangible as he ran his fingers across her jaw and down her neck,
"Your skin feels so smooth." he whispered.
Lily grinned as he kissed her nose. She giggled as he kissed each cheek, and then her forehead. He then kissed her lips, one last time, pausing to smile,
"Sorry..I needed to let that out. I've been holding myself back all day."
Lily laughed, "Try a year."

*I had to edit that was driving me insane! ^_^
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