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What's Going On?

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"Hey everybody, I'm Lily McKay from Saint Lily" she began, clutching the microphone in her hand, "Now, I came out here to support my friends, Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Bob and Ray, but I'll sing you guys a little song or two to get you in the CHARACTER." Lily said with a laugh, cherry red lips spreading in a wide grin.
"Now, "Lily continued, gesturing to the old men behind her, "These gentlemen behind me have been playing in this building for how long?" Lily asked, turning to the elderly man holding a guitar, wearing an old, worn and pressed uniform adorned with small colorful badges.
She held out the microphone for him to speak, "Since 1945" he stated beaming, applause following. He continued,
"We're all coming up on our 80th...but we're still going strong!" he said proudly, grinning to reveal a row of shiny, yellowing teeth.
The extras cheered and applauded. Mikey and the rest of the band stood at the foot of the stage smiling, arms crossed, anticipating Lily's next move.
She felt as though she had stepped back in time. Everyone around her was dressed so old uniforms and pinned and was so surreal. She felt inspired..she almost felt like she was the 40's. Her hair..her red lips, her dress, shoes, nylons and bobby pins. She felt, in that glamor and soft lighting, like she was in a dream. It was the best time she had ever had playing dress up.
She turned to the band and asked quietly,
"Which one first?"
She turned to the crowd and smiled, "I only know a couple." she said with a nervous laugh, causing the audience to laugh along with her.
The old man with the guitar furrowed his wrinkled brow, "Let's start with your favorite." he said with a grin.
Lily nodded and turned to the crowd,
"We're going to go with my favorite....this song was originally recorded in the 30' it's an old one." Lily began, tucking her hair behind her ear. She caught Gerard's gaze in the audience and smiled bashfully,
"I, uh, used to listen to this song a lot when I was a little kid," Lily looked down at her feet, "..used to run around the house shrieking this my family is pretty much sick of it.." Lily looked up to see Gerard smiling radiantly, causing her to lose her train of thought momentarily. She took a breath and continued,
"Lots of good memories with this, here we go." she finished with an anxious smile. Nervous energy buzzed through her body like sparks igniting a fire. Seeing Gerard in the crowd made her legs shake slightly. As the guitar started to play quietly, Lily decided she would take on the persona of a classy lounge singer, singing softly and sensually, embodying the delicate, gentle femininity everyone longed for in a time of hard hearts.
Lily smiled and took in a breath,
"Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper
I love you
Birds singin' in the sycamore tree
Dream a little dream of me."
She looked around the audience as she took a second to breathe, catching Frank's impish grin. She couldn't help but burst into a smile as she sang,
"Say "nighty night" and kiss me
just hold me tight and tell me
you'll miss me.
While I'm alone and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me...."
She paused as the guitars picked up, and filled her lungs with air, singing stronger,
"Stars fading
but I linger on
still craving your kiss
I'm longing to linger til dawn
Just saying this"
As Lily sang softly, voice sultry and smooth, she caught Gerard's deep, hazel eyes. She stayed locked in his gaze for a lingering moment, heart beating fast, pounding against her ribs like a bird in a cage. She felt a tingle in her toes, a rush of blood to her cheeks, but she kept on singing.
Hours later she couldn't blink away his smile...that moment in the hallway..
She couldn't seem to erase the memories from that day...stop them from flashing before her eyes in a blissful blur....
"Ohhhh Frank, it's ON now!" Lily chided, pointing at him with a wavering finger while wiping the sweat off her brow,
"I'm getting my sweatpants." she announced, turning to flash Gerard a cheeky grin.
Gerard sat on the couch, a smirk spreading across his face. The flashing lights from the tv danced across his pale, round face as Frank collapsed on the couch next to him,
"Go ahead, Lily...if it makes you feel better about losing...again" he panted, tiny chest expanding with each ragged breath.
Lily guffawed at his statement, a tiny giggle escaping her throat as she stumbled, attempting to force her foot into her shoe while standing on one leg.
"Losing?" she said, one hand on the hotel door, balancing carefully as she jammed her remaining socked foot into her sneaker,
" I can't take anything you say seriously when you're in beginner mode, Frank" she added as she slung her purse over her shoulder.
Her cheeks were still red from stomping frantically in tune to colored arrows.
Frank sighed,
"Lily, Lily, Lily...I suppose I can move up to Light," he said, opening his eyes to stare at the bright tv screen,
"But I still expect to keep my title as Dance Dance Revolution master..or sensei...sensei?"
He asked, turning to Gerard.
Gerard nodded,
"Yeah, Sensei."
Frank turned to Lily, "That's what I meant." he said, index finger lazily pointing in her direction.
Lily laughed, hand on door handle,
"I'll be back in a second." she smiled, "Better start practicing." she added with a wink, shutting the door behind her.
Frank sighed, turning his eyes from the ceiling and to Gerard, who sat, quite quietly, next to him.
Frank extended his arm swiftly, ruffling Gerard's hair to the best of his ability, complaining moments later about the hair gel left over from the video shoot that was now coating his tattooed fingers,
"Ah fuck," Frank grumbled, reaching over the arm of the couch for the tissue box.
Gerard laughed, smoothing down his hair,
"Thanks Frank, or should I say, Beginner level." Gerard added with a laugh,
"You and Lily are so fucking funny together" Gerard admitted, putting a hand to his forehead and closing his eyes,
"You guys looked so funny, stomping like that... you were so into it.." he said, trailing off with a grin.
Ray laughed, putting a slice of pizza onto a paper plate,
"You were pretty into it too, Gee...couldn't seem to keep your eyes off of-"
"Lily's ASS!" Bob yelled, mouth full of pepperoni pizza.
Ray put down his slice of pizza briefly to give Bob a high-five.
Frank laughed, "Are you serious?" he asked, Ray and Bob nodding as they consumed the cheesy delight.
"No wonder you sat behind us." Frank ribbed, dimples of realization forming as he grinned widely.
Gerard sighed and shrugged his shoulders.
"What's going on with you two, anyway?"
Mikey asked, looking up from his sidekick.
"Ahh..." Gerard sighed, "I...uh..I don't know."
Frank rolled his eyes, "Fuck you, YOU don't know!" he exclaimed, glancing at the clock on the microwave.
"Hey," Mikey interjected quietly, "Maybe he doesn't."
Gerard nodded, pointing at his younger brother and nodding.
Frank leaned his head back, looking at Mikey upside-down,
"Yeah, that's why he invited her all the way here...because he 'DOESN'T KNOW'." Frank said, forming quotes with his fingers.
Ray laughed, mouth full of pizza,
"What Frank is TRYING to say guys seem to like each other. Everybody sees it."
Mikey nodded as he pushed more buttons.
Ray continued, "And uh...are you"
Ray asked, narrowing his eyes as he chewed on the remaining pizza crust.
Gerard laughed nervously, covering his eyes and groaning,
"Come on guys, I don't know..." he grumbled, smiling a small, white-toothed smile....
The same smile that drove Lily crazy on those late nights after a concert...
throat sore from screaming for the crowd,
the hot sticky summer air drying the sweat on her tired body...
Racing through the parking lots, weaving in and out through the tour buses in a drunken haze, only to run into his arms, unexpectedly, and stand there, not struggling at all
laughing softly into his shirt, using the excuse of intoxication.
And Bert would come and find them and laugh, comment on how drunk she was and tell her she shouldn't run like that after taking so many shots....
And sometimes he'd walk her to her tour bus...just the two of them
and the way she looked with the light on her face..the curve of her cheek and her small laugh...
The way she whispered in his ear when she told him a drunken secret...
The way her hair her skin felt underneath his fingers, pulsing alive underneath his hands
And his smile...that sweet, sweet smile that reminded her of cotton candy and summer fairs...soft lighting and old movies.....
He could almost feel her underneath his mouth...that night in her hotel room...that day in the hallway...her smile underneath the streetlights last summer....
The first time he saw her when she walked into that Dennys...the way she looked so nervous, her big blue eyes and an awkward smile....
Bob coughed loudly and began to sip his glass of 7-up.
Gerard took his hand off of his forehead,
"I...told her I like her..and uh..that's it..."
Frank furrowed his brow,
"That's IT?" he repeated impatiently.
Mikey shrugged, "Well, at least it's a start..its been agonizing watching you two for the past year." he mumbled, texting quietly.
A knock on the hotel door made them jump.
Ray threw his paper plate in the waste basket and opened the hotel door.
Lily entered wearing black sweatpants, grinning widely.
Simultaneously everyone in the room looked at Gerard, holding back smiles.
Frank beamed,
"Hey sweats. She looks good in those, doesn't she Gee?"
he asked mischievously.
Lily breathed in nervously, tucking her hair behind her ear out of habit.
"Yeah, she does." Gerard admitted with a small smile, looking at his feet.
Frank stood up, "Hey Lily, I'm too beat for today..I'm going to go back to my room and later, ok?" Frank said, patting her on the shoulder.
Lily smiled,
"Ok Frank...sleep well."she said, wrapping her arms around herself.
Frank nodded and smiled,
"Here, sit down." he said, guiding her to the newly empty seat next to Gerard.
He pushed her shoulders down, forcing her to sit comfortably next to him.
Lily laughed,
"Oh...kay...." she sighed,
"Hey Gerard." she said with a wave and a laugh.
"Hey Lily...nice sweats..I have a pair just like them.." he said with a grin.
With loud sighs, the rest of the band stretched and went their separate ways, including Mikey, who stepped into his adjoining room.
Lily and Gerard sat on the couch silent until the door closed for the last time.
Lily threw her head back and sighed,
"Can they be any more obvious?" she asked, cheeks turning red under his gaze.
Gerard shrugged, and smiled ,
"I don't think so..."
Gerard sat there for a moment, remembering what Mikey had asked...what Ray had said...the way Bob choked on his pizza..
He watched Lily sit there, staring at his hair.
She extended her hand,
"It's all messed up...I really like it this short.." she admitted, running her fingers over the crumpled style.
Gerard looked at her eyes..her eyes and her pink,pouty lips...
"Lily, do you want to date?" Gerard blurted.
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