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The Fever--Original

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In this story, Kristin comes down with a high fever three days before her big tournament but she doesn't know that she's sick and thinks that the problem is is that she's doing too much and not get...

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Disclaimer: I absolutly DO NOT own the MIGHTY DUCKS nor do I make a profit off of them in any way shape or form. Now on to the story.
Note: In this story, Kristin comes down with a high fever three days before her big tournament but she doesn't know that she's sick and thinks
that the problem is is that she's doing too much and not getting enough sleep.


It was three days before the big Junior League Championship Touranament and Kristin had been feeling sluggish,tired,weak and slightly off kilter in her game and brushed it off promising herself that she'd go to bed earlier than usual that night and continued to use the last of her energy to finish off the last half hour of practice before Wildwing called it quits for the night.

Wildwing glances at the clock then calls out: Alright guys, times up! Practice for you guys is finally over, time to cool down then hit the showers and head back to the house for the night. (Watches as the Timberwolves took off their helmets and skated off the ice into the locker room where they stretched and changed boys on one side of the locker bank and girls on the other until they came out a few minutes later dressed in their street clothes and had deserted the locker room when he noticed Kristin hadn't come out yet and went in to see if she was alright) Kris? Kristin you alright? (Goes around to where the girls changed and found her sprawled out sleeping on the bench in her lounging clothes then gently shakes her saying) C'mon, let's go up to bed now, you've had a harrowing week of tests and the stress is finally winding down leaving you tired. Just leave your stuff the way it is, someone will clean it up later and put it in your locker for the next practice. Since you've been under so much pressure these past three weeks, I'll carry you up to your bunk so you won't get hurt in your exhaustion.

Kristin sits up and yawns then gets up off the bench slipping her feet into her slip on shoes and climbs up onto Wildwing's back to make her life easier since she was too tired to walk a straight line without tripping over something.

Wildwing lets Kristin climb up onto his back and carries her into the elevator that they took up to the living area and carried her to her room depositing her on the bed ontop of the folded down covers then pulled them up around her waist, turned off her light and left her room letting her catch up on the three weeks worth of lost sleep.

Duke comes down the hall and says: How's she doin after three weeks of not sleepin very much?

Wildwing: Exhausted beyond belief. She fell asleep on the locker room bench after changing out of her uniform, tests really take all of your energy just to get through them especially ones that start at six on the dot. By the time the next exam begins, your brain's gone to sleep and you have to jar it awake. I just let her leave her stuff laying on the bench, Tanya usually picks it up and puts it in her locker for her and brings up what ever is laying around that is of value so that it doesn't get lost or misplaced. If Tanya doesn't pick it up, then Mallory does it and brings up the irreplaceable items so that they won't get lost or stolen. Not that anyone would take Kristin's stuff out from her locker and keep it, it's policy to leave her stuff where it is so either Tanya,Grin, Mallory,Dive, Canard, Dakota or Joey can pick it up and put it away for her.

Duke: Better hope and pray that she doesn't come down with a stress virus, they're hard ta shake especially when you're just startin to relax and unwind from a marathon of non stop studyin and games.

Wildwing: I wouldn't be surprised if she did come down with a virus, it's tough going through school and working at the same time all the while trying to study and do homework during your breaks. If she does come down with a stress virus, then we'll work something out so she can rest. Kris deserves as much bed rest as she can possibly get, she sacrificed hours upon hours of sleep just to study and be ready for her finals so that she wouldn't fail any subjects. Now let's move away from outside her door and let Kristin get some sleep, she deserves it the most.

Both Wildwing and Duke leave the hall outside Kristin's room to let her continue sleeping. Meanwhile Tanya had come back from browsing at Lectric Land and went into the locker room,around to where the girls changed to find Kristin had been too tired to put her stuff in her locker and began picking up and folding her jersey and shorts putting them on the top shelf in plain veiw then put her skates on the bottom remembering to put the guards back on then tied the laces together and draped them over the hook on the side of the locker then put her stick on the bottom, her helmet, socks and gloves on the bottom shelf then pulled out her jewlery box and put the jewllery into the safe box then gathered up Kristin's jacket,street clothes and back pack then shut and snapped shut the combination lock on her locker and left the locker room using the elevator going up to the living area.

Phil exits the elevator and says: Kristin's grades have arrived! I hope she doesn't mind that I opened it, I couldn't stand the suspense and she's still asleep!

Mallory: Well what are they??

Phil: Four A's,two B's,one B minus oh and one C. All passing grades, no failures for this kid. All eight courses successfully completed so now she gets to take Senior Year off in the fall! An entire school year off for her hard work!

Mallory: Why is it that she makes getting high grades look so easy? I had trouble maintaing my GPA when I was in school! You'd better fax those grades to her parents for their files, you know her dad worries about her grades slipping to dangerously low levels.

Phil: I'll go do that now, better now then later or else I'll forget to fax these to her parents. (Turns and heads towards the elevator with the others who got in behind him and went up to ice level and got ready for practice while he went and faxed Kristin's final report card to her parents in Chicago.)

Tanya: I'd better go give her something to eat then we'll decide what's best, but in my opinion, it would be best if we took her back to her family and let them take care of her,we've got ten road games plus with Draganus and lord knows how many other goons out there,we can't leave her here alone especially at 15! Kristin's better off being home with her family who can take better care of her then we can. (Heads off to the kitchen and turns on the stove to make soup)

A few minutes later the soup was finished and in Kristin's Panda bowl along with tall cold glasses of milk,water and gingerale for her throat,once everything was assembled on a tray, Tanya carefully and slowly walked down the hall to Kristin's room and simply opened up a secret pannel and pushed the red button to over ride Kristin's security code and walked in to her room to deliver her lunch.

Tanya sets the tray down on it's legs then touches Kristin's touch lamp to dim saying: Kristin, here,come on and try to sit up. (Waits while Kristin woke and sat up then says) You need something in your stomach before we take you home. Then slip your feet into your shoes and put on your sweater coat,by the time you're ready your family will be waiting in Chicago for you to arrive.

As Kristin started to eat her lunch, Tanya slipped out of her room, went down to the sick bay to get the new gentech thermometer then slipped back into Kristin's room to find that she'd finished her lunch and had gone back to sleep and quietly slipped back over to Kristin's side,turned the thermometer on and slid it into her ear and waited then removed it to check the reading.

Tanya: Hmm one oh three. Definitly a fever,definitly something setting on. Oh well, at least she's sleeping it off as best as she can. Guess she preferes to suffer through a cold then to take foul tasting medication for it every hour on the hour. Start and pack your Martian school things and your FF Uniform and boots and helmet,we'll take you home but how will we get your bike in to the garage?

Kristin faintly: Sharpshooter will listen to my dad or just leave it here and have Coach pick it up and keep it for me.

Tanya Picks up the tray and leaves Kristin's room remembering to reset the security alarm then went back to the kitchen area where she encountered Wildwing and said: Kristin's coming down with something Wildwing, I took her temperature to be safe and it's one oh three a fever up by two degrees. Still a safe temperature nothing too extravagant to be worried about.

Wildwing: How'd I know that this would happen? She was kinda slow during last night's practice, then I just brushed it off thinking she was tired from the final final exam that she'd finished writing fortyfive minutes before practice started. Well we'll have to find out from her mother what to do when she gets a fever. Phil, think you can get ahold of either one of Kristin's parents and find out what they do for her when she gets a fever? Remember she's a diabetic with breathing problems namely Bronchitis! We need to know how to handle this situation! Is she up?

Tanya: It'd be helpful for us to know what to do for her. Do we let her sleep it off or do we give her something to bring it down?

Phil dials Kristin's home number and is greeted by her mother and says: Oh hi Sanri, it's Phil. Did Kristin's grades get through alright?

Sanri: Yes her grades got through the fax machine perfectly fine and legible

Phil: Oh good they did, no that's not the reason I'm calling. You do know she had tests all week long and gave up three weeks worth of sleep to study right?

Sanri: That's Kristin for you,never one to say die. So what's the problem with daddy's little girl? A stress virus? Nothing new around here, accompanied by a fever? Oh just let her sleep it off and give her some Buckley's Mixture, I know she hates it as does her father and two uncles and their kids, but it works. She'll take it with a bit of a fuss but eventually she will take it holding her nose so she won't have to taste the foulness that it leaves behind.

Phil: Actually, they're returning her to you to be looked after.

Sanri: No problem Phil, I also think it'd be better for her if they brought her home, that way we can keep a better eye on her. You know how her uncles worry when she gets sick, they hate when she's sick and they're not around. Just bring her here and we'll take her on from there. (Hangs up with Phil catching Modo off guard)

Modo looks up from the paper and says: What'd Phil want?

Sanri: Just wanted to know how to treat your ever so stubborn daughter's fever.

Modo: A fever?! Is she alright?

Sanri: Don't worry,it might be just a stress virus that she's caught. Exams for Senior Year Off just finished and her body's just now starting to relax and all the pent up stress is slowly making it's way out of her body causing her to get sick. Kristin's in good hands in Anahiem. Tanya will ensure she gets as much sleep as she deserves after all she takes after the PATERNAL side of the family! All the kids take after the PATERNAL figure in their lives. I figure it's best if they bring her home and we can do a better job of looking after her.

Modo: What can I say? I do a good job in raising them didn't I? That'd be wiser, we have more time on our hands then they do and it's a whole lot calmer here then in Anaheim

Sanri: Too good a job if you ask me. Kristin's just as stubborn as you are! But it's remarkable how she can be even more stubborn then Vinnie is and he's the king of stubbornness.

Modo: Ahh yeah that he is. I keep telling him it's time to pass the torch on to Todd who refuses anything to help combat any virus he comes down with. He'd rather sleep it off then take anything to slow him down.

Sanri: It's time for you to pass on your torch to Kristin who out ranks you in stubborness!

Modo: I already did m'dear,Kristin and her siblings all have caught my torches of stubborness. Much like the twins over there did. (Glances up at the calandar and says) Ooh boy it's almost due time for Stoker to take Kristin under his wing for the summer holidays. But with her battling a stress virus, it makes me wonder if she'll be able to handle the Martian School Course load that starts when she arrives for her sophmore Martian Year.

Sanri: How long until Stoker's time with Kristin starts?

Modo heaves a sigh and says: T'night Night 'cause the Sophmore Martian High School Year starts tomorrow.

Sanri: Hopefully she'll be feeling better by then, if not then the only thing left to do is to get Terrence to issue a note excusing Kristin from classes due to exhaustion which is a medical condition that is treated with lots and lots of sleep in a nice dark,cool, quiet area free from distractions having your sleep interrupted only for meals so you don't go hungry and a bath so you won't stink. I'd best call and find out if he's left already and let him know Kris won't be goin anywhere. They're bringing her here since I can do a better job of looking after her without interruptions. (Picks up the long range cell phone and dials Stoker's number only to be greeted by Max saying) Max? Did your dad leave already?

Max: Yeah he just walked out the door to go pick up Kristin.

Sanri heaves a sigh and says: I'd hoped to catch him before he left.

Max: why?

Sanri: Kristin's sick with a temperature of 103.

Max: If you can hold on, I can put you through to his cell phone. You'll hear a few clicks before you're connected then you should hopefully hear it ringing. (Follows Joey's written instructions and successfully patches Sanri through to his dad's long range cell phone saying) Dad?

Stoker hears Max's voice from his cell and says: What's up Max?

Max: Kristin's mom's on your cell. Call should be through by now if I did everything right.

Stoker hears his phone ring and says: Sounds like you did it right. (flips his phone open and answers the call saying) What's up Sanri?

Sanri: Kristin's not going to be joining you for sometime.

Stoker: What's up?

Sanri: Kristin's sick with a temperature of 103. It set on last night and spiked just a few mintues ago.

Stoker stops in his tracks and says: 103? Kinda high isn't it?

Sanri: That's why they're worried,they'll be bringing her home for us to look after. It's better that way, I can keep an watchful eye on her and not worry every time the phone rings. (Hears the door and says) That's them with Kristin in tow.

Stoker: Well then I'd better be on my way to go pick up the new cirriculum in place of picking up Kristin. Don't let Jamie skimp out on this year, she's four credits shy of being held back a year. If she misses this year she won't be eligible to finish her program and go on for training.

Sanri becomes hard and says: Jamie will most definitly show for classes considering I'll be dropping her off everyday, she's on her way there and if you're quick you can intercept her before she goes to her girlfriend's house to stay. At least if she stays with you, she won't be able to skimp out on classes everyday and just hang around and do nothing. Oh and one last thing

Stoker: One last thing?

Sanri: It boils down to one word: Sharpshooter

Stoker: Sharpshooter? Kristin's bike? What about it?

Sanri: It's still in Anaheim and it won't budge and Kristin is in no shape to drive it. Her keys will be hidden in the security box under the left handle bar where she stores her gloves,her jacket and helmet will be in a cubby right above the bike. Is there any way you can find someone to go pick it up for her?

Stoker: I'll see if I can swing Carbine into picking it up after all, Sharpshooter was a gift from her when Straightshot crapped out on her. If not then I'll see if Rimfire will go pick it up. (Hangs up making a mental note about Sharpshooter)

Sanri Hangs up with Stoker then hears the door saying: I'll go answer the door and let 'em in so the can drop Kristin inside instead of outside. (Leaves the kitchen and goes down the hall and opens the door saying) It's alright, you guys go on back to Anaheim, she'll be fine here. Just about everyone's home at the moment. C'mon in sweetie before you fall in. (Wraps her arm around Kristin and guides her inside saying) Go hang up your sweater coat then sit on the stairs and somone will come up to take you to your room. (Assists a very tired and weak kneed Kristin over to the stairs helping her sit down then heads back into the kitchen and notices Modo counting down and says) What're you doing?

Modo: Just counting down how long it'll take Throttle to appear out of the basement when he realizes Kristin's come home again.

Sanri: He's in the library,not down the basement and if he's heard the door he'll be out in a flash to carry her upstairs. Her face is a pale shade of red and any freckles that you couldn't see are now palinly visible.

Modo: A pale shade of red means it's gone up, too much moving her around and taking her outside,especially on a rainy day like t'day. (Ticks off his fourth finger and says) Any minute now........

Throttle finally unable to quell his curiosity,opens the library door and pokes his head out and notices his niece on the stairs,comes out and in one swift move has her in his arms and on his way upstairs to the attic muttering: You shouldn't be sitting in the draft, not looking like this!

As Throttle stepped off the last stair outside the loft that was Kristin's room,he gently shifted her weight as to not wake her,reached up to her door,turned the key that had been left in the lock,unlocked the door then turning the knob he shoved open her bedroom door, stepped inside and headed directly over to her olympic king sized bed and laid her on the centre of the bed,gently removing her light weight sweater jacket,hat and shoes then laid her back against her cool pillows tugging her blankest out from under her covering her right up over her chest,then went into her bathroom and filled up a clean,dirt free bucket with cold water and found a clean towel that he dunked into the water and headed back into Kristin's bedroom,shutting off the bathroom light and carrying the pail of cool clean water out to Kristin's bedside,he sat it down,brought up the wet cloth and wrang it out to dampness then laid it on her forehead and left her to rest allowing her animals to enter before he shut the door to go check his own daughter's fever.

Throttle heads down the stairs and off to the left to Dakota's room,opening the door to the dimly lit room,he walked quickly and quietly over to Dakota's bedside,sat down and picked up the thermometer and slid it into her ear checking her temp reading muttering: It's comin down,slowly but it is coming down. T'day it's at 104 down from 105. You're still in no shape to start classes on Mars. Not until your fever breaks. Four kids all down sick, Martian High School Classes about to start and none are fit to be out of bed. Here's to hoping Brandon's fever is down lower then yours is. (Removes Dakota's cloth and re-wets it wringing it to dampness then lays it back over her forehead and tucks the covers up over her chest and drops a kiss on her sweat soaked bangs,stands up and heads out Dakota's door and across the hall to Brandon's room to check on his only son's temperature ensuring that he scooped up Brandon's cat Starlight up off the floor muttering) What's a pretty girl like you doin on the floor huh? Shouldn't you be with your owner in bed? (Heads over to Brandon's bed and drops Starlight down beside him,picks up the thermometer and turns it on then slips it into Brandon's ear waiting for the green light to turn red then removes it saying) You've dropped from 104 to 103 down to where Kristin is. You're in no shape to go anywhere anytime soon either. Just rest, it's all you can do. (Gives Starlight one last scratch behind her ear before she furled up and went to sleep then got up and tucked Brandon's quilt up over his chest and drops a kiss on his sweat soaked forehead and leaves but not before picking up Brandon's long abandoned back pack that he hung on the hook on the side of his desk then heads out the door closing it and is greeted by Vinnie saying) So, how's Char-Char's fever comin?

Vinnie: Worse then it was three nights ago and even worse then it was this morning. It's goin up not down. I take it Brandon and Dakota's fevers are as stubborn as ever?

Throttle: You guessed right, they're each down one degree and that's it. What about Todd? He seemed sluggish these past few days.

Vinnie: We've gone from three sick kids to four sick kids, he woke up with a fever this morning along with a sore throat and swollen glands. Terrence wants to keep an eye on him incase it turns into Strept Throat. Who was at the door a while ago?

Throttle looks away and heads down the stairs saying toyingly: Someone

Vinnie: Someone who?

Throttle: A Certain someone came home sick as well.

Vinnie finally figures out who the 'someone' was and tore up the stairs to the loft and quietly opens Kristin's door and slips in quickly and quietly walks over to her bed and sees just how sick she is muttering: Not you too! What kind of fever is this? Now we're up to five kids that are sick! (Hears the doorbell and mutters) Wonder who that is?

Throttle opens the door and is greeted by Carbine saying: What brings you out on a rainy day?

Carbine removes Kristin's helmet,jacket and gloves saying: Just dropping off Sharpshooter, here's her jacket mighty warm by the way,her gloves very comfy,her helmet--nice tunes she's installed in this thing and her keys and Sharpshooter is in the garage out of the rain between your bike and Lil' Hoss.

Modo comes out from the dining room and says: Thanks we appreciate you bringing Sharpshooter home, he won't respond to anyone he doesn't have a bond with. Come in out of the miserable rain and stay a while...

Carbine steps inside and says: Don't mind if I do, I've got time to spare. I can stay awhile. (Looks around saying) where is everyone?

Modo: Five kids all sick, worse of 'em all is Kristin down with a temp of 103.

Carbine: That's nothing compared to Joey's temp, it's sitting at 106!

Modo: 106?!

Carbine: You didn't know?

Throttle closes the front door and locks it then follows Carbine into the den and sits in the chair across from the couch saying: Know what?

Carbine: The last raid Stoker took her out on, she was fine when they left and when they came back he had her on his back and her face was fire engine red with a temperature of 102!

Modo: What happened? Joey NEVER gets sick!It's too dangerous for her,especially after her open heart surgery last year! Stoker keeps her on a tight leash, she's still not 100% fully healed. They gave her a brand new heart and a long list of restrictions and an overhaul of her diet, more fruits and veggies less greasy food.

Vinnie finally steps off the last step and heads into the den where he sat in his favourite chair saying: Joey? Sick? Isn't she little Miss Sunshine never been sick a day other then the childhood diseases then that was it? Something's not right, Joey brings the count up to six and if Caitie's sick then it's seven and if Max is sick then it's eight.

Carbine: Better make that ten,Sakura and Tyson are both sick in bed with skyrocketing temperatures and their dad is the head of the Medward and neither of them have been on any raids, they work primarily with their dad in the Med Ward,so how they got bitten by this fever is beyond me. Back to Joey,from what I was told,she passed out when she stepped off the ship's gangplank and into the cool hangar right into her dad's arms. Something in the last prison they raided made her sick and no one knows what it is, just that Joey was fine all the way to the prison and all the way back up until 200 miles from Mars when her mild temp skyrocketed to 101. Just as I pulled up on Sharpshooter Stoker stated Max was running a temperature as well so all three of his older kids are sick and heaven help him if the twins get sick that'll bring the count up to twelve.

Meanwhile the Transporter in the sub-basement hummed to life spewing forth Rex Skywalker curious as to why his girl hadn't shown up like clock work and heads upstairs

Sanri leans around the pillar to see who had come and says: Hello dear,go on up to Kristin's room, she's home.

Rex: Hello ma'am (Heads on upstairs using the kitchen route to get up to Kristin's room quickly and takes the stairs two at a time until he was outside Kristin's door.)

Reaching out infront of him,Rex grabbed the handle and gently shoved the door open and slid inside closing the door behind him and quickly made his way to Kristin's bed where he got his first glimpse of her hot face

Rex looses his breath at the sight of Kristin and mutters to her as he brushed her bangs out of her closed eyes: Poor baby....

Kristin recognizes the gentle touch and struggles to open her eyes: Mmm

Rex: Shhhhh,no sleep on you need all the rest you can get. (Notices a small note book with temperature readings written in it and nearly drops it thinking) It CAN'T be! This fever hasn't been around for over a hundred years! What would make it rear it's ugly head now? Kris rarely ever uses her magic anymore,she has no need to do so......(Makes the connection and thinks) Wait! That's it! Kristin's fever is linked to her dwindling Golden Crystal Magic! Or is it? There are others who are sick as well,it has to be the 100 year fever! It's been over a hundred years and from what I've read it's deadly. Maybe it's just their body's way of decompressing from strees of going to school here amongst humans and going to school back home.

Meanwhile in the Guardian Universe in the Palace of Ares, a messenger ran at top speed towards the throne room with news that had been seventeen thousand years coming.

Toby bursts into the throne room and stops to catch his breath then quickly walks towards Ares's throne,drops to one knee and says: Majesty, the golden crystal is loosing the last of it's power. I am afraid that it's seventeen thousand year life span has come to a close. The owner is sick with a magic fever and all warriors who are under her ruling are also sick.

Ares heaves a sigh and says: It is time then. It is hard to believe that seven thousand years have come and gone since I last laid eyes on my daughter, it seems as though it were just yesterday she sat out in the garden absorbed in her sketches wearing her favourite lilac colored dress and now, ten years later she is on the verge of becoming an adult.
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