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Chapter 5

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katie has always been close with the twins. she has fallen for joel. what happens when things go wrong and she turns to none other than frank iero. NOT FOR HILARY DUFF FANS!

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Ch 5

I saw Joel, Benji and tony standing there. Benji and tony just looked shocked as hell. Joel looked like he was about to cry. Joel turned around and ran

" Joel " I yelled. I went to go after him but turned back to frank
" go" he said
" frank... I..."
"We'll talk later.. Go" he said. I kissed him then ran after Joel. I ran outside of the building to find Joel trying to hail a cab
" Joel " I yelled while running up to him
" why don't you just leave me alone and go back to screwing Frank You seemed to be all over him enough" he yelled at me
" see this is why I left in the first place. You are a complete ass And I was stupid for even thinking for a second that you were actually sorry. So what that I was with frank. At least he actually cares about how I feel and is always there for me " I yelled. I was fired up now
" and I don't care Katie I have always cared about you. Hell I am fucking in love with you. But apparently that doesn't even matter anymore. Nor does the fact that we are supposed to be best friends."
"You have a funny way of showing it. I have ALWAYS been there for you and the entire time you treated me like shit. You hurt me worse than anyone has ever hurt me before. You made me feel worse that I ever have" I said getting quiet at the end. Then I turned and started to walk away but Joel grabbed my arm
" I didn't know" he said quietly
" of course you wouldn't. You were so wrapped up in everything else. Even before Hilary. Frank has always been there for me, even when me and tony split . He treats me better than any guy has and he has never expected anything in return. I really do care about him and I don't want to hurt him" I said in almost a whisper
" are you going to be with him?" Joel asked me
" I don't know what's going to happen. If he asks me to date him then yes I will be. I cant be with you Joel. You hurt me way to much to be put into that type of situation"
"so where does that leave us then?"
"You're still one of my best friends joely " I said rustling his hair
" Katie I am really sorry about everything. About being an ass, about Hilary. Just everything. But frank is a better guy for you than I could ever be. I know he wont hurt you and he'll make you happy" Joel said
" thanks... you wanna head back in"
" so what are you all doing here anyways" I asked as we headed back inside
" we came to find you since you weren't answering your phone and my chem's manager told us where you all were." he said. We walked inside and into the VIP lounge where the guys all were. Frank looked up at me with a sad look that broke my heart. I guess he thought me and Joel would hook up. I sat next to him and laced our hands together
"I said I liked you and I meant it" I whispered in his ear. He got a big smile on his face. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes
" you smell good" I whispered to him. He just laughed
" Are you hoes ready to bounce" mikey said while trying to act ghetto. In result he managed to fall flat on his ass. He was way beyond wasted. We all agreed it was time to go. Tony, Benji , and Joel were gonna get a hotel room where we were staying. It was me, frank, tony , and Benji in a cab. Joel said he want to ride with Mikey. Me and frank were still holding hands and I was laying on his shoulder. Benj and Tony kept giving me a weird look.

" will you two stop" I said
" sorry, im just confused. I thought you and Joel..." tony said
" I cant be with Joel. Not after everything that happened. Frank has always been there for me and I've always felt something for him. We are even anything yet. But Joel knows and he is ok with it" I said looking up at frank
" you talked to Joel about us. Is that what took you two so long?" he asked
" well yeah. We were outside fighting and I told him that if something between us happens then it does. I told him you've always been there for me and never expected anything in return. He is still one of my best friends that wont ever change. But he understands hy I cant be with him" I said. By then we were pulling up to the hotel.
"Katie will you go for a walk with me" Benji asked
" sure. Frankie babe I am gonna go for a walk with benj ill meet you upstairs" I said kissing his cheek
"alright babe. Here is the card. I have to help mikey upstairs anyways" he said kissing my forehead and walking over to mikey.
" im gonna go get us checked in" Tony said
"ready" I asked benji. We linked arms as we walked.
" so.... you and frank huh" he said
"we aren't even a couple yet. But I do have feelings for him. Though right now they aren't as strong as they are for Joel. But I cant be with Joel. He hurt me worse than anyone ever has. And you know frank has always been there for me just like you and tony have" I said
" I understand about you and Joel. He had no right to say the things that he did. Im just glad that you can still be friends. And as for you and frank, I can honestly say that I saw it coming. Especially after your little thing you all had. Im just shocked it took this long. He treats you like you should be treated. Hell im sure he'd go long past taking a bullet for you.. Im happy for you" he said
" it really means a lot to me that you approve. I expected you to yell at me for not being with Joel"
"oh it crossed my mind when I first saw you and frank on the dance floor. Hell I was just shocked to even see you two dancing like that. But then I guess I should have remembered that you two have you know before"
"I didn't expect you three to show up"
" I know... lets get you back to frank" benji said as we walking into the hotel. Joel and tony were standing in the lobby/ I ran and jumped on Joel's back
" well hello" he said grabbing my legs to keep me from falling off
" hi Joely Moley!" I said messing up his hair. He hated when I did that. She started spinning us in circles
" glad things are back to normal" tony said
" what floor are you on Katie?" benj asked
" 8.... why?"
" same floor we are on" Benji said
" well then giddy up joely. To the elevator we go" I said. Tony and Benji just shook their heads. They guys room was further down the hall then the room I was in. I gave them all hugs and went into the room. I hears the shower running
"Frankie?" I asked as I slightly opened the bathroom door
" yeah its me love" he said poking his head out of the shower curtain
" just wanted to let you know that im back... where's Mikey?"
" we could barely get him on the elevator much less up here so he is down a few floors in Gerard's room"
" alrighty babe" I said closing the door. I went to my suitcase to get some night clothes. I stripped down to my underwear which was red lacy bra and matching panties. Frank came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. It hung low on his hips.. He just smiled at me then started smirking
" what are you smirking at" I said putting my hands on my hips
" oh nothing. I just went from being a single guy all lonely on tour to having a sexy girlfriend here with me in my hotel room in just her underwear." he said
" oh and who said I was your girlfriend. I don't recall you ever asking me to date you mister" I said smiling. He walked over to me and put his hands on my hips and pulled us close together
" fine then. Kay will you be my girlfriend"
" well Frankie you know you didn't have to ask.. Of course I will" I said smiling. He tackled me onto the bed, we started wrestling around. I finally got him pinned down with his hands above his head. I stared into his eyes. He had the prettiest eyes that I've ever seen. I leaned in and kissed him. Things started to get heated.. Our wrestling cause frank to get hard. I started grinding my hips down on his . He moaned into our kiss
" Kay wait... maybe we should take things slow" he said as we broke apart
: yeah you're right" I said getting off him and laying down on the bed next to him. It got quiet.
" oh fuck it" he said rolling on top of me and starting to kiss my neck
" what happened to taking it slow" I said laughing at him
" im too damn horny and I want you" he said kissing me behind my war which he know drove me crazy. Lets just put it this way we had A LOT of fun that night. Im surprised we didn't get a call from the hotel manager. I fell asleep with my head on frank's chest and his arms wrapped around me. When I woke up we were in the same position. Frank was running his fingers through my hair.
" mmm morning" I said
" morning to you too" he said kissing me. We took a shower together before meeting everyone downstairs for breakfast before my chem had to leave. I was going to continue touring with them.
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