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Chapter 6

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katie has always been close with the twins. she has fallen for joel. what happens when things go wrong and she turns to none other than frank iero. NOT FOR HILARY DUFF FANS!

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Ch 6

8 months Later

Me and Frankie are still together. In fact we are currently living together in New Jersey. Frankie proposed to me a like a month ago. I am happy. Things are going great . I have come to fall deeply in love with frank. He is my everything. His family accepted me in right away. I am still really close to Joel, Benji, and tony. They are currently here in jersey.

" Baby where are you" I heard frank yell.
"How can you miss her." I heard tony say. I was in the kitchen cooking something for us all to eat
" I may look like a blimp but I can still kick your ass Lovato" I said. Did I mention I was pregnant. Yep that night in London frank worked his wonders on me. We are having a little boy. We decided on the name Ryan Lee Iero.
" I don't think you look like a blimp. You look beautiful" frank said coming in the kitchen. I felt a pain in my lower stomach and back. Its been happening all day but this time it was a lot stronger and started to get closer together
" frank I think..." I started to say just as my water broke "..... scratch that. I AM having contractions... we need to get to the hospital NOW" I yelled out in pain. All four guys started running around and grabbing things. Frank helped me into the car. He held my hand the entire way there. Luckily the hospital was only about a ten minute drive. As soon as we got there I was admitted and taken to a delivery room. Benji, Joel and Tony went to call everyone while my doctor examined me
" Well Miss Osie you should have prolly came in sooner. You are already 9 sm dilated. Im baffled that your water broke this late. Anyways like I told you before you can have four people in the delivery room. Ill be back in a few minutes and you should be ready to push." the doctor said then left
"do you want Joel, Benji, and Tony to come in" frank asked
" Would you care?" I asked
"Whatever makes you comfortable babe. Plus they are your best friends" he said. He paged the nurse to get the guys. They came in all dressed in paper scrubs just like the ones the nurses made frank put on. Now there is a sight for you. Four guys with piercing and tattoos all dressed in blue paper scrubs. I had frank and Joel on each side of me holding my hands. Benji and Tony were up by my head. Not long after the guys came in the doctor came back in and told me it was time to push
" come one Kay you can do it babe" frank said. I was squeezing his and Joel's hands. I could hear them both wince in pain. I was screaming from all the pain. Then I heard a bunch of commotion behind me
"shit tone" benji said. Frank and Joel just kinda laughed. Tony passed out. A nurse was splashing water on him.
"Ok Katie a big push on the count of three....1.....2....3 .. Push" the doctor said. I pushed as hard as I could
"that's it babe ... come on you can do it" Frank said stroking my hair which was drenched in sweat and matted to my head.
" it hurts Frankie" I said crying
" I know baby.. You're almost there" he said kissing my head
" ok Katie one last push. I promise....1...2...3..push" the doctor said. I pushed harder than ever
"ouch ouch ouch ouch" I heard Joel said. His and frank's hands were turning purple. Then I heard a baby's cry and a blue bundle was placed him my arms. I looked at frank and I started to cry. Our baby boy was so beautiful. Frank had tears running down his face.
" he is perfect... just like you" he said kissing me. They took baby Ryan to weigh him and clean him up.
" we are gonna go see if everyone else is here. We'll see you all in a little bit" Joel said
" congrats Mommy.... congrats frank" benji said kissing my head
"Congrats girlie. " tony said. He was still a little lightheaded so benji and Joel helped him out. We were transferred into our own private room for. Baby Ryan would be staying with us. We were in the room for about an hour just me, Frank and baby Ryan. Frank was sitting on the bed with me.
" he has your eyes" I said
" he has your nose" frank said. Then there was a knock on the door
"can we come in" Joel asked while peeping his head in the door
" yeah come on in" I said. Joel, Benji, Tony, Mikey, Gerard, Ray, Bob and Frank's parents all came in
" how are you feeling sweetie" frank's mom asked
" im good" I said. I was all smiles. Everyone passed baby Ryan around. I was released the next day. Benji. Joel, and tony stayed a few extra days to help me and Frank out.
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