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chapter 7

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formerly untitled.... katie has always been close with the twins. she has fallen for joel. what happens when things go wrong and she turns to none other than frank iero. NOT FOR HILARY DUFF FANS!

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Ch 7

* 4 years later*

These past four years have been hard but amazing. Me and frank got married a few months after Ryan was born. Ryan is now 4. We also had a little girl together, Isabela Rose Iero, or Bela as frank calls her. She is almost 3. They are both a lot like frank. Actually I swear up and down Ryan is frank made all over. I am still really close to Benji, Joel, and Tony. Joel is here visiting us. Frank has been really sick lately. The kids both had a cold so Mikey took frank to the doctors while me and Joel stayed home with the kids. Speaking of frank and mikey they should be back by now

" Katie stop worrying. Im sure they will be here soon" Joel said reading my mind. As if on cue mikey and frank walked through the door. I could sense that something was wrong. Both of their faces were tear-stained.
"Frank what's wrong" I said starting to cry myself. I was scared of what I was about to find out.
"Joel, Mikes can you guys take the kids upstairs while I talk to Kay" frank said. Joel and mikey nodded and took Ryan and Bela upstairs
"Babe you're scaring me" I said
"Kay....... oh god....i....they found four tumors on my lungs and two on my heart.... they only gave me a month or two to live" he said. We both broke down crying
"But...isn't there anything.... there HAS to be something they can do"
"they said its too late. They have no clue why they didn't detect it beforehand. There is nothing anyone can do" he said
" I... I cant believe this.... you cant leave me Frankie" I said. I cried harder that I ever had. I eventually fell asleep. The next couple weeks were harder than I could ever imagine. Frank spent all of his time with me and the kids. The media found out about it and we got tons of letter, cards, and little projects from fans all over the world. MCR did one last concert before frank was bedridden. He was hospitalized not long after that. I was by his side the entire time. Frank's mom and dad, and the twins mom helped me with the kids. Everyone was currently at the hospital visiting frank.

*Joel's POV*

Katie has torn herself apart the past couple weeks. Im really starting to worry about her. I know everything going on with frank has gotten to her, hell it would anyone, but she has to know that she still has people who care about her. She looks like she hasn't slept and I know she has hardly ate anything since frank was bedridden.. We were all in frank's hospital room visiting him.

"Guys can I talk to Joel alone for a second" frank said
"sure babe, ill be right outside the door, have Joel come get me if you need anything" Katie said. She kissed frank then ushered everyone out
"I want you to be with her" he said once everyone was out
"what are you talking about?" I asked confused
" look Joel, I know you still love her and part of me believes that deep down she still loves you too. I want you to take care of her and the kids. They are going to need a father figure in their lives and they already love you. I don't want her having some strange man coming in and having them call him daddy. I'd rather it be you." he said
"yeah... ok ill be there for them and take care of them" I said
"thanks" he mumbled before he started coughing up blood. He started to change color. I ran and got Katie. Her and a bunch of nurses and doctors went running in.

*Katie's POV*

frank asked if he could talk to Joel alone. Not long after Joel ran out and got me. Frank was coughing up blood. I laced our hands together as I started crying
" come on Frankie you cant give up now. You're gonna be a daddy again" I said. He smiled
" I love you Kay... never forget that" he said before the monitor went to a flat line.
" no frank.... you cant.... no!" I yelled as I broke down crying.
"Im sorry Mrs Iero" a doctor said as they left. I curled next to his body and cried
" I love you frank" I said kissing his now icy lips. I went out to the waiting area to fins everyone sitting there. I walked over to frank's parents. They could tell from me crying what happened
" im so sorry" I said breaking down again. Everyone got the hint what happened. They all went back a couple at a time to see him. The next few days were pretty much a blur to me. It was the day of frank's funeral. I was trying to get my dress zipped but I couldn't . I was getting so frustrated. Then there was a knock on the door. It was Joel.
"Ryan and Bela are both dress... are you okay" he said
" no.... I cant get this damn this zipped... I look like shit.... I just lost my husband... god I cant do this" I said crying again. He came over and zipped my dress for me
"everything is going to me ok.. I promise" he said wrapping his arms around me
"why him. He was the sweetest, most caring guy that I've ever met. Why couldn't it have been me. I cant raise the kids alone" I cried
"hey now. Frank wouldn't have wanted you to go through what he did. And you aren't going to have to raise Ryan and Bela alone. You have me here for you. And you have Benj, Tone, mom, Frank's parents, Mikey, Gerard, Ray, Bob. You have plenty of people here for you" he said
" im pregnant again Joel" I said sitting down on my bed
"I... when did you find out... did frank know?" Joel asked
"I found out the day he died. I told him right before... I don't know what to do"
"shhh... it will all be ok. You will always have me here for you. Look Katie there is something I need to tell you... when frank wanted to talk to me alone.. He said that he wanted me to be with you. And he wanted me to take care of you and you kids. And I plan on doing that. I am going to take care of you all... even this little one. You're my best friend. I will ALWAYS be here for you"
"thanks Joely" I said hugging him
"its my job... you ready to go" he asked
" as ready as I ever will be" I said grabbing my purse which was filled with tissues. I walked down the stairs to find tony playing with Ryan and Bela. Ryan was in a little tux and Bela in a little dress. Mikey, Ray, Gerard, Bob, and Frank's parents were all there. We were going to take a limo to the church.
"Mommy where's daddy?" Ryan asked while running up to me. I started to cry again. So did frank's mom
"Ryan why don't we go outside buddy" Mikey said while picking Ryan up
"Actually Mikey before we all go I have something to tell everyone. I managed to get to tell frank this right before he passed.... im pregnant again" I said
"Oh sweetie" frank's mom said coming up and giving me a hug
" Katie you know we will always be here to help you" Mikey said
"I know.... we should probably get going" I said. The ride to the church was quiet. Even the kids were quiet which is very unusual for them. During the funeral ceremony I couldn't pay attention. I just kept staring at the casket that held frank. I still couldn't believe that all of this happened. And I didn't understand why out of all the people, did this have to happen to him. The funeral service itself was just for family and close friends. The layout the night before had been public. A lot of frank and My chem's fans came to pay their respects to frank

Flashback the day before

we were all at the layout. Worm and a bunch of other security guards were around all of us. We had to split the times up. Half of the time was open to anyone, half just for family and bands. There was a lot of fans there, while the fans were there Mikey, Gee, Ray, and Bob did a performance in tribute to frank. Benj was helping them. But what hit me the most was when it was just bands and our family.
"Katie we all know frank never wanted to leave you and the kids. He loved you with his ever being. While he was in the hospital he asked us to help him put this together for you" Gerard said. It was a SlideShow. It had pictures and video from all the way back when I first met frank, our wedding, the kids, everything. The songs were some of frank's favorites. The last one was MCR's Cancer. After that song a video of frank came one
"Babe if you're seeing this then that means im gone and laying in a casket in the same room as you are in. You don't know how much I wish I would get to see Ryan and Bela grow up. Don't let them forget me. Look around you babe. All of these people are there for you. I know Joel isn't going to let you go through this alone. You'll always have him. And ill always be in your heart and watching over you. I love you Katie, give Ryan and Bela a kiss for me and tell them I love them...Bye love" frank said then the video went off

end flashback
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