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Rimfire's Engagment Surprise

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On Today's Episode of Biker Mice From Mars: Rimfire's FINALLY going to pop the 'question' to Starshine his on again off again girlfriend. Will Starshine say yes or will she turn our beloved Rookie ...

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Rimfire's Engagement Surprise
Disclaimer: The authors don't own the biker mice or make a profit off of them in anyway. This story is pure fiction and has been copyrighted by the authors. The other characters other than the biker mice that are portrayed in this story DO NOT EXIST but are a product of the author's imagination and should not be used with out their permission Now that that's over on to the story. ENJOY and feel free to tell the authors whatcha think of their story.
Author's Note: Rimfire's FINALLY going to pop the 'question' to Starshine

Rimfire's Engagement Surprise
Kristin Maverick
Copyrighted 2000-3000
All Rights Reserved

On a cool,clear,crisp sunny Saturday afternoon in April, Starshine Throttlestein Baitmore sat in her bedroom studying for her College History final which was the upcoming Tuesday when suddenly her fax machine came to life startling her out of her deep concentration. Taking a break from her studying, Starshine got up,walked over to her fax machine and removed the message turning it over to see who had sent her a fax that late in the afternoon especially when she was trying to study for an important test that was around the corner and three days away.

Starshine picks up the message and thinks to herself: Hmm,now who could be sending me a transmission from Mars? (Turns the message over and almost passes out thinking) /Rimmy! Wh-? We haven't spoken in ages! Not since we broke up on bad terms. Hmm,sounds like he's wanting to get back together and is waiting for a response from me forgiving him for accusing me of cheating on him with an old boyfriend. He says he's really sorry for calling me all those bad names and wants to get back together. Hmm, I don't know if I should get back with him, but then again it's been over two years since we last seen eachother so maybe getting back with him isn't such a bad idea after all. Maybe I should talk to Blaze and midnight to see what they say. /(Calls out) Blaze? Shadow? I need to talk to either one of you if your both not too busy sleeping in the sunlight.

Blaze comes out from behind the curtain and hops up onto the bed beside his mistress,lays his head on her leg and says: What's up?

Shadow awakens from his peaceful slumber to find out why he was being called and jumps down onto Starshine's lap and says: Yeah,why'd you wake me up from my nap?

Starshine shows Blaze and midnight the fax and says: I wanted your opinon on wether or not I should take Rimfire back after what happened a few years ago.

Blaze reads the fax and says: Well,it has been two years since you last seen him and he was remorseful enough to offer an apology a few weeks later and said that maybe you two needed to be apart. But that was two years ago and since you wanted my honest opinion on this matter, I'd have to say go ahead and get back together with him if you love him that much. midnight and I can't stand to see you occupy all your free time with studying and extra courses to take your mind off of him. Maybe this long twenty three million mile relationship will workout after all and he'll propose asking you to marry him.

Shadow starts purring and says: Yeah, come to think of it, I miss him scratching behind my ears when he comes for a visit. Needless to say that I adore his lap and the way he pets me. Go on,get back together with him. We know you love him with your entire being and with the way the Crystal of Love has been shining and with the way your cheeks have been turning pink through out this conversation, I'd say you love him with all your heart and if you don't take him back, he'll go find someone else and get married, then you'll be left in the cold.

Starshine picks up and lays midnight on the bed,goes over to her desk,picks up her dark blue gel ink pen and writes a swift message to Rimfire then faxes it back to him then recieves another one on the same page stating that he was coming to see her and would arrive Tuesday morning at around 8:00 A.M. and immediately sends word that she wasn't going to be home when he arrived because she had finals all day long until quarter to eleven in the morning then she recieved another message saying that he was on his way and should arrive by the transporter that was always on in fifteen minutes and stated that she didn't need to go meet him and that he'd come upstairs to her room and see her there and she goes back to her studying so she'd be prepared for her history final Tuesday morning.

Fifteen minutes later the transporter in her basement comes alive and Rimfire steps out and stops for a minute to gain his balance then heads upstairs out the basement door and slips into the house through an unlocked kitchen side door and quietly walks up the stairs and down the hall to Starshine's room where he stops and hears nothing but the radio playing and gently knocks on the door.

Rimfire leans against Starshine's bedroom door and only hears the turning of pages,the ticking of the clock he'd given her two years ago and the radio then knocks on the door again and hears Starshine telling him to come in and opens the door walks in then shuts the door behind him,slips up behind Starshine and hugs her saying:
Hey,long time no see. (Feels stress vibes coming from Starshine and says) You and me girl, are goin out so you can relax for a while and we can get caught up on what's been goin on in our lives. (Turns her swivel chair around,grips her wrists and gently tries to tug her onto her feet saying) Come on honey,it'll be good for us to get caught up with eachother for once in a life time!

Starshine playfully resists being pulled to her feet and says: We've got all afternoon to go to the Zoo! I don't think it closes until well after two o'clock and besides, you are in dire need of a nice shower! So why don't you go and have a shower and hand me your dirty uniform and what ever else is under that. (Closes her books,turns her radio off,caps her pen and neatly places everything in the left hand drawer of her desk then says) So, do we have a deal?

Rimfire heaves a sigh and says: Actually, now that I think about it, I do need to have a shower. I'll hand out my clothes as I undress so you can put it in the washer to be washed. (Heads into the bathroom where he closes the door,takes his boots off then removes his vest and hands it out the door to Starshine who gingerly places it in the dirty laundry, then continues to remove his clothes handing them out the door piece by piece until he handed out his emptied out pants and closed the door to have his shower then went over to the sink and opened the doors,removed his toiletries and towels then sat the towels on the towel rack and took his toiltries into the shower with him and turned the water on.)

Starshine gently knocks on the door,opens it and says: I've got some civilian clothes for you to wear while your uniform's being washed. When you come out,the clothes will be on my bed and I'll be down in the laundry room loading the washer. There's also clean socks and a pair of brand new high cut running shoes for you to wear and when it's time for you to leave, I got you a brand new pair of boots to put on, your old ones are falling apart and one false move could rip the soles off them so I got you a new pair. But for now, there's a pair of jeans in your size,clean underware,a shirt,a pair of socks and the shoes. Oh and your favourite hat's also on the bed. Call me down in the laundry room when you're dressed ok?

Rimfire heaves a sigh as the real luxuriouswarm water splashed down over his fur and called back: Alright thanks alot sweetie. Oh man this water is better than that synthetic stuff we've got on Mars! (Picks up his shampoo,pops the lid open and squeezes a generous puddle into the palm of his hand then sets the bottle on the side of the tub and begins to massage the shampoo into his hair until he had a rich lather going on then started to really work the shampoo into his hair right down to his scalp before rinsing.)

After he rinsed his hair he picked up his face wash,opened the lid and squeezed some into his hand then closed and sat the tube of face wash down on the side of the tub and in a circular motion began massage it into his fur right down to the skin then rinses it off and takes his bath puff down off the hook,opens his moisturinzing foaming bath wash and squeezes it all over his puff until he had it completly coverd then sat the bottle down on the tub edge,stuck the puff underneath the running water and gently started to squish it together then he started to scrub all the martian soil out of his fur with each scrubbing motion he made more and more red soil came out of his fur until his fur shone it's original cream color then he rinsed off and shut the water off then shoved the curtain aside,grabbed his towel,dried off his feet then stepped out of the tub and continued to dry off then he took all of his bath products and carried them over to the sink where he put them back into his cubby then closed the door.

Starshine picks up the laundry hamper and carries it out the opened door and headed down to the laundry room where she opens the door,turns on the light and goes down the stairs to the washers,sits the hamper down and starts sorting out the clothes into piles being sure not to mix lights and darks together putting in every single piece of white clothing she could find into the first one and started throwing darks into the second one,followed by the lights,then the colors until all the laundry was in the washers that were designated for the loads then she puts bleach into the whites along with the soap then goes along and puts soap into the other washers the shuts the lid and turns them on and goes about emptying the dryers and folding the clothes that she put into separate baskets under their respected name tags until all the dryers were emptied out and she had her clothes that she took upstairs to her room leaving the washers to clean the clothes.

A few minutes later,Shadow darted up stairs,into Starshine's bedroom and began scratching at the bathroom door urgently in need of using his kitty box and kept scratching and meowing until Rimfire heard his cries and let him inside to use the kitty box.

Shadow prances in place saying: Oooh hurry hurry! Gotta go! Gotta go! Open up! Open up before I pee on the carpet!!! Can't hold it much longer! Oooh hurry hurry! Gotta go! Gotta go! Open up! Open up! Come on! Come on! I know you hear me!

Rimfire hears cat cries coming from the other side of the door and opens the bathroom door to be greeted by Shadow who made a mad dash for his litter box to do his duty causing Rimfire to say: I'm sorry,I didn't know you needed the kitty box or else I'd have opened the door for you to come inside and use it. (Goes into Starshine's room where he found a good strong brand new wire brush for him to use to brush out his fur. Picking up the wire brush, Rimfire began to brush out every bit of clean matted fur on the front of his body then used his tail and brushed out the fur on his back then he started to get dressed which only took ten minutes then he put his duffel bag up on the bed and rummaged through it to find the small box with the pink ribbon around it that he slid into his side pocket while sliding his wallet into his back pocket while thinking) Good,I did remember the engagement ring this time. The last time I left it sitting in my quarters back on Mars. (Removes his bottle of Starshine's favourite cologne,opens it and splashes some of it into the palm of his hand,sets the bottle down on the dresser behind him and rubs the palm of his hands together and runs his hands down his cheeks ensuring that the cologne was absorbed by his fur to make Starshine go wild over him then puts his deodarant on to cover up his stench when he sweated and thinks) There,I put on Starshine's favourite colonge and this time I remembered to put deodarant on so I won't be embarassed when I start to sweat. (Picks up his hair brush and starts to brush out his hair while waiting for Starshine to come back up from the laundry room,sits on Starshine's bed and says to Shadow who had just come from using the kitty box and says) Seems to me that what you need is a swinging kitty door for you to roam freely between the bedroom and your kitty box in the bathroom. (Reaches out and scratches midnight's ear saying) Maybe Starshine's adopted dad can arrange that for you,after all we can't have you wetting the carpet like you did when you were a kitten.

Shadow purrs and says: Hmm,a swinging kitty door that goes from the bedroom to the bathroom without anyone getting out of the bath or shower sounds great! I want one! I want one! When can I get one? I'm tired of having to hold on until she answers my meowing and scratching.

Rimfire picks up Starshine's cordless phone and dials Jearold's number then says: Hi Jearold? It's Rimfire! Not too shabby after a nice hot shower to rid myself of all the caked on martain soil in my fur! Anyways I was wondering if you could do a rennovation job on Starshine's bathroom and bedroom doors for Shadow. It seems like he has to wait until Starshine answers his cries so he can use his kitty box and I figured a swinging cat door that he can use on his own would be the best solution. (Listens to Starshine's adopted father then says) Great,he's a happy kitty now that you'll put in his new kitty doors. (Hangs up with Starshine's father,picks up his shirt and says to midnight) Well as soon as Starshine and I leave,her adopted dad's comin over to fix the tile in the door that's closest to the floor so that it swings back and forth and you can wander freely between here and the bathroom to use your kitty box.

Shadow uncurls himself,stretches then curls back up nestling his body into the covers saying: I can live with a bit of noise if it means less time spent waiting for Starshine to open the bathroom door so I can use my kitty box to do my duty before I do it on the rug. That way,Starshine won't become angry and use the newspaper on my backside like when I was a kitten.

A few minutes later Starshine goes back upstairs to her room and finds Rimfire all dressed and goes about putting away all her clean clothes in her dressers and in her closet.

Starshine sits the empty hamper on the floor and says: Give me a couple of minutes to change my clothes. I don't want to freeze when I go outside now shoo! (Hears the boys come in and says) Go on downstairs and socialize with your uncle while I change alright?

Rimfire kneels and ties his shoes then straightens up and kisses Starshine's cheek saying: Dress warm hon,it's rather chilly outside. (Pulls out Starshine's favourite outfit that consisted of a denim longsleeved shirt,her brand new skirt, socks and her brand new dress shoes then pulls out a matching jacket and says) May I suggest this outfit for our time together? Oh and Jearold's comin over after we leave to make Shadow there a kitty door so he can wander in and out of the bathroom to use his kitty box or keep you company when your having a bath.

Starshine takes the outfit from Rimfire and shoves him out the door saying: Oh? Oh okay then,he does deserve that kitty door,after all Blaze has a doggie door why can't he have a kitty door? Anysways, I'm going to change now, so may I suggest that you leave and go say hi to your uncle? (Watches as Rimfire goes downstairs and hears the greetings coming from the boys who were in the kitchen and quickly grabs her stuff and goes into the bathroom to have a hot shower and wash her hair before getting dressed. Ten minutes later after a hot shower and washing her hair, Starshine got out, dried off, brushed out her fur until it was knot free and shone and started getting dressed until a few minutes later after applying a little bit of make up and after she tied her hair back, she was officially ready to go out. Leaving the bathroom, Starshine threw her clothes on her bed,grabbed her brand new jacket slipped it on along with her favourite hat that she drew her hair through the back of,pulled her tail through the back of the skirt,got her purse and made sure that her glasses and wallet were in it then left her room shutting the door after her dogs and cats had left and went downstairs and said to Rimfire) Ready to go?

Rimfire looks up and sees Starshine without her eye glasses on and says: Where're your glasses?

Starshine opens her purse,pulls out her eye glass case and puts her glasses on then puts the case away saying: Right here. I didn't forget to bring them down. I always wear them since I can't wear contacts anymore. (Slips her hand into Rimfire's then they both leave and head out the kitchen door and down the drive way as she says) What made you want to get back together with me?

Rimfire sighs and says: Well to be honest with you, I missed that fur ball of yours making himself at home ontop of me and purring the night away. Just the sound of his purring being absent made me want to get back together with you and not just that,but I missed coming home to your messages and emails. After we broke up and swore never to contact one another,well I started to become lonely for you and wondered if two years was a little too drastic to be separated. Christmas time, Valentines day, Easter and Thanksgiving were hard to get through without you there with me to wake up with in the mornings. Christmas was miserable and lonely so were Valentines day, Easter and Thanksgiving. Without you,they were just pointless days of the week that no one went to work on and since the FF's were all home with their families along with the Plutarkians, it made my heart break when I rolled over in bed to say good mornin to you and had to realize that we weren't seeing eachother anymore and that there was nothing and no one to get up for anymore and so I just rolled over and went back to sleep knowing that I never bought any christmas presents during those two years we were apart,but now with christmas only a scant fifty four days away I'm in a rush to start buying our christmas gifts that I haven't even gotten off of lay away! I'm good aren't I? I have gifts on lay away since last month, making payments at the end of each week and I still haven't gotten the parcles yet and christmas is rapidly approaching!

As Starshine and Rimfire walked down the street in the late afternoon sunshine, they both talked about why they broke up avoiding certain issues so that they wouldn't wind up fighting,arguing and ruining their date. Finally they both arrived at the Zoo and just as Starshine was about to get out her wallet,Rimfire pulled out a bit of cash and paid for the entrance fee for the both of them. After paying for the entrance fee,Starshine and Rimfire got a free map of the Zoo along with complimentary camera's then decided to start at the Horses and work their way around the Zoo until the wound back up at the entrance.

Starshine grabs a handful of extra camera's and follows Rimfire into the Zoo saying: Lets start at the Ponies! Whaddya say hon? Shall we start at the Ponies? It's the closest thing to where we are now and if we work our way from the Ponies all the way around the Zoo,we'll wind back up right here! So wanna start out at the Ponies or at the Ducks?

Rimfire consults his small map and says: Hmm,that would be faster than going straight ahead to the Pigs. Lets go off to the left and start out at the Ponies. There's a consession stand somewhere around here where we can get free stuff to feed the animals and get some Ice Cream and a drink later on when we start to get hungry and thirsty. Lets go sweetie. (Wraps his arm around Starshine's waist and they both head off to the "Ponies" as Starshine called them and took several pictures of the foals and their mothers before moving on to the next animal and snapping pictures of those animals.)

Starshine starts feeling thirsty an hour later and quietly sneaks away from Rimfire's side and over to the concession stand to get one Ice Cream cone and one ice cream cup and two bottles of ice tea then pays for it and goes back over to Rimfire and says: Here,I got your favourite Ice cream: Rocky Road and a bottle of Ice Tea. It's Nestea just like you normally get.
Rimfire turns and says: Oh thanks hon! I 'preciate it. Just when I was getting hungry and thirsty!

Starshine hands him his Ice Cream cone and sticks his ice tea into his pants pocket saying: Ohh aren't the gosling cute? (Hands Rimfire her ice cream cup while he sat on the bench behind her and snaps two pictures of the gosslings and the geese then turns and takes her ice cream back and says) Want me to hold your ice cream cone while you take a picture?

Rimfire shakes his head and says: Naw,lets just sit in the shade and eat our ice cream. I'm kinda warm in the sun.

Starshine smooths her skirt under her legs then sits on the bench and says: Incase you miss a picture perfect moment,I'll get two sets of doubles and give you the extra pictures that you missed. (Shakes her bottle of ice tea then smacks the bottom of it and removes the cap to take a drink saying) So,what've you been doing since we broke up two years ago?

Rimfire opens his ice tea and takes a drink then says: Throwing myself into my job of training the new recruits. Not much fun, but it was the only way that I could keep from thinking of you all the time. I finally decided that if we marry, I have to stop acting like a complete jerk accusing you of everything under the sun. So I started a journal and wrote how I was feeling at the time I arrived back on Mars after breaking up with you and it all became clear to me that it wasn't your fault that things weren't working out between us,it was my fault and my fault alone that we never worked things out. I realized that it was the smaller insignificant things that really made me mad,then after I read my entries late lastnight, I came to realize that this silly blame game had to stop or it'd drive us further and further apart and I don't want that to happen. (Finishes licking his ice cream cone then in one big bite that still amazed Starshine,he popped the remainder of his cone into his mouth, chewed then swallowed it with a drink of his iced tea and suddenly realized that Starshine was staring at him and says) What's wrong sweetie? Somethin the matter?

Starshine utterly amazed at what Rimfire had just done and says: You do realize that you are the only person besides my dad that I know of who can do that?

Rimfire confused: Do what? Eat an entire ice cream scoop and the remainder of the cone at the same time? No we're not the only two who can pull that trick! My dad can do it.

Starshine: That reminds me,when do you plan on letting me meet your parents? You've already met mine but for some strange reason the only family members that I know personally are your uncle who will always be my father figure and Charley! When do I get to meet my future inlaws? When we get married?

Rimfire feels his cheeks go red and says: You mean that you've never been to see my parents and sister? (Sees Starshine shaking her head and says) Oh gosh I'm so sorry honey! I could've sworn you've already met them! Well,I'm not due back to Mars for three weeks,I've got a replacement doing my job while I'm here. So when I leave,I'll take you with me and finally introduce you to my parents and my sister. How's that sound? That should give you enough time to finish your exams and relax for awhile afterwords ok?

Starshine: Alright,but first make sure that they're gonna be free before you make any great plans. Remember the last time you took me to meet your family and they were no where to be found? Not too great was it? But this time it'll be different! You will call before hand right?

Rimfire remembers how he'd called before to make plans but when he and Starshine arrived at his home,no one was there and says: Definitly. I'll make them promise to be home when we arrive.

Starshine finishes off her ice cream and iced tea then throws her garbage in the trash can saying: Well shall we move on to our next animal before it gets too late for that movie and the dinner that you promised me?

Rimfire realizes that he needs to use the boys room and says: Sure,but could you wait here? I need to go use the boys room and I'll be right back. (Kisses Starshine's cheek then swiftly heads in the direction of the bathroom thinking) Phew! It's a good thing she doesn't know I don't have reservations to the restaruant I told her that we're going to. (Sees a pay phone out of sight from Starshine,reaches into his pants pocket for his wallet,then opens it and pulls out the card for the fancy restaruant that he'd promised to take Starshine to,puts his wallet back into his left side pocket then reaches into his right pocket and pulls out a dollar,picks up the reciever of the pay phone,drops the four quarters into the slot and dials the number on the card and is greeted by the host and asks for Curtis then is put through to the manager who knew Starshine and says) Hi Curtis? It's Rimfire,not bad,yeah I got back with Starshine and stupidly I told her a big big big big fib. I told her that I had reservations at your restaurant for nine o'clock when in actuality,I don't. Starshine's got a free meal coming to her and a second party on her meal card and I was hoping that the nine o'clock slot could be booked for me and her in a private corner. (Listens then says in a relieved voice) Thanks alot Curtis, should we go back home after the movie at six to change into formal clothes or is it alright to come in jeans? (Listens to Curtis then says) Hey no problem! If we leave here early enough,we can make the early showing of the movie she wants to see,then head home to change and be at the restaraunt before nine. Thanks alot Curtis,bye. (Hangs up the phone and silently thinks as he heads into the mens room) Thank god for her frequent meal card! Star and I have a nine o'clock reservation. So that means hopefully we'll have enough time to get to the theatre, watch Digimon,head home, change and get to the restaurant before nine o'clock hits! Just one more phone calll to make! (Pulls out a quarter and pops it into the payphone then reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out the crumpled paper with a phone number on it and dials it waiting for someone to answer)

After the third ring Rimfire is greeted by Blake

Rimfire hears Blake's voice and says: Blake yeah I know where we're going for dinner later, yeah that really fancy restaraunt that I took her to the last Christmas we were together. No,back entrance the delivery entrance,yeah that one, Jarred will let you and Rider in we'll be there round about 9 should be through with surprise number one around 9:30-10. Do wear clean clothes! At least have SOMETHING she'll remember from the past! Don't forget though Blake, she hit her head mighty hard and doesn't remember you or Rider yet. For all she's been told,she's an orphan no parents and no living blood relatives. She grew up here on earth with a human family. Star has a few blurry memories of her past,mostly blurred images and sounds that are disorted. From what Star has told me the last thing she remembers you wearing were a pair of dark blue jeans,black studded boots,white shirt and red vest with a ball cap and Rider had red jeans,black leather boots,light green shirt and blue vest and a black ball cap on.

Blake looks at the outfit on the bed and says:/ Yeah I remember those clothes, I found Rider and myself the exact same outfits a few sizes bigger right down to the same type of foot wear,those hats were given to us when we enlisted to the Freedom Fighters. Our dad? Blane? He's very much alive,he's out searching for our mother,scouring every Plutarkian hell hole there is out there. No one messes with Blane's family especially since mom was pregnant at the time of her second capture. Starshine was born in captivity, we knew nothing of having a little sister until six days after we found our mom in a Solitary Confinement Cell with a swadling in her arms too tired to move, turns out she had just given birth the moment we stormed the Solitary Confinment Cell Block and gave birth to our sister, though her given name is NOT Starshine. Our dad wouldn't give her a name like that./

Rimfire a tad confused: What do you mean her name isn't Starshine? Then what is it if it isn't Starshine?

Blake:/ 'Starshine's' given name is Teagan Skylar Throttlestein. I have no idea WHY the Orphanage changed her name/

Rimfire: I have a faint idea and that was to keep Teagan or as I know her, Starshine, from ever knowing that she has family that have been looking for her since she was ten. Look, I gotta go, the Zoo's due to close for cleaning in an hour or less an I really gotta go. Just be at the meeting place and be ready to help her remember who you are to her and if at all possible,TRY to get in touch with your dad, maybe seeing him will jog her blocked memories up!

Blake:/ I'll try, no guarentees that I can find him, but we'll give it another shot. Maybe by now he's found mom./ (Hangs up and goes about trying to get intouch with his dad's bike's long range radio)

Rimfire hangs up and enteres the mens roomFinds an clean empty stall and goes inside shutting the door behind him.

A few minutes later the toilet flushes and he opens the door,comes out and goes over to the sink where he washes his hands then exits

Rimfire hears Starshine's voice calling him and turns around saying: Starshine,what's wrong babe?

Starshine points to her watch and says: It's almost closing time! I forgot that they close at twelve o'clock on Saturdays and it's going quarter to twelve now! We have to get outta here before we get locked in and miss our movie and dinner date! I finished off both our rolls of film before coming here to get you so we can leave! Now lets go before it's too late!

Rimfire grabs Starshine's hand and they both rapidly walk towards the gate and slip out just before the security guard shuts and locks the gate and says: Do you have your purse with you honey?

Starshine nods and says: I never once took it off my shoulder. Lets go and catch the bus heading to the theatre before we miss it. There's a bus stop at the corner,if we're lucky we can catch the bus on the other side of the street.

Rimfire grabs Starshine's hand and they both rapidly walk towards the corner,stop and wait for the light to change then cross and barely make it to the bus stop before the bus stops to let passengers off and Starshine shows a college bus pass and hands Rimfire his pass then they head to the back of the bus,sit down and wait until he sees a familiar land mark and says:
Star,ring the bell before we miss our stop!

Starshine reaches up and pulls the cord to signal the bus driver to stop then they both got up after the bus stopped and got off,crossed the street after the bus pulled away then went to the movie theatre,opened the doors to the box office and got two tickets to Digimon The Movie,went into the lobby,had their tickets torn in half by the usher, recieved a Digimon Trading Card each then went up to the consession stand,got Nacho's and cheese and two large Diet Pepsi's then headed to the theatre where their movie was playin,counted seven from the front edged down three seats leaving one open for their coats then sat down just as the previews began.

Three hours later at four o'clock the movie ended and Rimfire handed Starshine her jacket and reminded her to take her garbage with her. Once out of the theatre and into the lobby, Starshine went into the ladies room while Rimfire went to the mens room and a few minutes later,Starshine came out and waited for Rimfire to come from the mens room so they could catch their bus back to Starshine's place to get ready for their dinner date.

Starshine tightens her grip on Rimfire's arm and says:
At what time is our dinner reservation for hon?

Rimfire looks down at his sweetheart and says: Nine o'clock. We've got six hours to let our stomach's digest the Nacho's and Cheese and drinks we had. Oh uh by the way,the reservations require formal clothes that I don't have. You don't think you could go out on a limb and get me a tux rental for the night could you? I swear I'll pay you back for the rental fee and any late charges that might occur.

Starshine silently thinks: Formal clothing? Oh no! Rimfire's outgrown his old tux and none of the other tux's I have fit him in all the necessary places. As a matter of fact,none of my old dresses fit me either! Danged,we both need dress clothes to go to dinner tonight. (Says to Rimfire) Instead of catching the bus back home, we should go to the tailor's and get you properly fitted for a tux. I know just the place to go to get your choice and style of tux. I'll be next door in the ladies department getting a new formal dress. None of my other dresses are shall we say appropriate for the place we're going to? Just follow me and I'll get you your own personal tailor to get you outfitted for tonight! (Looks up and says) Well whaddya know,we're right across the street from the very place I had in mind! Let's cross over so we can get fitted and be on our way home to rest for a while ok?

Rimfire nods and says: Ok sounds great by me. (Starts walking to the corner where they stop and wait for the light to change from red to green then cross the street and head into the tailor shop where he says) Wow,I never knew this place was so huge!

Starshine goes up to the counter,rings the bell and calls out: Darren? It's Starshine! Hello anyone home? Darren?

Darren comes out of the back room and says: Starshine! Long time no see girl! What can ol' Darren get for ya tonight?

Starshine pulls Rimfire around infront of her and says: Well Rimfire here needs dress clothes for dinner and none of his old tux's fit him and I need a decent fitting dress that doesn't reveal too much clevage. I can't go to dinner dressed in these clothes! I wouldn't look approrpriate!

Darren calls out to bring his wife from the back room and says: Tracey will take good care of your needs Starshine and I will personally attend to measuring and fitting Rimfire here with a tux that will make him look good and feel comfortable in all the right places. (Comes out from behind the counter and says to Rimfire) In here now Rimfire and we'll get started with the measurements and believe me this won't hurt a bit. (Closes the mens fitting room door to begin measuring and fitting Rimfire for a new tux)

Tracey: Come along now Starshine, we've just recieved a shipment of new dresses that might be what you're looking for in style and comfort and are perfectly with in your budget range.

Starshine smiles and follows Tracey into the women's fitting room saysing: Great! I don't want to overspend right now, especially so close to Christmas and my anniversary of dating Rimfire is today of all days!

Tracey closes the door after Starshine had entered,then goes over to the rack and pulls off a beautiful shimmering pale blue puffed sleeve dress and says: Here Starshine,try this one on and see how you like it!

Starshine breathless in awe takes the delicate dress from Tracey's arms and carries it into the changing room where she closes and locks the door,takes off her shoes and street clothes then uzips the dress and steps into the shimmering dress, pulls it up then puts her arms through the sleeves,grabs the zipper puller off the hook on the wall, hooks it onto the zipper and pulls it up all the way to the top then adds the sash remembering that you put the back of the sash backwards and wrap it around the waist twice then bows it and sees a pair of matching shoes on the floor,slips her feet into them and lets her hair down from the cap,brushes it out and opens the door to her stall then steps out and says to Tracey: Well what do you think about this one?

Tracey walks over to Starshine and circles her then says: Y'know, I found another one the same style as that one except that there's no sash to tie and the sleeves aren't as big as these ones are. Do you want to try this one on? (Shows Starshine the dress she'd mentioned and waited for Starshine to answer)

Starshine takes a look at herself in the mirror and says: Do you think Rimfire's finished yet?

Tracey hands Starshine the dress and says: I'll go find out and if he is I'll let him know you want his opinion. (Heads into the front of the store and sees Rimfire waiting for Starshine with his tux under a garment bag and says) Oh good you're all finished! Starshine needs your opinon on a dress she's got on. She doesn't want to pick it just in case you think the second one looks better.

Rimfire picks up his tux from the counter and follows Tracey and Darren into the other fitting room where he hangs up his tux on a coat rack,sits on a chair that Tracey sat out for him,then takes a good long look at the dress Starshine was wearing,gets up,goes over to Starshine,then slides his hands through the sleeves to her cheeks and says: Well hon, in my honest opinion,the sleeves pracitcally dominate your entire face! If you wanted a good night kiss,I'd have to plow through those sleeves to find your face. Try the other one on and we'll go from there.

Starshine heads back into the dressing room stall,unties the sash,unzips the back of the dress, removes it,hangs it up on the hangar and rezips the back handing it out to Tracey then unzips the second dress,removes it from it's hangar, steps into it pulls it up sticking her arms through the sleeves then attaches the zipper pull to the zipper, pulls it up and removes it then opens the door a second time and says: What about this one?

Rimfire gets up and walks over to Starshine to check how far he'd have to burrow to find her face and says: Still the sleeves are too big on her. (Spies another dress in the exact same color,takes it down off the hangar,hands it to Starshine and says) Here try this one on,there's no sleeves or annoying frills or sleeves to move aside. (Unzips the zipper for Starshine then allows her to go back into the stall and checks his watch saying) Hon,if this one's perfect,then we'd better vamoose and take our casual clothes with us! It's almost eight forty five! We've been here since four o'clock getting fitted and that much time has flown by!

Starshine heads back into the dressing room stall,removes the dress,hangs it back on it's hangar, then unzips and removes the third dress from it's hangar,steps into it,pulls it up then pullz the zipper up with the zipper pull,opens the door to allow Rimfire to zip up the zipper and says: Well what about this one darling?

Rimfire easily cups Starshine's face in his hands without getting any fabric caught up and says: This one's perfect hon. Now it's exactly eight forty five and it's a fifteen minute drive to the restaurant. While you gather up your purse,clothes and hat,I'll go up front and call us a cab to get us to the restaurant alright? (Tips Starshine's face up and kisses her mouth lightly before saying) I'll get my tux and change as well then I'll call a cab to come pick us up.

Starshine watches as Rimfire went to get his tux and heads into the next empty stall beside hers and thinks: /Wow, that was the gentlest kiss he's ever given me. Oh gosh I'd better get my clothes from the changing room and grab my hat and purse then get the two dresses out from in there and give them back to Tracey to hang up for some poor fashion deprived person who loves big sleeves./ (Goes into the stall,picks up and folds her clothes,picks up her shoes and hat,opens her purse and pulls out a plastic bag that she slides her clothes,hat and shoes into then looks in the mirror and thinks with embarassment) /Oh dear god,here I am wearing a dress with socks! This won't due at all! /(Reaches into her purse and pulls out a plain package that she opens to reveal a garter belt that she slipped on and drew the suspenders through her panties then removed her socks and slid on a pair of silky smooth stockings that she unrolled all the way up her thigh and attached to the suspenders then slid her feet back into her shoes that complimented the dress, rolled up her socks and slid them into the bag and reapplied her make up and lip gloss making sure that everything was perfect before quickly brushing out her hair and slipping her silk hair ribbon into her hair and tying it back into a bow then left the stall saying to Tracey) Do you want me to leave the dresses in the stall or should I bring them out?

Tracey shakes her head and says: No,you've got a dinner date for nine o'clock. I'll put those dresses away and I've called a limo to take you and Rimfire to the restaurant. The cabs on this side of town are atrociously slow,the limo company's much quicker and is far more cheaper and besides Darren and I have an account with them so we just put you on the account as customers. Now then, Rimfire gave Darren your card for here and everything's paid for. You look beautiful! Pray to god he proposes tonight! (Spies a beautiful matching shawl on a manniquinn and says) Oh and before you leave,here; a gift from me and Darren. We've never been able to sell that dress or that tux that Rimfire's wearing so you can have them as sort of an early christmas present for the two of you.

Starshine nods and says: Thank you Tracey! I hope so! It's our anniversary of when we first met and our first date. (Goes over to the stall where Rimfire was and knocks saying) Honey,you ready to go? (Finds the door was open and the stall empty and says) Is he up front?

Tracey looks out at the main desk and says: That he is. Princess,your Prince Charming is waiting to take you to the ball oh and your chariot has arrived and is waiting for you two to be on your way to your romantic evening.

Starshine slips her purse on over her shoulder,picks up her bag with the casual clothes,hat and shoes in it then goes up front,signs the till slip,gets her reciept and card back,puts them into her purse then links arms with Rimfire who escortes her out to the waiting limo where the chauffer opens the door and Rimfire allows Starshine to slide in first then he slid inside and sat beside Starshine as she says: Got your casual clothes and wallet?

Rimfire nods and says:
I made sure to grab everything. You m'dear look gorgeous!

Starshine snugs up close to Rimfire and says: You look like the prince in my dreams that I had as a child.

A few minutes later the driver announced that they'd arrived at their destination and that the fare had already been paid then got out of the drivers side,went around and opened the door of the limo and waited for Rimfire and Starshineto exit the limo

Rimfire pats his jacket pocket to be sure he put the ring box in the pocket then says: You will be back?

Ethan: I'll be back before midnight. I was instructed to arrive back here before midnight so you can have your romantic evening together without worrying about running up the meter. Have a lovely evening and I shall see you again at midnight. (before shutting the door and going back around to the driver's side says ) Don't worry about your belongings. I'll put them in the trunk for safe keepings. That way no other customer will be tempted to take them. (Goes around to the passenger side, removes Starshine and Rimfire's personal belongings,shuts the door then goes up to the front and pops the trunk then goes back around to place the items in the trunk then goes up to the driver's side of the limo and gets back in then leaves Rimfire and Starshine to their evening.)

Rimfire glances at his watch and says: Hey we're right on time! I reserved us a special spot for nine o'clock and it's eight fifty nine on the dot! (Links arms with Starshine and walks up to the restaurant,opens the door for Starshine who enters then he enters behind her and walks up to the waiter and gives his last name and reservation time and is instructed to follow the waiter to the private area of the restaurant then they're both seated and the server leaves and a waiter arrives and takes their order but Rimfire just says) Could we both get a menu before we order?

Waiter: Certainly! (Hands both Starshine and Rimfire a menu then leaves them to maul over their dinner choices.)

Rimfire opens his menu and sees that the menus they were given were specially chosen to suit the occasion and says: Well m'dear,what'll you be having for dinner?

Starshine finally looks up and says: Given my allergies,I'll settle on the lobster platter. What about you? I know you don't like seafood much but----oh wait! There's Ribs on this menu! I didn't even see that one! How about Ribs darling?

Rimfire grins and says: Sound good to me! (Signals the waiter who comes over ready to take their orders and says) Howdy James, two of the medium orders of Ribs. When did you start working here? I thought mommy and daddy were attornies at law?

James takes their order down,takes the menus and says: They are and they own this restaraunt. My uncle Curtis runs this place so I've been working here for a long time. Anything to drink guys? Oh lemme see here,there's wine,red and white,there's chocolate milk,pop,iced tea,milk shakes,tea and coffee oh and juice.

Rimfire looks at Starshine and says: A suttle red wine James low in alcohol. Don't want to go home too drunk or we'll be in big trouble.

James writes down what they wanted to drink and says: So kiddies,what time's curfew t'night? what time does Cinderella's pretty dress turn back into street clothes?

Starshine steps on James's toe and says: Cinderella doesn't have a curfew anymore. Cinderella's livin on her own away from her parents. But we're heading home at around midnight so I won't be too tired to study for my exam. If things go the way we hope they will,we'll leave earlier than that,go home in the limo that brought us here,change,bath and I'll study a bit more for my final in English Literature before going to bed for the night. By the way,Theo asked if you knew that your kid's got a raspy cough.

James: Hmm,no I didn't know Stacey was sick at all. Why?

Starshine: Theo took your kids and his kids to see the doctor and Stacey has to take Dimtapp for colds and allergies two teaspoons three times a day,antibiotics one pill three times a day and is to stay home from school until she gets the OK from granpa. That's why.

James tugs at his collar and says: While I'm at it,why not go ahead and order dessert too. That way you can get out of here sooner and you'll have more study time. Might I suggest the Lover's Banana Split? Four flavours of ice cream,four sauces,whipped cream,sprinkles and a cherry on top with more sauce.

Starshine looks at Rimfire and says to him: Is that alright with you? One for each of us? This way James can get home to his daughter who needs him when she's sick.

Rimfire nods and says: No it's ok,we'll split one. I've seen those lover's banana splits and they're huge! Too much for one person to handle all alone. So James,one lover's banana split and two large milk shakes. You didn't write down wine did you?

James writes down the banana splits and says: Nope. Why want somethin else instead? How about a Strawberry Milkshake?

Rimfire nods and says: Great we're finished ordering and you can go and put our order through. We'll signal for dessert as soon as we've finished eating our dinner.

James finishes writing everything down and says: Great,I'll tell my replacement that you'll be ready for dessert in about two hours. At around eleven o'clock? Sound good?

Starshine: Perfect! Thanks James and don't forget to call your daughter. She's waiting at home by the phone for daddy to call her.

James turns and walks away from the table and says: I'll go do that after I put your order through to the cook. (Goes over to the kitchen order window and hands the special order to the chef who starts preparing freshly made Ribs for the two meals then says to his replacement) Jarred,set your watch for eleven o'clock.

Jarred sets his watch alarm for elven o'clock and says: Why'm I setting my alarm for eleven o'clock?

James turns and sees the two Ribs meals were ready,sets them on a tray and says: 'Cause that's when the lover's table is going to eat their dessert which is one Lover's Banana Split,and they get a free meal on the house because Star has racked up enough credit for a free meal so they don't have to foot the bill at the end of their meal. Since you've got two free hands, would ya mind makin two large strawberry milk shakes for me?

Jarred goes over to where the deep freeze was and says: Sure no problem! Make 'em all the time at the other restaraunt where I work. (Brings down two large old fashioned milkshake glasses,puts them on the counter,fills each one up with milk then opens the deep freezer,takes the ice cream scooper out of the hot water and sticks it into the freshly opened barrel of strawberry ice cream and makes one gigantic scoop,brings it up out of the freezer and carefully places it into the glass then dips the scoop into the hot water again and then back into the ice cream to make one more gigantic scoop that he places into the other glass of milk then closes the deep freeze,puts the scooper back into the hot water,takes the milkshake glasses with the milk and scoop of ice cream in each one,sets the first one on to the milk shake maker and makes sure it's fastened on tightly then proceeds to blend the ice cream and milk together until he sees James comming over and has the first one done and starts on the second milk shake and mixes it until it's completly blended and grabs ahold of the whipping cream,shakes it,removes the cap and presses the nozzel sideways and begins to move the can in a clock wise direction until he had just the right thickness of whip cream on each milkshake then grabs the strawberry brown cow,takes the cap off it and opens the top to squeeze some of the liquid on the whip cream and puts a cherry ontop and sprinkles colorful sprinkles on top of the whip cream and says to James who took them) Two large extra frothy strawberry milkshakes made the way they were in the fifties.

James sets the milkshakes on the empty tray and says: Great,thanks alot Jarred,you cut down on the amount of time spent making these things with your expertise! (Leaves and goes over to Rimfire and Starshine's table,setts the two milkshakes one infront of each of them saying) Oh it looks like your meal is already,I'll be back with your meal and complimentary low alcoholic wine. (Leaves the table and goes over to the window,picks up one of the two plates, sets it down on the tray and puts the other platter beside it,puts a fresh roll and several small butter packets on the tray along with napkins and says to Jarred) Hey Jarred,since yer not busy and have two free hands,would you grab the low alcohol red wine and two large wine goblets and follow me. (Watches as Jarred grabs the mature low alcohol red wine and two wine goblets and says) Alright,follow me to the table. (Carefully makes his way over to Starshine and Rimfire,waits while Jarred sets the wine and glasses down,then says) Take one of the platters and set it infront of Rimfire along with a roll while I put one infront of Starshine. (Takes the second platter of Ribs off the tray and sets it infront of Starshine along with the roll saying) Here's your bill that you wanted and here's the free meal card for you to present at the cash. Enjoy your meal and Jarred will sereve you dessert at eleven. I'm needed at home.

Starshine sees that Rimfire had stood up and says: What's wrong? (Watches as he shakes his left leg and giggles saying) Leg fall asleep on you?

Rimfire shakes his head and says: Oh ow no,charley horse in my upper thigh that's turned into a cramp that is truly very annoying and it hurts so I'm just stretching my leg out to get rid of the pain. You start eating and I'll start as soon as this cramp takes a hike. (Starts feeling the cramp lessening and slowly walks over to Starshine and spreads the lap napkin over the lap of her dress saying) Here honey,don't ruin your beautiful new dress with Ribs grease,use this napkin that goes over your lap to protect this beauty from being totally ruined like that peach colored one that Shanna dumped fruitpunch wine all over. (Goes back over to his chair,sits down spreading a napkin over his lap and begins to eat his Ribs saying) James's kid is sick?

Starshine swallows her Ribs and says: Yeah,I thought somethin wasn't right with her and my hunch was right. The doctor called my place lookin for James and told me to tell him that Stacey was sick with a chest cold and she asked me to tell daddy she wanted him to come home and baby her until she felt better. I mean she does have a mommy,but mommy's work number is unknown.

Rimfire: Where's she work?

Starshine swallows her milkshake and says: Three doors down from Darren's Tailor Shop. Oh wait! I know what to do! I should call Darren and ask him what the phone number for the petshop three doors down is! I'll be back in a minute. I'll go to the bathroom and call. (Gets up and puts her napkin on the table then heads to the bathroom where she entered,pulled out her phone and a pad of paper with a pen then dialed Darren's Tailor Shop and after three rings,Tracey answered and she said)able to help me locate the Oh hi Tracey? It's Starshine again. I was hoping you'd be phone number for the petshop that's three doors down on your right. Why? Because Stacey's mommy works there and I can't find the stupid number in any phone book and the operator won't give it to me. (Listens to Tracey rattle off the Tailor Shop number then says) Tailor Shop phone number and Thanks Tracey,you're a big help. (Hangs up with Tracey then dials the says to the person on the other end) Hi, I'm calling to speak with Brianna Eddingston McStevensson. Is she in please? (Hears that she was speaking with Brianna and says) Oh hi Brianna! It's Starshine!

Brianna: Starshine? What's wrong?

Starshine: I have a message for mommy from baby

Brianna: What's the message?

Starshine: Mommy come home! I want you to baby me 'cause I don't feel well. I gots a cold and I wanna be as fussy and fidgity as you'll let me be. Daddy's already heading home but she wanted me to call mommy and ask her to go home to her. A girl needs her mommy when she's sick with a chest cold.

Brianna glances at the clock and says: Well I suppose I can quit two hours earlier than I normally would do just for Stacey. Besides if she's sick then there's medicine for her to take. So what is it?

Starshine: Stacey has to take Dimtapp for colds and allergies two teaspoons three times a day,antibiotics one pill three times a day and is to stay home from school until she gets the OK from granpa.

Brianna writes everything down and says: Alright, call her and tell baby mommy's on her way home now and that she can be as fussy and fidgity as she wants to be. Thanks for calling me and letting me know she's sick. What about Teddy? Is he alright? Did he catch a cold? Or is his health fine and dandy?

Starshine: No Teddy has an inner ear infection and has drops that go in his ear. Three drops four times a day. Once in the morning, once at dinner time,once at supper and before he goes to bed at night. The doctor wants to see him in three weeks time to ensure that the infection has gone away or if the strength of the ear drops needs to be adjusted so that they'll work better at getting rid of the infection.

Brianna: Oh ok, thanks for telling me. I don't seem to be gettin anymore business so I'll close early t'night and go home. Thanks for callin to let me know they're sick. Yeah you too,good luck! Bye. (Hangs up and heads out turning the open sign to closed then slips out and locks the door and heads home to her two sick children who wanted their mommy to come home and baby them)

Starshine hangs up with Brianna and leaves the girls room to go back to her table where she and Rimfire started talking until their meal arrives and Jeb says: Dinner is served.

Both Starshine and Rimfire stop chatting and begin to eat their Ribs being sure not to ruin their brand new formal clothes.

After eating an entire medium sized basket of Ribs,Rimfire looked at his watch and decided to ask Starshine if she wanted to eat dessert earlier than anticipated.

Rimfire swallows the last of his Ribs with his wine looks up and says to Starshine: Hon, do you want dessert now?

Starshine nods and says: Yeah,I'm ready for dessert now.

Rimfire spies Jarred and beckon's him over and says: We're ready for dessert now Jarred,if you don't mind.

Jarred glances at his watch and says: Yer sure ya (Cuts his sentence short due to a tired look from Rimfire and says) Ok,yer the customer. I'll go get ya yer banana split now. I'll be back in a few minutes with dessert. And please forgive my ill manners on questioning yer decision regarding having dessert earlier than anticipated,it's not my place to decide for you. Please excuse me. (Bows respectively at the waist and leaves Rimfire and Starshine's table, goes to the back of the restaurant and from the cooler,pulls out a freshly partially made lover's banana split consisting only of the banana's then turns and says to his friend) Ya see the guy with the stripe through his hair sitting with the blonde? Go and ask them what flavours of ice cream they would like in their banana split. I'd do it myself, but I don't think he really likes me after I questioned his decision to have dessert now.

Jeb walks over to Starshine and Rimfire's table and says: Please excuse my rude interruption,but I was sent to inquire which flavors you would like in your banana split before it is made.

Rimfire feels a wave of tiredness crash down,snatches the menu from the menu holder in the centre of the table before it fell on the floor and says to Starshine: Chocolate Fudgesicle swirl, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chocolate Chip sound good?

Starshine picks up on Rimfire's tiredness and quickly says: Yeah,those sound good to me. (writes down the flavors on a napkin and hands it to the waiter who takes it back to Jarred as she says) What is the matter with you? Don't fall asleep here! (Starts to laugh at Rimfire's tiredness saying) This isn't the best place to be falling asleep! Nor is the bus any where to fall asleep! I've done that and went by my stop at least five or six times before my pager went off and woke me up with a message from Theo asking me when I planned to get off the bus and go home and go to bed.

Rimfire feels his sleepiness washing away and says while trying not to laugh: I-I don't know what's making me tired! I've never felt like this before! Then again I guess it's just that I'm not used to being around you yet. It's been two years and we're together with no family interferance alone having a grown up dinner with wine not diet sodas. You! YOU of all people fell asleep on the city bus and missed your stop at least six times? Now that's one I've never heard before! How'd that happen?

Starshine reaches out and brushes Rimfire's bangs out of his eyes saying: Easy,I was so tired out from writing the longest exam in history and I just got on my transfer bus,got comfortable and fell asleep. When I woke up,Jarred was standing over me asking me why I didn't get off the bus THREE HOURS AGO! Aww,you're tired aren't you? It's been a long day for you and a relatively short one for me. I'm just thankful that I don't get grounded anymore for walking in past the old curfew time.

Rimfire starts to snicker saying: How old were you when your mom stopped grounding you? You slept on the bus for three hours and no one knew you were there? That's odd,if I were on that bus and seen you were going to miss your stop,I'd at least have the curtesy to awaken you and tell you that you were about to miss your stop!

Starshine sits back,sighs and says: I think it was about a year after I started dating you when the groundings and punishments stopped for good. Hmm, I know you'd wake me up so I'd get off at the right spot. Oh well that was last year in April,it was an eight hour exam and it started at eight in the morning and ran until four o'clock and by that time I was well and truly exhausted.

Rimfire casually reaches into his jacket pocket and feels the ring and says: I'll be right back hon. There's somethin I need to talk to Jarred about. (Pushes his chair out,stands up and goes to the back of the restaruant where he says) Jarred?

Jarred looks up and says: Oh good! Ya did get what I was saying! Do ya have the ring with ya?

Rimfire reaches into his pocket and produces the velvet box,opens it and says: Here it is. I remembered this time not to leave it on Mars on my bed.

Jarred snickers and says: Good lad! (Carefully picks the ring up out of the box and places it over the cherry and says) Whaddya think of the master piece?

Rimfire looks at it and says: A smidgen to the middle. Whoa whoa! Right there Jarred! Perfect! Now I'm goin back to sit down don't say a word about what we did. I want this to be perfecto!

Jarred hiccups then says: Oh 'scuse me! Me lips are sealed me boy! Not a peep outta me t'night! Give me the signal as to when I should bring it out.

Rimfire: When you see me lean back and it looks like I'm stretching,that's when you come. Actually when I cock my head to the right bring out the sundaes. Am I clear enough or do you want a more suttle hint?

Jarred: A more suttle hint would be nice. I'm not too keen on stretching or head cocking.

Rimfire: Lemme see. How about if I arrange the breadsticks in the shape of an N will that do?

Jarred hands Rimfire a basket of breadsticks and says: Here,take these so she won't get suspicious.

Rimfire takes the bread basket,goes back to his seat,sits down and says: I never really realized we didn't get any bread sticks. Want one?

Starshine: Oh no I couldn't eat another piece of bread! No but thanks anyways.

Rimfire: Oh alright. (Strikes up a conversation about what Starshine had been doing during their years apart while arranging the breadsticks to form an N to signal Jarred to come praying he'd see it clearly and remember what it meant and kept on talking with Starshine)

Jarred sees the N and carefully picks up the banana split on the tray and carried them over to where Rimfire and Starshine were sitting placing the cherry with the engagment ring around it infront of Starshine and says: Dessert is now served. Enjoy.

Starshine scoops up the whipped cream with her spoon to find a golden object around a cherry and picks it out the cleans it on a napkin almost dropping it saying: Oh my good god! You had this planned all along didn't you? The dinner and the ice cream to disguise the ring so I'd have to hunt for it!

Rimfire: Oh I had a little help from management and from Jarred who situated the ring so you'd find it on the first spoonful of whipped cream. Yes no?

Starshine: Yes!

Rimfire takes the ring from her hand,slips it over her finger saying: Just the word I wanted to hear you say for two years! (Gives Starshine a long deep kiss then breaks it saying) One more thing just for you.....(Turns to Jarred and says) Would you mind lettin in the two or possibly three gents who're waitin outside?

Jarred nods and says: Sure,I'll let 'em in for ya. (Heads to the back of the kitchen and opens the delivery door and says) They're ready for the two of you go on through.

Rider walks in first followed by his brother Blake and heads directly to the private dining room and hid behind a wall to await the signal from Rimfire.

Starshine a tad confused: What two gents?

Rimfire: Ooh just two people who have been searching for you for a LONG time. (Beckons Rider and Blake into the room and says) Starshine or should I call you Teagan? Stand up then turn around and say hello to your two older brothers. It looks like your dad couldn't make it on time.

Starshine stands up then turns around slowly coming face to face with her two long lost brothers

Blake: How ya doin little sister?

Rider: Been too long since we last seen you (Envlopes Starshine in a tight hug saying).../Teagan/ or did they change your name when you couldn't remember your given name?

For this first time in ten years Starshine's blocked up memories came flooding back to her

Blake: Remembering now what happened? I went back for you...TWICE even circled the spot I seen you fall but you were no where to be found, just this lying on the ground (Pulls Teagan's locket out from his pocket and says) I had the clasp and hook fixed considering when I picked it up, it had been ripped off your neck.

Starshine sits down with Rider's help and says: I remember that day, I tripped on my shoe lace and fell,got back up and re-tied my laces then tore off towards your bike,half way there my foot snagged on a brick and I fell backwards and hit my head then blacked out. When I woke up I was in an orphanage wearing the typical Orphan Girls Uniform Dress. I was told my entire family had been wiped out. As my memories started trickling back and I started asking questions, they quickly realized I was starting to remember my past and made it a point to continously insist my family was wiped out and that there was no one left to take care of me until I was of age to care for myself. Through Stoker or so they say, they placed me with human parents that were tight on the reins and practically kept me house bound barely a social life unless they approved and no contact with anyone from Mars as they were 'bad influences' on me and my 'fragile' memories.

Blake: Then how did you meet Rimfire if you weren't to associate with other Martians?

Starshine: Wasn't easy the first two years, I snuck out my bedroom window,down the tree that was outside my window and I'd meet up with him four blocks down and get back home a half hour before the Baitmore's woke up. The first person I met while sneaking out was his uncle and two friends, they were surprised that I was with a human family that wanted to alienate me from my own kind due to alot of misinformation that bikers were dangerous and drunks. When they met his uncle and friends they started relaxing a bit as days went by they totally loosened up. I was round about thirteen when I snuck out the first time and met his uncle, I couldn't STAND being at home, it was just too noisy for me and too many people who were invited over for a party the Baitmore's planned and of course left me out of even though it was MY thirteenth birthday everyone there was at least 20-40 years old.
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