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Chapter Eight: Lonely Hearts

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meeting Gerard Way.

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Loneliness was the emotion he knew best of all.

He was an expert at being lonely; after all he'd been alone all his life if you don't include numerous different nannies, tutors and the occasional, very brief appearances of his 'beloved' parents. Frank often asked himself why they had children in the first place. But then, from the fact he was an only child, he was probably an accident, a mistake. They treated him very passively.

And so, for a long time, he had no one. The last time he had spoken to Simon was when he witnessed 'The Meeting' at the age of eight, six years ago now. For six years he had to find a way of amusing himself and keeping himself sane; he turned to the guitar becoming obsessed with being amazing. He learnt basics off the gardener and then cornered his father convincing him to buy him an acoustic, which his father did do, but not because he approved. He bought Frank the guitar simply because he was too busy to keep saying no.

His parents weren't very supportive of the creative side of education; with them it was all academic subjects such as science and Maths that ranked high enough to deserve their respect and, although Frank excelled in both, he couldn't stand either of them. So, instead of dedicating his time to furthering his understanding of the periodic table and the properties of Isosceles Triangle's adjacent tangents, he spent his time going to small record stores picking up random records. He developed a strong love for 'The Bouncing Souls', 'The Misfits', 'PiL' and other such bands quickly deciding this was what he wanted to do with his life. But his parents had different ideas; he would go into medicine, following on the family tradition.

Frank's dreams of becoming a musician were almost crushed on the night before the day that he met the most important person he would meet in his entire life; Gerard.
At the dinner table Frank's father -on the rare occasion that his parents joined him for dinner they would sit at the table- turned to his son,

"I have assigned you a new tutor Frank. His name is Prof. Thompson and he is very well recommended. If you excel in your exams, which with his help I do not doubt you will, you'll be destined for a bright career in medicine my boy." He smiled.

"Dad, I don't want to go into medicine." Frank stated nervously staring at his plate, "I want to be a musician."

Frank's parents ended the dinner abruptly sending the fourteen year old to his room. And so all Frank could do was play for enjoyment, it becoming an escape from the tough work schedule set by Prof. Thompson. It was on a day that he was going through such an escape that his life changed forever; brought with the change was secrecy, warped medical experiments and, of course, friendship; he met the Way brothers.

Frank was sitting playing happily away at his guitar in the piano room when he sensed someone watching him and so he immediately turned around to see a slightly chubby boy of about the same age as himself leaning against the doorframe, a smile playing at his lips. He was wearing a Misfits t-shirt.

Frank began to feel self-conscious suddenly as he noted that he, himself, was looking very smarmy compared to this stranger. Frank was dressed in smart trousers, a crisp white shirt and tie while his hair was brushed to the side neatly and his shoes were shinning in the sunlight; he looked like a 14 year-old version of his father. But he wanted to look like the boy that was now making his way over to him.

"You're really good." He smiled, now next to Frank.

"Thanks." Frank replied placing the guitar down softly.

"I'm Gerard Way." The beautiful stranger smiled again and offered Frank his hand, friendlily, to shake it.

Frank took it smiling, "Frank Iero."

"I'm in a band. We should hang out sometime cos the guitarist we have at the moment is shite." Gerard laughed while writing a number down on a scrap of paper from his green-combat trousers and handing it to Frank. He then exited the room casually and simply. Frank really wanted to be like this guy...

He couldn't stop his feet from following Gerard automatically -there was such an air about this guy. And so, Frank walked out of the piano room and into the foyer where his father was standing, importantly, talking to Gerard, a blonde woman -who Frank would later learn to love as a surrogate mum; Donna- and a smaller boy with mousy hair and glasses.

The blonde woman's face was heavily tearstained but everyone was acting oblivious to it. Except Frank's father who was looking at her disgusted. The small boy who Gerard introduced as Mikey, his little brother, was growing impatient and was tugging on the woman's left arm. Frank noticed that the action carried out by the 11 year-old Mikey was causing her to wince in pain. -Thinking back on it later on in life, Frank would realise that this was because she had just been marked.

"Mom, this is Frank, he plays guitar so we're gonna hang out some time." Gerard smiled to his mother who nodded solemnly back.

"Mikey!" she scolded, "stop tugging my arm, we're going for heaven's sake!"
Frank watched on smiling as his new friend left his manor through the big oaken doors. When it was safely and firmly closed Frank's father turned to him and grabbed him forcefully by the shoulders, demanding to be listened to.

"You will never see the Way boys again! Do you understand?" Frank's father spat I his boy's face.

Frank nodded his reply in shock of the sudden aggression that was consuming his father's words.

However, back in his room, sitting on his bed with the paper laid out neatly on his lap along with the cell phone his parents had given him for strictly emergency situations only he defied his father's wishes for the first time in his 14 years of neglected existence.

Clinging to the chance of a new friend he dialled the number and waited for Gerard's voice to answer and change his life forever...

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