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Chapter Nine: Domestic Disturbances...

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The secrets of the Iero household...

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"Guys, I can't believe we're actually gonna do this!" the, now fifteen year-old, Frank gushed in disbelief.

"I know! How awesome? We've only been a band for, like, hardly any time at all but I think we're ready to play live to this many people." Gerard smiled lazily up to the ceiling from his spot on the floor next to another friend and band member; Ray.

Ray's father owned a large club in New Jersey and, when his son had mentioned that he was in a band, suggested that they could open for the band 'Thursday' who would be playing that week. Naturally the whole band: Frank, Gerard, Ray, Mikey and another guy named Matt, were very nervous, but excited as well. Frank was far more eager than he was anxious though as many of the smaller shows they had already done -in the street, at people's houses...anywhere- he had breezed through perfectly; he was born to perform. Not surgery either...much to his parents' dismay, ever since he joined the band, which of course was a secret from them, he had been letting his grades slip. This naturally caused the sparse love and affection his parents ever showed him to become even more meagre, which now, thanks to Gerard and Mikey, didn't bother him. In fact he'd learned to hate his parents.

Plus he didn't trust them; the meeting he witnessed when he was eight still haunted him at night.

"Guy's I've got to go." Frank jumped up after gazing idly at his watch, it was getting close to his enforced bedtime and he had to allow enough time to sneak back into the house and through the many twisting corridors to his room without getting caught. His father had been exceedingly sure that Frank's behaviour was monitored very carefully ever since the day he met the Ways. Frank couldn't understand why though, it was another thing that picked at his thoughts at night...

He held his breathe as the footsteps got louder and louder in his direction.

"Shit!" he cursed breathless from running back to the mansion. Realising that no matter how quiet his curse had been, it still rang out through the old halls, he clasped a clammy hand over his mouth and dashed away from the corridor he was currently making his way down to get to his room.

He wasn't at all aware of where he was running to, he just had to get away from the voices. He couldn't be caught because if he were then he'd loose his only friends and his only chance of a career that he loved. So he ran as fast as his short-teenage legs would carry him until he reached a dead end; a wall covered by an ugly, old tapestry. He noticed a door of to the left and stood staring at it for a moment trying to decide what to do.

As he heard the voices once again nearing him he lunged towards the door and plunged himself into the darkness of his new hiding place. The door would not close properly which made him nervous, but he later became thankful of the fact.

"Marion, relax it'll be ok. We still have plenty of families on back up. Let's see, there's the Williams, the Parkinsons, the Christies and the Ways; that's 26 brains we have left to check." Frank saw his father stop directly on front of the creaked-open door and tough his mother on the arm reassuringly; she looked worried. Frank had never seen her show any emotion before. What was going on...Brains? What did he mean brains? - The image of his father extracting the blood of those people flashed, momentarily, past Frank's eyes.

"What if none of those fit her links? What then? We need her to be alive and breathing if we want control, if we want our plan to work!" Marion Iero's voice was full of desperation.

Dr. Iero patted her arm again, "Then we will force other families into the group. Like we did with the Way family, we almost didn't get her to agree to give us Mikey, but now we have him."

"Donna was difficult, I don't think I could go through that with the other families. I'm losing hope Mark." Marion sighed defeated.

Frank stood stalk still unable to react in anyway; he felt nothing. He was listening intently; this was the kind of information he had been waiting to over hear ever since the meeting. He began to smile in hope at the fact that he could be about to learn what they have been up to and possibly how to stop them.

He was brought quickly out of that thought as he heard the loud noise of contact ring through the silence making him jump. He peered out through the crack of the door as best as he could and saw that the noise had come from his father slapping his mother across the face sharply. She was now holding her left cheek in her hand and sobbing quietly.

"Don't ever talk like that! We will find our answer, she will be alive in no time!" Mark Iero's angry voice followed the aggressive action, the venom hanging in the air as he walked swiftly to the old tapestry ripping it back and revealing simple black lettering on the stainless steel wall "Laboratory #264". He swiped a card in a scanner to the right side of the lettering and walked through a small door that appeared.

Frank watched, his mouth hanging open, as his mother followed, still holding her face, into the small door that his father had kindly held open for her. As soon as the door was allowed to swing back it disappeared and the tapestry flew back to it's original position.

Frank stood out from the safety of his hiding place and gently skimmed his hand over the stiff material of the ugly cover. Turning away with the intent of returning he slipped suddenly and fell to the floor.

"Fuck!"- His face was contorted in rage and embarrassment, even though there was no one around, but it soon changed, softening, to an unsure smile as he picked up the small piece of plastic that had been the cause of the pain now pulsing through his ass.
"Lab. #264"...he had a key.

Standing up he began walking back the way to where he had come from, his eyes darting in the half-darkness devouring every key feature of the setting. He would most definitely be back here and he would stop everything.

But, he thought while walking slowly and accurately, who was this girl they were talking about? And why did she need brains?

...Why did she need Mikey's brain?

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