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Chapter Ten: Answers In The Cold...Pt I

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Donna explains. Mikey comes home. The TV offers up some problems. Donna gets a my summaries are good...*Sarcastic cough* :)

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I keep thinking this story is almost done and then a new idea pops into my head....ARGH! DAMN!-lol :)
Well, cheers fer the folks readin' anyone else havin problems with their keyboards missin out letters when they leave reviews or type up stories?...or is that just my keyboard joinin the dark side with ma hardrive? :)

*Not A Flashback*

Donna sat in the kitchen unable to make herself carry on with her life as if nothing had happened like she had been doing up until now. Ever since Frank had left in the morning she had been sitting thinking and trying to figure out what had made him act so strangely. She sat thinking for hours, her face blank, the coffee she had made stone cold and full to the brim. Absently she itched the mark they forced upon her left forearm, wincing as she did so; it still burned to this day, 4 years ago they forced her to give her son up to their sick games and marked her so she would never forget the promise she made, yet it still burned. But this time, the pain was mixed in with an even greater guilt.

At first the guilt had been for her younger son; the one they chose, and how she sold his life for the good of herself. But now, her guilt was doubled whenever she caught sight of her eldest son. Or more correctly, who her eldest son had become. Gerard did not take Mikey's 'disappearance' lightly. Her son was falling apart in front of her eyes; drink and drugs were his escape; he was in a fast-track lane to death. And it was all her fault...her actions had driven him to self-destruction.

"NO! No, Donna! It's not your fault! No one could take that amount of pain, if anything lasted longer than anyone else would have." She unemotively reassured herself while staring blankly out the kitchen window at the dreary setting of her even drearier life.

"What's not your fault Mrs Way?" -

When she heard the voice she wasn't frightened or surprised by it. She turned slowly to see the face of the boy she had been thinking of only moments before. Why had she been expecting this? She thought to herself...

"I broke the coffee machine.?" She replied, questioning in her tone, faking a smile in his direction by the doorframe. He didn't know anything of his parents; she shouldn't burst his image of them and place that burden on his shoulders.

"You're lying." he stated calmly while pushing away from the frame and sitting in the seat opposite her, the same seat he had watched her sleep from earlier. "I know you're part of it all Mrs. Way and I want to know why." The calmness was replaced by an icy dry tone. His soft, once innocent eyes glistened with emotion. They had always had that shine to them, an implacable shine that she had often wondered about. Suddenly, hearing his words, she realised its meaning; his eyes glistened with the pain at what his parents were doing to the world.

Donna stared at him in shock and mentally kicked herself for not considering the possibility that Frank would know, living in the same house as it all. " do you know?" she stuttered.

Frank, still with a cold tone, answered staring straight in her eyes, "When I was eight I witnessed one of their, sorry your, meetings. Ever since then I've been trying to work it all out, along with a way to stop them. When I learned that Mikey was gonna be taken it encouraged me even more; I couldn't let one of my best friend's die. How could you do this Donna? How could you sign papers to kill your son?"

His question burned her with its powerfully truthful poison. He was right and she knew it; she'd been asking herself these questions for the past four years.
She could feel the tears flowing as she answered, "They forced me Frank. I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do. hurt so much. I should have just let them kill me! But then they would have taken him anyway...he's my baby Frank!" she collapsed on the tabletop, her head on her arms sobbing heavily.

Frank's anger evaporated immediately and he ran around the table hugging her tightly rocking her back and forth. In the back of his mind he had been expecting this to be the truth...or at least he had hoped it was the truth. He couldn't bare thinking about Donna as one of 'them'. "It's okay Mrs. Way. I got Mikey away from them. I know how to stop them! I will stop them!" Frank resounded angrily while still rocking her reassuringly back and forth, his anger this time directed at the people causing the pain this woman was enduring.

Her grip on him tightened as she cried over the beautiful words Frank had just uttered. She would never be able to put in words how thankful she was to him if what he was saying was true. She continued crying unable to speak as he kept rocking her back and forth comfortingly whispering words of reassurance.

"It's ok. It's ok." He breathed, she cried, "All we have to do is keep Mikey hidden from them so I can destroy her."...

Still shaking from the cold outside and attempting to adjust to the sudden warmth of his home; a place he never thought he'd see again, Mikey noticed Gerard snoring drunkenly on the old-fashioned couch. His overwhelming emotions at being out of the institute, away from 'them' and all their needles' he ran, with wobbly legs, to his brothers side and jumped on top of him devouring him in a bone-crushing hug. He let his tears fall quickly.

"Hmmph, whawt de...." Gerard's muffled voice filtered through Mikey's armpit, confused.

Mikey pulled back still sobbing with relief. "Hi Gee..." he trailed off.

Gerard lunged forward and grabbed tightly to his brother too shocked to cry and held firmly on to him trying to think of something sensible to say, his thoughts were racing. "Mikey! Where did you go? Why are you wearing a hospital gown? What the fuck!"

Mikey managed to laugh through his tears, but then stopped when he made sense of what Gerard had gushed. Had Frank not explained?
"Gerard," Mikey started hesitantly, "I...I was kidnapped by some bad people. They did all sorts of weird tests on me, but Frank helped me escape and he's gonna help me hide."

Gerard's face went from shock to anger very quickly, "Why didn't Frank tell me?!" he demanded, still trying to process the information fully. He had settled on the conclusion that his brother didn't love his family enough to stay with them and so had run away to start a new life, inwardly Gerard was beaming with relief that this was not the case.
Guilt hit his stomach as he thought about how badly he had miss-judged Mikey, his brother, his best friend. He immediately softened his demeanour and turned his focus back to having his brother safe with him now. Ignoring the pounding headache and the desire to divulge all the acidic content of his stomach that was now the sensation he had become more than accustomed to since Mikey's kidnap; a constant hang-over, he turned and pulled his brother into a loving embrace once again, savouring the moment.

"I fuckin' hate needles Mikes, you're officially the bravest person in the world in my eyes now"...the brothers laughed temporarily forgetting the sinister situation they were in.
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