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Chapter Eleven: Answers In The Cold...Pt II

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(same as last one) *cries*...DEATH (of a major character). :(

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DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!.....ARGH!, I just realised that ma computer didn't upload this part....sighs Och it is :)

Her eyes were stinging she'd been crying so much and her more mature joints were beginning to ache from holding onto Frank so desperately for so long. Slightly embarrassed, she pulled back from his arms and cleared her throat but didn't say anything.

"Mrs. Way, if we wanna keep Mikey safe we have to hide him right away, they'll probably look here first." Frank said realistically. "I know where to hide him, but we she go now." He squeezed her arm one final time and began walking to the living room where he had left Mikey to wake Gerard.

"Frank!" Donna's voice pleaded, "just let me say goodbye to my baby first."

Frank turned back confused, "Donna, I've told you, I know how to make this right. I know how to save him, to save all of us. Mikey's gonna live"

"I know Frank," she sighed standing from her seat, "but I won't..." she spoke softly and quietly as she breezed past him and exited the kitchen leaving him alone in the cold, his face contorted in deep confusion.

Frank followed shortly after her, weighing up all his answers with the still unanswered questions of this complicated situation. He walked blankly to the group in the room but stayed back as he saw the heart-breaking scene; Donna was holding Mikey as if he would fall apart, sobbing heavily on his shoulder repeating the words "Sorry honey, sorry honey. But this is right; you must live. I shouldn't have let this happen, I'll get what I deserve."
Gerard's tears were running down his confused, deathly pale face.

Suddenly uncomfortable in the situation, Frank turned his attention to the TV in the corner of the room, which was displaying the daily news. He didn't listen to any of the stories; his mind was struggling to stay strong enough to even do simple things such as breathing steadily. But his attention was snapped back to it as two extremely familiar faces flashed on the screen; he was staring at pictures of himself and Mikey from their High School year book.

Without thinking, he darted forwards straining his ears to hear the story.
" Mikey Way, suffering from extreme Schizophrenia, has escaped from the New Jersey Institute For The Mentally Ill, run by Mark Iero. Frank Iero, the very son of Mark Iero, aided him in his criminal escape.
Both are exceedingly dangerous and wanted young men. Anyone with any information should immediately contact the police or phone this number now on screen..."

Frank stopped listening to the well pronounced, well dressed female on the screen and rushed backwards grabbing Mikey's arm and leading him hurriedly and anxiously to the back door, all the time his face was white as a sheet with shock, fear and dread. Being wanted was not good...

"Goodbye my child!" he heard Donna shout to the stunned Mikey. He didn't have time to mentally question why she insisted on saying goodbye...he thought that he already knew.

She sat waiting for them.

She knew they'd be there soon.

And so, she made herself and her remaining son a cup of coffee each from the still-working coffee machine and sat savouring the taste and his company for the very last time in her life.

By handing Mikey over to them four years ago she had failed. She had failed herself, she had failed Mikey, and she had failed Gerard. She had failed. But now, now she was making it up to them. Mikey would live and continue with his life and be happy, as would Gerard; the drunken, drugged mess he had become changing into a successful and happy young man once he had his brother back safe in his life.

And if that meant the loss of her life, then that's what she would do. It was what she owed them.

With a heavy, yet happy and relieved, heart she turned to her dear beloved son and smiled weakly through the threatening tears, uttering the last words of hers that would ever touch his ears, "I love you Gerard and I'm sorry...please go."

Unsure of why he was following her heart-breaking instructions, the teary-eyed Gerard stood from his seat opposite his mother in the kitchen and walked solemnly to her holding her briefly in his arms, "I love you to mom, I forgive you."- he wasn't sure what he forgave her for exactly, but he did. He walked away, looking back at her smiling face -he'd remember that forever- and made his way to the only place he would find comfort; an off licence.

She sighed in relief and contentment as his acceptance of her apology washed over her, and then she waited.

She smiled wider as she heard the door open and the last few moments of her life began playing in front of her eyes.

She was still smiling when the bullet, fired by Marion Iero, ripped and travelled through her flesh, embedding itself deep inside her finally guilt-free mind...

Am I the first person to ever kill Mrs. Way?
...Now I feel guilty :(
Well, let me know what yez it getting' borin'?...cos I'm getting paranoid shakes with paranoia

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