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Chapter Twelve: I Love You And I'm Sorry...

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the magical Donald...:)

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WOO! My paranoia has shrunk...yay! hits shrunken paranoia with blunt thank you peeps :)
This Is Actually Important To The Story
It may seem like the Frank/ Girl flashback is pointless, but it makes sense later...I hope :) hopes
On with the chapter...:)


"Donna, seriously, just give in and sign the paper. Your husband has already died trying to fight us. Do you want to die as well?" Marion Iero asked coldly, waving in front of Donna's pain filled face a pen and a yellow coloured sheet of paper.

Donna could no longer see the paper through the tears flooding down her face as she fought the desperate need to surrender. The pain that was coursing through her body would all be over if she did what they wanted; signing the paper. But putting her name to the sheet would be putting her name to her baby-son's death warrant, and she wouldn't do that, she would never do that...

But the electricity pouncing lively through her was sending her brain a completely different message and so, in a choked sob, she found her self shout out to her tormentors, "Stop! Make it stop! Make the pain stop, I'll sign! I'll sign!"

Smiling sickly in a twisted victory, Marion Iero inclined her head to the white jacket clad device operator and the volts stopped jamming through Donna immediately. Donna collapsed lower in the chair, her muscles un-tensing as she did so. She resumed her crying, but this time for what she was about to do to her son and the consequences her selfish act would cause the world. She stared hopelessly at the bindings holding her to the chair and all the wires that the jacketed worker was now ripping mercilessly from her throbbing veins, not caring about the blood that started flowing evenly and thickly trickling down her arm reminding her of how weak and helpless she was to them.

These people had caused her so much pain. She had watched her husband, Donald, die at their hands -they shot him through the head after he failed to succumb to their wishes- and now, because of her weakness, she was about to give them her precious son; Mikey, so that they could kill him and turn him, from something special and innocent, to something dangerous and sinister; his brain would be added to /her/.

"Sign the paper Donna!" Marion demanded shoving the paper in front of her still painfully contorted, tear-stained face.

With a shaking hand Donna signed her name on the dotted line, stating that her son was indeed mentally ill and that in the case that he get too out of control he should be institutionalised in the New Jersey Mental Institute for as long as is seen necessary- meaning forever.

"No more pain!" Donna dared to demand.

"Just one more bit of agony, the most necessary pain you'll ever feel Donna." Mark Iero, who had been standing back as his wife led the situation, laughed.

Donna's eyes widened as the hot metal was forced onto her skin branding her with a small black medical cross on her left forearm burning her into a shocked silence,

"So you never forget what you have agreed to Donna. If Mikey isn't there for us when, or if, we need him, we'll shoot you through the head like we did to your husband." Mark explained unemotively as he watched her skin curl and flake.

They cleaned her up and covered her eyes once again as they lead her back to the main part of the house where her eyes went swollen once more as, the blind fold removed, she saw her little son Mikey standing looking anxious -he always looked anxious- waiting for her to return from her "grown up chat" with Mr and Mrs Iero. He would be dead soon -exactly how soon she was not sure, it could be months, it could be days or it could be years. But either way, he was dead- and it was her fault, she put her shaky signature to his death...just so she, herself, would not die.

Her heart tore into even tinier pieces when Gerard, he eldest baby, walked through the room happily to where Mikey stood and flew his arms around him reassuringly -he always knew how Mikey felt; they were so close, and now she had ripped them apart.
Gerard was followed by a short, smartly dressed young boy that she had never seen before but took to be the Ieros' son, Frank.

Something was odd about him and she couldn't quite place it. It was as though he were a grown man who had seen many haunting scenes throughout his life -like she had- but in a 14 year-olds body. His face looked deeply troubled and lost. It was, she thought, how she imagined her face looked right at that moment; pained and empty. And the way he gazed at her covered, aching, left forearm....he knew! She thought to herself. But that was impossible...


He was whirling about on the stage, letting his inner-self see the light of day. The real Frank, after all, was getting sick of hiding behind crisp shirts and study books; that wasn't him, this was.

He shredded his parts and jumped about manically, not paying the slightest attention to anyone else in the crowded room. All he cared about was darting across the stage erratically playing the music of his band, My chemical Romance.
That is, until he saw her.

He seemed to freeze in time and suddenly it was just the two of them in the unbearably, yet unnoticeably, sweaty room staring intensely into each other's eyes. He continued playing, still with the same enthusiasm, but he was stock-still and stationary gazing into her pained expression, swimming in her haunting presence.
She was so beautiful, but that wasn't what allured him; it was the stories her eyes were telling. They reflected all the dark thoughts that travelled through his mind since 'The Meeting', his thoughts about his parents and what they were doing.

Strumming the last few notes determinedly he was relieved, for the first time in his life, that a concert was over. He didn't feel like staying inside and talking to all his mates in the audience, and so went outside with the intention of having a cigarette; a habit he had recently picked up.

Leaning against the cold, brick wall half heartedly paying attention to his breath appearing in the cold air, he was about to spark up when the eerie sensation from earlier on the stage returned to him. He turned to see her standing by the door.

She glided over to him and, looking anxious, began speaking before he could, "Frank, I'm the one they are going to use. They've had me locked up for so long testing me...putting stuff in me. I managed to escape tonight but I must return or they'll use the equipment to shut me down. You have to stop them Frank. I know you can! Don't let them turn me into something evil," her soft voice pleaded as she rested her fragile body on his.

"You saw for yourself what they're doing to me, although you didn't see my face. Please help me." She pleaded once more before placing her soft, cold lips on his and stepping back into the darkness and disappearing to the steady tap of running feet in the distance.

"I'll stop them. I promise." Frank whispered to the direction she had run in, tracing his lips with his fingertips and smiling despite the circumstances. He continued to do this until on the ground his eyes caught sight of a small scarp of paper. He picked it up hesitantly and read its words:

Frank you can't save me and I don't expect you to.
When the time comes, forget your feelings and pull the plug on me.
The only way to stop them is to destroy me.
I love you and I'm sorry, Belle xx

His tear stained the paper...

Aww, poor Frankie :)
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