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Chapter Thirteen: Our Leader...

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Pull the tapestry back mikey!!!!.... DAMN!

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Marion Iero walked happily back and forth in front of the shelves lining the laboratory, smiling to herself manically as she checked off every name on her mental list making sure there was definitely a back-up test tube stored in the library of brain cells.

Her smile only faltered slightly when she reached the space where Mikey Way's test tube should be held, staring at the empty space collecting dust from its long and uncertain wait, she allowed her smile to return to her lips once again. "Soon..." she thought to herself happily.

This evening Mark would return from the institute with the all-important samples; one to be plunged directly into Belle's bloodstream, the other to be placed on the storage shelves she was looking at right now in case something should happen inside Belle's carefully constructed circuits that would mean she required replacement DNA. Their years of hard scientific and criminal work would finally pay off and they would be in control.

She turned back from the shelving and, still smiling, began humming lightly to the lab air as she surveyed all the wires and tubes running from the stabilizing machines to the various body parts of the peacefully asleep blonde haired girl on the metal framed bed; she was the centre-piece of the room. She was the reason the room existed, to bring her to life again as something unique and dangerous.

In a dreamy, song-like way, Marion spoke to a huddled woman in the corner. "Not long now Patricia. Not long at all and your little Belle will be awake. She'll be perfect just like she was meant to be. Aren't you so glad you gave me your permission to use her; after all, she'll make a fantastic leader."

Marion laughed coldly as the woman in the corner shook and muttered pointlessly to herself, like she always did. The woman's eyes were wide in fright, like they always were, and her mouth was hanging open in a silent cry of constant pain. Marion continued laughing heartlessly as saliva dribbled from the woman's mouth.
"You know Patricia, ever since I tortured you into submission, you've been as interesting as watching paint dry." She laughed.

Turning her attention back to Belle, she continued humming happily, basking in the knowledge that, as soon as her husband returned from work with Mikey's samples, they would set about changing the world forever, making it their world.

"Ah, Belle.... you'll be the daughter I never had." She smiled tightening the screws holding Belle's oxygen in place and typing the command, into the computer linked to the girl's brain, for her to breathe it in.

She looked up, excitedly, from her task of keeping her project, Belle, alive when she heard the bleep of the lab door recognising an access key. She was expecting it to be her, equally happy, husband, which it was. But he wasn't smiling, he'd been crying.
This could not be good; her husband only ever cried when he failed.

She questioned him with her gaze, and his answer made her breath catch in her throat almost choking her, "Mikey has escaped. And I bet you can guess who helped him..."

Marion's world came crashing down around her and she found it incredibly difficult to allow air into her lungs, "Frank..." she breathed heavily.

"Where will we hide?" Mikey panted while running to keep up with Frank who clearly knew where he was going.

"Just follow me." Frank shouted back in answer rounding the corner of the street and running faster as he saw the richer side of town, where he lived, close in on them. He continued on past the immaculate identical mansions until he was outside his own iron gates.

"Be quiet and keep low." He whispered back to Mikey from his crouched position beneath the cameras. It was getting dark and Frank wanted to use that to their advantage.

They climbed over the fence jumping down onto the grass and dashing across it to the greenhouse. Like when he was eight, Frank climbed onto the greenhouse, this time pulling Mikey up with him, and trailed across it until he reached the window to his room. He pulled the window open and ran across the darkness to the door flinging it open silently. He led Mikey easily, as he had been planning this hiding place for quite some time, down many hallways avoiding cameras until they reached an old tapestry, similar to the one guarding lab#264, and threw it back revealing a marked stainless steel door.

He kicked the door and it opened allowing Frank to push Mikey inside and shout back, from already running down the hall in the direction of the other lab he would have to visit this night, "Stay here, stay hidden!"

Mikey pulled the door closed and sat on an up-turned box, staring out at the deserted room; it was a mess. There was burned medical equipment everywhere all scattered around the floor. But he would be safe here until it all, whatever it was, was over.

Only thing is, he forgot to pull the tapestry back hiding the room...

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