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Chapter Fourteen: You've Reached The White House.

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George Bush?...well could you put him on then?eh, please? :)

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I think it's getting near the end now folks, but I'm not sure-lol
I have the habit of making really simple ideas extremely longwinded so... ya know? It could go on for a wee bit longer.
But I think I know how it's gonna end.
Once again cheers for the reviews :) xx


Franks, slightly faster than normal, breathing was all that broke the silence of the cold hallway. His footsteps were slow and soft so as to keep the steady noise of them from giving him away and getting him caught in a part of the mansion he was never allowed in. Tonight would, finally, be the night that he finds out what his parents have been working on; murdering for, torturing for. He was damned if he got caught...

He slid the key card through the lock to the side of the stainless steel door and winced as he heard a bleep, clearly recognising the code embedded in the small, yet priceless, piece of plastic. The door slid open revealing the sterile scientific content of the lab. He shivered as he walked cautiously forward in through the doorframe. The cold lights slowly flickering on as he walked under them did nothing to ease the anxiety suddenly coursing through him, it simply added to the eeriness of his surroundings.

The door slid back into place surprisingly quietly, while Frank continued to creep around the squeaky clean, hospital-like floor taking all the twisted details of the room in through his curious eyes; needles, sharp cutting implements and various other medical equipment were met in abundance by complicated computers, disks and strange electronics.

"Whoa..." he breathed uneasily, his mouth hanging open. He continued to walk until another human noise drew his attention to the corner of the room.

A woman was bent double rocking back and forth with a blank expression on her face but her mouth was contorted in a silent scream allowing drool to seep out of the corners dripping onto the badly clawed cardigan she was wearing. He stood with a safe distance between them, terrified.

Her blank gaze suddenly gave the impression of locking on him, or possibly something slightly behind him, and he started moving backwards away from her when she, still bent double, began limping determinedly towards his direction, closing the distance he had put between them.

Growing more and more scared, he continued to clamber blindly backwards; in his rushed exploration of the lab he had been unable to see what was now behind him. He unrelentingly moved back until he felt cold metal hit his uncovered arms. He tried in vain to push the object out the way, as the woman was now inches from securing a shaky grasp on his neck. Giving up, he turned to see a metal bed frame with a lifeless body lying tied up to countless tubes and wires.

The woman was suddenly next to him stroking, with difficulty, the arm of the pale body. A plastic covering making it very difficult for Frank to decide whether the body was male or female enclosed the face.
At first he wasn't sure if the person was even alive or not, but an oxygen tank was attached to the ends of two of the tubes, travelling to under the plastic, and they had dials which kept moving showing that oxygen was in fact being used; she was alive, if only just. The wires coming from the body were connected to a complicated computer. He couldn't understand what it was for; it obviously had something to do with the person's brain though, as all the wires disappeared under the covering that was blocking their face from his view. He glanced, quickly at the screen and let the confusion take over his face as he read it's simple, yet bizarre, message:

#264: 694--Breathe--00//

He reached forward, with the intention of pulling the covering off revealing the face of this mysterious body, but the woman, who up until this point had continued stroking the person's arm oblivious to Frank, struck her shaking arm out and grabbed his wrist firmly while drooling uncontrollably. He took it as a warning but he didn't really care; he used his other hand and pulled back the screen.

He dropped the plastic to the ground as he stood back in shock, his hands covering his mouth. He had revealed a mass of wires and the two tubes travelling to a blank head; there were absolutely no facial features to it. And yet, it moved underneath the surface of the skin as if it did have them. It took him several moments, due to his shock at the sight, to realise that the body was suddenly screaming a high-pitched blood-curdling scream and the computer was flashing bright green light.

A calm, computerised robotic female voice travelled loudly through the lab air,
"#264, critical error. Light intensity too high. System overload, begin emergency shut down- Confirm or deny. ERROR. ERROR. ERROR...."

Frank was suddenly deaf to the commotion as he fled as fast as he could from the metal-framed bed into the shadows of the lab. He disappeared just in time to see, safely from his hiding place, his parents running hurriedly into the room and over to the bed.
He watched, eyes bulging in astonishment, as his father simply shouted, "DENY!" to the robotic, monotonic voice and placed the plastic covering over the ghostly blank face. Everything went silent and still once again.

His mother strode nearer to the woman who had tried to stop him and grabbed her shoulder trailing her palm violently and noisily across the, already damaged, flesh of her cheek. The woman didn't react; Frank thought she simply couldn't. But Marion clearly didn't agree as she shouted, enraged, "How dare you not fear me! You must be punished for your attempted sabotage Patricia!"

The poor woman was dragged across the floor to the opposite corner and hooked up to a large, terrifyingly daunting machine that had previously gone unnoticed by Frank.
The lights flickered consistently as his mother, cackling evilly all the while, flicked the switch causing electricity to charge through the woman's body making her scream. Frank turned away unable to watch anymore, the guilt he felt was unbearable -it was his fault the body experienced the error- and tears started pouring down his face. He had to move his hand to his mouth so as not to sob out loud; his parents wouldn't hesitate to use that machine on him.
The lights went out suddenly, plunging the lab into darkness. His mind raced frantically as he tried to process what was happening. The lack of sadistic laughter made him come to the conclusion that his mother and father had left the lab finally satisfied that Patricia had been punished accordingly. He stepped out from where he had been huddled and immediately the lights came back on.

He looked around cautiously to make sure his parents had definitely left. They had, the only people in the lab now where him, Patricia and the strange wired body. He turned to see where he had been hiding, and the sight that met his eyes chilled him to the core.
Test tubes full of red liquid, like the ones he had seen his parents extract from the people's skulls on the night of 'the meeting', lined the walls. Each sample had a name printed underneath. He travelled along the line examining the names, unsure of why.

His heart skipped a nervous beat and his breathe made a choking noise emit from his lips when he saw the name of the last sample holding space on the last line.

Mikey Way. His friend, his band mate... all of a sudden his reason for fighting them.

*Not A Flashback*

"Oh no!" Marion exclaimed when finally over her initial shock.

"I know." Mark nodded solemnly in agreement.

"You have to phone them! Do it now!" Marion urged taking her cell-phone out her lab coat and handing it to her worried husband encouragingly.

He looked at it reproachfully at first but then dialled the number he'd been ordered to phone if ever there were an emergency. This was an emergency...

Marion watched in terrified anticipation as Mark waited for the other line to answer.; What would they do to them if they couldn't get Mikey back?

"Good Evening, you've reached The White house..."

OOOH! YAY! Flashbacks!!
Would it really be that easy to reach the white house? Shrugs Och well...:)
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