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Can I call it fluff? Probably. No real content, just a bunch of happy people and Norah Jones. One-shot.

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"WHY, oh, why, in ze name of love, arrrrren't ya dancing, my zweety?"

Al surely was more than tipsy. A still full glass of champagne dangerously dangling in his hand, his other arm suddenly around Delilah's neck. To others, it would look like he embraced her, but Delilah could feel that he had grabbed her for support. Softly laughing, she pushed Al back in his balance. "I guess it just isn't my music..." She almost whispered, trying to push back a smile when Al emptied his glass in his mouth.

"How are you enjoying the party, big Al?" she asked when he had finally managed to swallow it all.

"Man..." Al started, dangerously moving his balance, almost falling over. "Thizz izz likee, the bezzest party evvv- evverrr. Howzy diddi ya guyzz know I'mma turning 50 zuday?"

Delilah cleared her throat and turned her head, nodding towards her second mentor, at the other side of the dance floor. Al followed her moves and noticed Scarlett, who was refilling the punch bowl. "'Xcuse meeee, I'vvvve got a behind to pinch." Delilah could finally let out her laughter when she saw Al waggling away. Every student that saw him coming made sure to be out of his way.

Julius entered the room where the party was held. His train had been delayed and due to his quick shower, he was the last one to arrive at the feast. It was a beautiful setting. All the large windows of the room were open and there were even people dancing on the balcony. The sunset filled the room with a warm, orange light. Julius, however, immediately spotted Delilah, standing on the edge of the dancefloor, leaning against a pillar, chatting with a younger, female student. He walked untill he stood behind her, just in time to hear the other girl say, "Would you like me to refill your glass, too?"

Delilah nodded thankfully and handed her empty glass over to May, who turned around and left. Right after that, the DJ started a new song. Delilah's face lit up when she recognized the first notes. One of her favourite songs.

Sunrise sunrise
Looks like morning in your eyes
But the clocks had nine fifteen for hours

"Seems like you didn't miss me, did you?"

Spinning around, Delilah threw her arms around Julius' neck. "You're soo late! How was the poetry reading?"

Julius smiled back while his hands laid on her hips. "It was great. I had the opportunity to buy some great new books and I talked to that author I told you about..." His partner got lost in his eyes and barely registered what he was saying, but he was drowning in her eyes too much to notice that.

Sunrise sunrise
Couldn't tempt us if it tried
Cause the afternoon's already come and gone
And I said hoohoo hoohoo
Hoohoo to you

Just when he was letting her go, May reappeared next to them. The girl was totally excited and almost ignored the fact that Julius had turned up. She kept looking over her shoulder.

"Hi, JC. Look, Ro isn't dancing with anyone, so I want to grab my chance. Here, you can have my glass." She gave one champagne-filled glass to Julius and the other to Delilah. "See you later, DD." With that, the petite spun around and took large steps, crossing the dancefloor to meet a boy of her year.

Julius pulled up his eyebrows and gave Delilah a funny look. "DD? JC?"

Delilah just shrugged and rolled her eyes. "Remember when we were that age? You kept calling me Dundun."

Her partner laughed shortly. "That's just because you kept scaring me by imitating the 'Jaws' theme! You were that childish!"

Delilah sipped from her glass and glared at Julius. "Dundun dundun dundun dundun..." she said, started whispering but gradually saying it louder and louder with a low voice. Julius finally hit her on the shoulder, finally making her stop. They could do nothing but stare into eachothers eyes and laugh.

Surprise surprise
Couldn't find it in your eyes
But I'm sure it's written all over my face

Julius couldn't help but noticed how Delilah's eyes almost sung the current song and how she softly made moves to the soft jazzy music. This was a chance he couldn't let pass. "Wanna dance? It surely is a great song for that."

Delilah didn't say anything, but took his glass out of his hand and placed it on a nearby table, together with her glass. Already enjoying what was to come, she held out her hand. He willingly grabbed it and pulled her on the dancefloor, where he spun her around. When their eyes met again, he slid his arms around her waist and held her close. She placed her hands on his shoulders and rested her head against his chest, smiling sweetly.

"I didn't know you liked Norah Jones. I thought it totally wasn't your music." Julius suddenly remarked. The girl in his arms chuckled. "When I turned 10, Scarlett bought me one of her cd's. 'You're a teenager now.' She said, 'right now, you won't understand, but when you're older, you will thank me for this'. I think I never enjoyed a cd more."

Julius laughed at her little story. "I guess you played it a lot. When? While having a broken heart, or an exam coming up...?"

Delilah looked up, into his eyes and shrugged. "Everytime when I needed peace, love, warmth, and calmth."

Surprise surprise
Never something I could hide
When I see we've made it through another day
Then I say hoohoo hoohoo
Hoohoo to you

For some moments, they danced in silence. The last sunrays coloured the sky, and the room, into some weird, but pretty orange-pink. The hot temperatures of the day still lingered between the bodies in the room. Then Delilah remarked, "The song actually isn't quite fitting. It's called 'Sunrise'. Right now it's sunset."

Julius hardly said anything. Then he bowed his head and whispered in her ear, "I could dance to this with you, anytime during the day, or night."

Delilah closed her eyes and her smile went wider. She snuggled in Julius' chest, and somehow wished that the song would last forever.

And ever.

Now the night
throw its cover down
On me again
Oh and if I'm right
It's the only way to bring me back
Hoohoo hoohoo hoohoo
To you
Hoohoo hoohoo hoohoo
To you

~# ~#~#~

Hi all! I KNOW I should be continueing 'Return to find me' right now, but a chapter of that one requires a lot of time and that's what I'm not having right now. This one didn't take me long. And, lately, I've been seriously falling in love with an amazing woman you all know, Norah Jones. No, not in a lesbian-type-of-love-way, but her music is just so... the other side of me. I hope you all liked this little intermezzo. I sure did, although it's pure fluff and it's the first time I wrote something like that.

Please review!

Love you all. Xxx-Tisia
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