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Chapter Nine - Two Views

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Finally the day ends!!!

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A/n: So remember how I had said I was going to make 2 more chapters on this day we've been stuck in for 8 chapters? Well I have decided to combine them into one because they ended up being like half a page each, and it's so much easier to combine :)

So enjoy and please review.

Chapter 9: Two Views

She pushed her back against the cold, wooden doors and tried to control her heavy breathing.

A smile arose onto her face, which she had to try frantically to wipe away, just incase her giddy roommate was awake, and caught on to something going on.

She climbed the stairs, two at a time, and felt as if she was ascending into the heavens, although she believed in nothing of the sort.

That kiss turned her world upside down and she felt as if she was floating in mid air.

She reached her floor and almost passed the door to her room.

She fumbled with the keys, shaking with excitement and a slight disbelief that this could be happening to her.

Her being: Elphaba, the unlovable, as many had called her.

"It was just one kiss," she blurted out as she raised her hands in the air.

When they came back down in a somewhat aggravated motion from her realizing her silliness, they made a hard smack against her legs.

A stirring sound came from the other side of the room, and Elphaba froze in place, hoping her roommate hadn't woken

Luckily Glinda was still sound asleep.

Elphaba glided towards the window and looked out to the scenery below.

Shockingly, she came across Fiyero standing under the tree outside her window, and he looked as if he was carrying on a conversation with himself.

"I wish I knew what he was saying."

She heaved a sigh and rested her head against the frame, hoping he wouldn't look up and realize she had been watching him.

There was something about knowing he was outside her room that left her feeling carefree and safe.

It was kind of...nice.

With that, she tore herself from the window, and the sight of the magical skinned boy, and put herself to bed.

"I wish I knew how he really felt..."

He voice faded into the dusty room and she fell into a deep sleep with dreams of love and blue diamonds.

Fiyero watched as she entered the building, and wished she hadn't had to leave in such a hurry.

Everything was so confusing.

How did he really feel?

He knew he felt something for her, but he wasn't sure if it was real.

Could it really be the alcohol?

Or his own heart?

But even if it was the booze he had ingested, why would he still feel a longing to kiss her, and touch her, even as he sobered?

The biggest question he had running through his mind was how did she feel towards him?

She sent out mixed signals.

First she yells at him for kissing her while she slept, and threatened to hurt him.

"She probably could have taken me down."

With that he let out a laugh, his breath mere fog in the cold air.

Then she threw herself at him and kissed him.

He shook his head in confusion.

Close by, he saw a leafless tree and leaned up against it.

He felt as if he couldn't leave until he had settled all that buzzed in his head and the fact he knew she was in that building somewhere didn't help either.

He didn't have the heart to leave her.

"Is she thinking of me too?"

A question so over bearing he had to let it out.

The night air remained silenced, and he sighed, in hope he would find the answer he looked for.

On a happier note, he tried to think of conversations they could have tomorrow, something that wouldn't be too embarrassing, uncomfortable or enforce his feelings and need for her too strongly.

He looked up at the closest window, and thought he saw a flash of green.

Hopeful whishing?

He stared long and hard, as if maybe he'd receive another sign.

After a few moments he gave up, and trudged away, mentally kicking himself for falling for such a complicated girl.

But, he thought, maybe that's what I love so much about her.


There's that word.

Was there actually meaning behind it, or just a slip of tongue?

He had no sure way to decipher his true feelings.

He buried his thoughts deep inside, laying a sheet of denial over it, that would never be unwrapped, unless he knew her true feelings for him.

No matter how long he'd have to wait....
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