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Chapter Eight - Unexpected Surprise

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Chapter 8: Unexpected Surprise

He placed his lips on hers, and his hands made way to her cheeks, gently cupping them.

In midst of the kiss, her eyes had sprung open in surprise.

Elphaba pushed him away from her in rage.

"Oh! You're awake," he said, slightly jumpy and uneasy. "I'm so glad you're..."

He stopped mid sentence.

He could sense the surprise in her eyes and tried to stay as calm as possible.

Unfortunately that much couldn't have been said for her.

"What, you thought you could kiss me without me knowing it? Huh?"


She didn't let him finish.

"Was this your plan all along? Get me drunk, befriend me, wait till I pass out, and then have your way with me? I'm not that kind of girl Fiyero! What fool do you take me for?"

She quickly stood up and strode towards the gate.

Before opening it, she turned around rashly, and glared at him.

"The nerve you have, Mister Fiyero, for kissing me without my consent!"

He could see the wild fire raging in her eyes, and thought best not of angering her more, but his stupid-ness had anyway.

"I'm sorry...I couldn't help myself...I,"

At once he knew he had spoken the wrong words.


Her body tensed and her hands gripped at her sides.

Her hot breath was apparent in the cold, crisp air.

Heavy puffs came out, diminishing in seconds, and she tried to control herself from slapping him across the face.

But was her breathing what was really keeping her from hitting him?

"Elphaba, please believe me, I'm truly sorry."

He didn't know what to say to prove how sorry he was and in some way he wanted to admit how he felt.

But he knew she wouldn't understand, especially when she was already angered at him, it would only make matters worse.

He would do anything to see that angelic smile of hers again, and to hear her sing-song laugh.

But he knew it was no use, and gave up hope of whatever he had hoped to happen between them.

His face drooped in sadness and he lowered his head in a depressing manner.
She heard the genuine hurt in his voice and saw the guilt in his face.

He shyed away from her, trying to hide his embarrassment and shame.

Her eyes softened and her muscles, tight from anger, had loosened as she walked slowly over to him.

"Thank you for walking me to my dorm, and caring for me when I was too irresponsible for myself."
As she said it, her voice came out in a squeak, and barely noticeable.

She reached a hand onto his arm and gently grazed it.

The sudden soft touch made him lift his head, and created a smile on his face.

"Anytime," he responded. "Goodnight Elle."

As he turned to walk away, something inside her cried out.

Her thoughts became fuzzy, and all she saw, in the back of her mind, were dancing blue diamonds.

Something unexplainable had come over her, and the next thing she knew, she heard her own voice call out to him in the vacant night sky.

"Fiyero, wait!"

The words floated above their heads for a moment before he realized the desperate sorrow in her voice, and he slowly turned around.

She took this opportunity to run into his arms and kiss him passionately with all her might.

She threw her arms around his neck fiercely and pushed herself closer to him.

A bit surprised at the affection she was at random showing him, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back, deeply.

A clock nearby struck 12 they had both jumped in alarm.

They pulled apart unwillingly and she gazed into his crystal, blue eyes.

"Goodnight," she said before one last, parting kiss.

"Goodnight," he whispered into the cold, lonely air as she ran off into the building.

With one last look behind her, she sighed and closed the large oaks doors shut, ending the most perfect night of her entire life.

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