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Chapter Seven - Expecting the Unexpected

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Continuation of last chapter. Short (Teaser). Cliffhanger.

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A/n: I am forewarning you that not only is this chapter going to have a huge cliffhanger at the end...but it's a teaser, so it will be short.
And unfortunately I'm not going to update for awhile...
Enjoy :)

Fiyero paced her "lifeless" form and had to decide fast what he had to do.
He face was blank and there was no sign of movement.
He decided at once to check her vitals, and then decide how to handle matters from there.
Fiyero kneeled beside her motionless body, and gently put 2 cold fingers against her neck to check for a pulse.
At the touch, Elphaba had felt the coldness on her warm neck and her body jumped in response.
But she was still not awake.
Fiyero left out a puff of warm air he had been holding inside from panic that she may have not been alright.
He let his back hit the wall and he sat back for a few moments, recollecting his breath.
At least she's alive, he thought.
He looked over his shoulder next to him and watched her sleep.
He noticed how sweet she looked beautifully radiant.
Like one of those angels out of the books he'd read at school.
He outlined her cheekbone and jaw softly, as to not wake her.
Her expression had changed from being almost blank to a small, traceable smile.
His fingers soon found their way onto her soft lips and his body leaned in closer.
He wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or if he was suddenly gaining feelings for this misunderstood, mysterious girl.
His body ached to kiss her, but he wasn't sure if he really should go through with it.
His face was inches from hers now.
He could feel her sleeping breath hitting his lips, and temptation had given him in.
He placed his lips on hers, and his hands made way to her cheeks, gently cupping them.
In midst of the kiss, her eyes had sprung open in surprise.

A/n: Told you it'd be short!
And a cliffhanger!
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