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Chapter Six - Strengths and Weaknesses

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They finally get out of the bar...yay!

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A/n: Guess what! They finally leave the bar in this chapter!! Yay!
Sorry, I got dreadfully tired of them in that bar...only so much they can do there.
But I wrote this like a month ago so I'm just typing what's on the paper, and occasionally tweaking it.
Enjoy :)

"Hey Elle," he chimed.
That seemed to have gotten her attention enough, so he pointed out the window to signify the end of the rain.
But it wasn't necessarily him that caught her attention, but what he called her.
Elle? I like it, she thought.
She had to admit, it was quite odd for someone to give her a silly nickname.
Only Glinda had ever given her one, and sometimes she felt it was to mock her, but Elphaba didn't let it bother her, or that would be giving in to Glinda, and the world.
He sat there stupidly, pointing out the window for what seemed like hours of silence.
"I guess we can leave then," she finally said.
He put his arm down, and got up from the booth.
She gathered her things, which was a tiny bag she carried around with her always.
Inside she kept her wallet with money, her room keys and a book, because she never knew when she'd need a good read.
As she readied herself to stand, after sitting for what seemed like forever, she heaved a sigh and used all her strength to pick herself up.
She tried to look at ease so he wouldn't feel obligated to help her.
She wasn't a frail creature, she was strong, and she needed no man to take care of her.
Especially Fiyero.
But her attempt at doing fine on her own failed when her head got dizzy and she almost flopped backward.
Fiyero held out a hand to help, and she wished she could have just ignored it and got herself up, but she knew in her current, half intoxicated, half hung-over state, she would have never made it up again.
She took his hand and he lifted her up with ease.
She glared at his smile.
Not noticing her evil stare, he put his arm around her waist to keep her steady.
She could feel his hand fit perfectly on the small of her back.
She tried to wiggle away, but she had so little strength, and she needed it to get back to her dorm, but it seemed the more she struggled, the tighter he held.
She decided to give up on that battle...he won...for now.

They left the building and walked into the night air.
Everything around them seemed crystallized from the rain, and glistened in the moonlight above.
Above their heads, a million stars twinkled, almost as if they were there just for them.
Fiyero guided her to the sidewalk leading to Craige hall.
Her eyes started becoming heavier and heavier to the point she couldn't take it anymore.
She closed them and allowed her head to sit lightly on Fiyero's shoulder.
Before he could catch was he was doing, he laid his head on top of hers and held her closer to him.

As they went on he could feel her body weakening from tiredness and soon her body started slowing down, getting closer to stopping.
He picked her up in his arms and carried her the rest of the way.
Her arm found its way around his neck and she nuzzled closer to him.
He nearly dropped her at the surprised at this soft side of her.
He became lost in his thoughts, which some contained Elphaba in it, and others she wasn't.
But the ones where she didn't exist, seemed depressing and dreadful.
He much preferred the ones with her in them; they were happy, and full of laughter.
But his thoughts were soon interrupted by the sight of the gigantic, oak doors of Craige hall.

When he reached the building, he placed her gently against the wall on a dried up patch of grass.
He knew he couldn't leave her there, and he had no idea where her dorm was.
Even if he did he wasn't permitted into the girls dorms at such a late hour.
He gently grabbed her shoulders and rocked her back and forth, hoping the sudden movement would waken her.
"Elphaba," he whispered in her ear. "Elphaba, wake up. We're at your dorm."
It was no use.
He started to panic that maybe there was something terribly wrong with her.
But he couldn't get help with out leaving her.
And if he could find someone close by, they'd think they were up to something, and that was against the rules.
What would happen to him if they thought he got her drunk to do god knows what with her.
What would they do to her? He questioned himself.
He paced nervously, stopping and looking at her from time to time.
Whatever he was going to do, he had to do it fast.

A/n: I hope you enjoyed the chapter and are as happy as I am that they got out of the godforsaken bar place I had trapped them in for 5 chapters.
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