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Chapter Five - The Damage It Causes Her

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More of a transitional chapter, and more continuation from chapter 4. still in the bar/lounge place.

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A/n: Sorry guys for taking so long to update. My week and weekend have been so chaotic.
I've been babysitting to get money for x-mas gifts and school clubs and such have been taking over my life.
My two friends were performing at a bookstore and they sang For Good from Wicked so I had to be there and give my support.
And then I bought Wicked: The Grimmerie while I was there :)
So without any further ado...

She was in a drowsy state of mind, and sometimes completely unaware of what was going on around her.
She saw everything in a blur, and all voices were low mumbles, seeming so far away, and she couldn't make out a single one.
They sat for a while, both staring out the window, watching the rain fall against it in endless pitter-patters.
She soon started to come back to Oz, and him.
"Hey, welcome back," Fiyero greeted in a sweet voice. "You were out of it for quite a while."
She rubbed her eyes viciously as if it were all a strange dream, and sat up more straight then she had been sitting before.
She looked around, trying to observe her surroundings, and the memories of that night were slowly coming back to her.
He watched her every move, and with each swift turn, his eyes lit up more and more.
She leaned her head against the cold window glass.
"Oh... I have such a headache," she signed, closing her eyes from the sweet relief the glass brought to her throbbing head.
"Well when the rain stops I'll walk you to Craige Hall. Hopefully that will be soon or it will be past your curfew and you'd be locked out."
"Isn't it pretty?" she said in a hazy manner as she opened her eyes, staring into the misty abyss.
"Yeah it is," he agreed as he took his gave off of her and onto the other realm of the window.
"How could something so beautiful cause so much pain?"
Tears filled her eyes as the words rolled off her lips.
"No, don't cry, please," he pleaded carefully, trying not to make her feel bad about crying, which could cause her to be more upset.
He leaned across the table and attempted to caress her cheek, but she moved away
He moved back to his seat, giving her back her space that she desperately seemed to need.
He figured he'd leave her alone the next few moments, to allow her to battle off any demons that seemed to be haunting her.
Yet knowing he couldn't help her tugged at his heart, and he lacked understanding of whom she is and all of her past to actually get who she really is, inside and out. But he was willing to try, and that's what really counts... right?
She finally looked up from the window to look him in the eyes sympathetically.
"Sorry, it's a sore subject."
She shrank into her seat, somewhat embarrassed.
He wiped a hair out of her face, and surprisingly she didn't move away. The interaction did make her shut her eyes and shudder though. Human contact was one thing that not only made her uncomfortable, but no one had ever really did it, so she was inexperienced so to say.
"Sorry," he pulled away, afraid he was causing her pain. "So what does rain do? To you I mean."
The look in her eyes seemed distant, as if trying to recall a lost memory from her past.
"Ever since I could remember, I've always been afraid of water. It took me till I was nine to experiment and find out the horrid truths that it burns my skin. So I cant have any contact whatsoever with water."
"That's awful"
His eyes widened in interest, and when she noticed, she continued on.
"I realized that enough of it leaves scars and I didn't dare go any farther than that, but I have hypothesized that it could kill me in large doses. I try to stay as far away from water as humanly possible, which can be quite hard but I manage."
"So it's all types of water? Not just rain?" he inquired.
"Yeah, tears, rain, baths, showers, sinks..." she drifted off.
"If you don't mind me asking..."
But she didn't let him finish, "I probably will mind, but go on anyway."
She waved him on.
"Well," he gulped. "How do you bathe? If you can't use water..."
His voice diminished and almost floated away, as if to disappear from his mouth all together.
She blushed, and shifted uneasily in her seat.
She swallowed hard and pulled herself upright and cleared her throat so she would be heard strongly.
This frail and weak act is getting old, she told herself.
Her face became solemn and he noticed the change in her expressions and posture immediately.
"I use oils," she replied sternly. "That was very personal, and I'm letting you know, the only reason why I told you is because I don't want you thinking I'm unsanitary and dirty, then spreading it around the whole school."
"I would never do that."
"That's what they all say..."
His gaze caught outside the window.
Her not trusting him deeply saddened him, and he felt bad that she had to deal with this kind of shit everyday.
People betraying her, and flying rumors of lies and disgust, it would hurt him too.
His thoughts melted away when he had come to realize that he saw nothing outside the window; the rain had stopped.

A/n: I hope you enjoyed that chapter. I know it wasn't much of anything but it was more of a transitional chapter. The next one will be juicier and more filling, I guess that's what you could call it lol. I will definitely try to update this really soon, and attempt to add up the next chapter of my other fic also :)
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