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Chapter Four - The Chosen One

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Continuation of Chapter 3 ... Drinks all around! I'm crazy...I know.

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A/n: Thank you to everyone who has commented :)
Also I know I haven't been keeping the characters true to the book, but I tend to change the characters, its like my trademark, so I'm not taking everything from the godly Gregory Maguire (the creator of this amazing book, /Wicked/).
But enjoy anyway :)

She tried her hardest not to lock eyes or be caught tracing the diamonds on his neck, but it got harder and harder after each drink the waitress poured.
"So, Elphaba," Fiyero ventured when she started looking looser: less tight and wound up. "Where are you from?"
"Munchkinland," she slurred. "But I'm not a munchkin, as if you couldn't tell by my height. But soon after, I lived in Quadling County."
"You may not have the height of a munchkin," Glinda teased. "But you sure have the attitude of a goblin."
Glinda started laughing so hard so slid right off her chair, onto the floor.
The girls were drunk off their asses, but Fiyero seemed the only one to be able to hold his liquor.
He held it together and was the sanest of the group.
Just as Glinda picked herself off the floor, Boq strode in, dodging between people and making his way to their table.
"Hello Boqie!" Glinda giggled, losing her balance as she tried to stand.
"Good evening, Miss Glinda," he said bowing.
Mimicking him, she bowed too, but lost her balance and nearly fell over.
He caught her with a confused look on his face.
"What the hell is going on here?" he demanded, looking more towards Fiyero then the girls.
Elphaba busted out into a fit of laughs.
It seemed to be contagious because Fiyero and Glinda had soon caught it themselves.
Boq helped Glinda back into her seat and pulled up the closet one next to hers, and sat down.
"Explain," he eyed Fiyero.
"Don't look at me," Fiyero raised his hands in the air. "They're just having a good time."
"Doesn't look like fun to me," he said unsurely.
"Oh Boq, shut up," Elphaba said harshly.
"So, what graces your presence for us?" Glinda asked drunkenly, making no sense when she spoke.
Boq raised an eyebrow and sighed deeply at their misconduct.
"I've come with sincere apology from master Avaric and I for not showing up earlier," Boq started. "Avaric had changed his mind about his plans for the evening. He wants to go to the Philosophy Club instead, and asked me to run over here and invite you both. I'm surprised he even thought of you Elphaba."
She sneered at him disgustedly and turned her head away from him in a matter-of-factly manner.
"We can't go anyway," Elphaba remarked. "We can't just forget about Fiyero."
Fiyero was touched that she even thought about him, especially when they could have just obviously ditched him right then and there with no worry.
"I could join you if you'd like," he offered, as he gently laid a hand on Elphaba's arm.
"I don't think you'd like the Philosophy Club, actually," Elphaba said as she moved away. "I know I don't."
"What is it exactly?"
"Well..." Boq started.
"It's a sex club," Glinda blurted out.
"Glinda!" Elphaba was shocked that Glinda would come out and say such a thing.
It was true, however, Glinda had never said such a foul word, or ever cursed in her life.
It must be the drinks, Elphaba thought.
"I think I'll pass," Fiyero answered as he saw relief in Boq's eyes.
"Me too," Elphaba chimed in. "I'll head back and go to bed."
"Likewise," Glinda agreed. "But wait...."
Glinda stuttered her way to her feet from her chair and nearly collapsed.
"Whoa, Miss Glinda," Boq soothingly said as he helped support her. "I'll wait with Elphie, you go to the dorm and lie down."
Fiyero looked over at Elphaba slouched in her chair. He didn't quite understand the gist of what was going on, but then again, they were still acquaintances.
Elphie, he thought. He didn't like it too well; it was too mushy for her. She was strong and independent...more of an Elle.
Yeah, he liked Elle a lot more.
His thoughts were broken when Elphaba leaped out of Boq's way, almost toppling over him.
"No, you don't have to stay with me. I'm not an infant, I don't need to be babysat," Elphaba protested.
Yet it seemed the more she tried the weaker she got, and she lost complete balance and fell into Fiyero's arms.
"I guess I'm the chosen one," Fiyero laughed, smiling at Boq, then down at Elphaba.
Boq intertwined his and Glinda's arms as he tried to steady her on her feet, and escorted her out of the door.
He turned before exiting and looked back at Fiyero and Elphaba, "Good Luck!" he shouted across the room.
"Thanks," he shouted back as he attempted to prop Elphaba back up, who seemed as if she was falling asleep right then and there.
He guided her to a booth by a window where he could watch the falling rain for a sign of it clearing up.
Yet deep in his mind, he wished it wouldn't, because that meant more time he had her to himself, and he wished time would stop so he could stay with her longer.
Maybe even till forever...

A/n: I was very unsure about how that chapter was going to turn out. I don't think it's the greatest but it gets things said and done.
Hopefully the next few are better.
Any suggestions or such, please let me know, I'd appreciate it :)
Oh and his nickname for pronounced like the letter L.
I thought it was cute...and something different to start off with then Fae, although I love the name Fae, I wanted to change it up a little bit.
Don't you like the little Boqie I threw in there? I know I'm hysterical.
Oh! And the two times where Glinda speaks and it makes no sense at's supposed to be written like that lol
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