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Chapter Three - Something There That Wasn't There Before

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Fiyero and Elphaba can't keep their eyes off eachother.

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A/n: So today I did like nothing in school due to a bunch of subs, and teachers wasting time handing out month old papers that we didn't even remember we did.
So that gave me a chance to write 10 pages, front to back, for this story.
I have yet to decide where I'm cutting the chapters off, because 10 pages plus what I add and change, can be a lot for one chapter.
So between then next few chapters, some may be short (like this one).
Sorry in advance.
Enjoy, and I'm going to try to update my other story real soon too :)
(And yes I quoted Beauty and the Beast for the title lol)

She let go of his hand quickly and sat down, almost embarrassed and blushing.
Glinda motioned for Fiyero to sit by her but he chose to sit beside Elphaba instead.
Elphaba shifted uncomfortably in her seat and tried to occupy her eyes with something else, other than the dancing blue diamonds on his face.
She noticed they also went along his neck, and she somewhat wondered how far they led.

She was not used to sitting so close to someone, especially when they chose to sit next to /her/.
Her eyes lifted and found Fiyero's gaze upon her, how his eyes were watching her every move.
Their eyes met and she knew she had been caught.
Soon, all the sound drowned around them, and it felt like it was just she and he: alone in an empty room.
The sound of Glinda's voice boomed in her ears and brought her back to the world, full of drunken students and noise pollution lingering around them.
She looked at Glinda.
Glinda's stare burned through Elphaba's eyes.
"Sorry, Glinda, what where you saying?" Elphaba asked nonchalantly.
"Elphaba Thropp, how rude of you not to be paying attention when I was speaking," Glinda said snidely. "I asked if you had done the Life Sciences paper."
"Glinda, your being the rude one giving me such remarks," Elphaba shot back. "And yes I did do the paper."
Glinda got the hint to back off and they continued the conversation.
Elphaba tried to follow the conversation between the three of them as casually as she could, trying to take her mind off their new, found friend and his magical skin.
Glinda then started rambling on about who knows, something most likely about her, but Fiyero and Elphaba sat there laughing at Glinda's craziness.

Fiyero caught the waitress at the next opportunity and ordered them a round of drinks to celebrate.
"To Friendship!" he toasted, and made a glance at both girls, then back to his glass.
After the clink of each glass, they sat back and drank.
Fiyero, Elphaba noticed, always kept an eye on her, and she couldn't shake it.
It wasn't a bad thing, she guessed, but it gave her a funny feeling inside of her.
The scary thing was...she liked it too.

A/n: Don't think its over just yet...there's more to come. :)
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