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Chapter Two - An Uncertain Feeling

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The meeting you all have been waiting for...the one that starts this whole story and puts it in motion. :)

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A/n: Continuation of Chapter 1...enjoy :)

Their drinks came, and were finished, when Elphaba became wondrous about the boys and her sister.
"What is taking these boys so long?" whined Elphaba, as she curled her legs into her lap and wrapped her arms around them. "They are taking forever!"
"Only goodness knows," Glinda replied, with a hint of distraction in her voice and eyes.
"What are you staring at?" Elphaba observed, trying to locate the object that caught Glinda's attention.
A boy, no wonder, Elphaba noticed.
But she realized, that this was no ordinary boy.
He too mesmerized her
It was more of his beautiful, dark skin, covered in tribal blue diamonds.
He looked in their direction and their eyes met.
She quickly turned her attention elsewhere, and blushed, in her case, a darker green.
She faced Glinda who was still gazing at the boy.
"Are boys all you ever think about, Glinda?" Elphaba pestered. "You need a life."
A small laugh sneaked between her lips.
Glinda turned to Elphaba suddenly, making Elphaba jump.
"Why don't we ask him to come over and sit with us," Glinda suggested, looking back at him. "I think he's new, and he could be all alone."
Before Elphaba got a chance to answer, Glinda had jolted up and almost glided towards him.
Glinda introduced herself and stood talking with him.
She acted like a lovesick schoolgirl: fluttering her eyelashes and laughing at every little thing.
Elphaba wanted to barf.
She noticed Glinda pointing her way and she felt a small smile come across her lips, and their eyes met again.
She looked away shyly.
Unable to help herself she turned back their way, and noticed he kept staring at her over and over, instead of paying attention to Glinda's babbles.
Somehow his delightful skin seemed familiar to her, but she couldn't understand why.
She racked her brain trying to figure out where they had met.
And like a light bulb had suddenly been switched on in her head, it came to her.
"Life Sciences!" she exclaimed, almost noticeable in the heavy fog of noise hovering in the air of the lounge.
She sat back in her chair, proud she had figured out the big mystery.
Another thought had popped into her head almost instantly.
She was slightly happy that someone of a different skin color had showed up at Shiz.
She would have someone in common with, and she wouldn't be an outcast anymore, because she'd have someone almost like her, looks wise at least.
Maybe the teasing would stop and she wouldn't be so lonely, although she would never admit how she truly felt about her current social status.
Most of all to Glinda, who in an instant would turn Elphaba into something she wasn't.

Her heart began to pound against her ribcage as Glinda and the magical skinned boy strode her way.
The boy, she noticed was wearing a slight smile, maybe from nerves?
Who would be nervous to meet her?
She looked down at her hands and fiddled with her fingers, trying hard not to look up and into those clear blue eyes.
A shadow landed in her hands and she looked up slowly, finding him standing beside her.
"Hi, I'm Fiyero," he said as he offered his hand to shake.
Their eyes locked and she stood up slowly, facing him at eye level.
At the corner of her eye, Elphaba could see Glinda wearing a mischievous smile.
She focused on Fiyero again, and as their hands touched, a spark lit inside her heart.
As their eyes continued to meet, a connection was made that they felt form between them.
"Nice to meet you Fiyero. I'm Elphaba," she greeted with a half smile.
"The pleasure's all mine, Miss Elphaba."
This, she knew, would be a beginning to something so wonderfully new.

A/n: I don't think I have much to explain for this chapter.
I hope you enjoyed it and review what you thought about it :)
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