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Chapter One - Introduction

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Can love withstand all obstacles? - A Fiyeraba Love based mostly.

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A/n: I've been reading all of the other fics about what would happen if Fiyero and Elphaba fell in love at Shiz, and I decided to write my own twist to it.
I wanted them to act more like real couples, get into more fights, break up, and I know this is fantasy and such, but I felt I needed to write this story because people could relate more to it.
Mostly book verse.
So enjoy :)

They hurried into the lounge of the café to escape the danger of the falling "acid" rain.
Elphaba and Glinda searched the filled room, full of half drunk and talkative Shiz students.
They needed to find a table capable of seating not only them, but also their 4 friends, not to mention Elphaba's nanny, which seemed almost hopeless.
Just as they were about to turn on their heels and give up, Elphaba spotted a recently vacated table across the room.
"Look...there!" Elphaba blurted out, almost unable to believe her eyes.
Glinda traced the direction of Elphaba's skeletal finger.
"Lets make a run for it," Glinda said, dashing for the table as quickly as her little legs could.
They made it just in time and full of relief, collapsed in their chairs.
Glinda giggled uncontrollably at the situation and how they must have looked, running between tables and chairs to get this table.
Glinda looked over at Elphaba during her laughing fit, and she stopped.
Glinda's eye's widened when she saw what her friend was doing.
Elphaba was sitting back in her chair, and on her face, was a small smile that spread from cheek to cheek.
Glinda gawked at this sight for a moment.
An Elphaba smile was very rare and in this case, Glinda was glad to be in its presence.
Glinda's face became solemn for a moment as she became deep in thought.
She never realized how pretty her roommate looked when she smiled.
If only she gave a damn and actually tried to look nice, Glinda thought to herself. Maybe people would like her more.
But then again Glinda didn't want that, because in some way, she was happy to have Elphaba all to her self.
Yeah, she shared her with Boq, Nessarose and Nanny.
But Glinda was Elphaba's only best friend, who was a girl.
Glinda's thoughts were soon interrupted by Elphaba's voice, "Glinda, the waitress wants your order."
"Oh, sorry, a hot chocolate please."
"Sometimes, Glinda, I have no idea where your mind wanders to," Elphaba said, shaking her head.

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