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The Gift

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V is back; can they pick up something they never got a chance to start?

Category: V for Vendetta - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-01-23 - Updated: 2007-01-24 - 516 words

The small frame of a sleeping Evey lay in peaceful slumber; a gloved hand slid the stray locks away from his angel's face. Unconsciously she turned into the glove like a kitten nuzzling the hand of its owner, quietly she whispered, "Oh V I've missed you so."

Rubbing his thumb gently on her cheek the masked man responded, "I've missed you too, Evey."

As if a bolt of electricity coursed through her at the sound of his voice, Evey's eyes shot open, "V!" The sight before her was beauty beyond words. "God V...I can't believe it." Evey lunged at him wrapping her arms around him to ensure he was real, for what seemed like an eternity they held one another until Evey pulled back. "But how? V...I was there I held you...I even put you on the trai.."

A gloved finger came to her lips to stifle her questions, "Evey; please no more questions. Just be here..." he paused starring at her in a comfortable silence, "With me?"

Tears started to stream down her face, every night she'd dream of this; of him. As though she had control of her own she grabbed his hands and leaned up to him kissing him again on a mask that had rarely experienced the feel of human contact.

V just relished in the feel of her beside him and behind his mask a slow smile appeared, after a few moments he gently placed his hands on her upper arms and moved her back a bit breaking the contact with his mask. The two sat silently starring at one another until V broke the silence, "I've a gift for you Evey." He stood and made his way to his cloak lying over a chair in the corner.

Evey raised her eyebrow at him, "V the last time you gave me a gift" Unable to finish her sentence her eyes filled with tears at the pain of her memories that tormented her nightly in her dreams.

The change in her demeanor was quickly evident to V; he removed a small box from his cloak and moved to her once again. "Evey this isn't something I have ever given to anyone." He stroked the casing of the box he held slowly, "Understand that if you accept this, there is no going back, you will have it all."

Evey stood from the bed and took a few unsure steps towards him, "No going back? Have all of what V?" She asked standing before him the look on her face evident that she still did not know who this man before her was. She watched as he extended his hand to her and offering his gift to her.

V watched as she started to open the gift, as the box lid fell open she removed the item inside. At the questioning look on her face he whispered softly, "All of me. Evey, we fight everyday just to stay alive," he lifted his hand to her cheek and caressed her softly. "Let us not fight what is between us anymore."
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