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I Love You

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Evey recalls her experience with V, but sometimes the past is not always ready to die.

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Evey held up the contents of the box, it was a black satin mask. "Why a mask, V? I don't understand." She ran the soft satin through her fingers slowly as she starred at him.

V's head fell a little; he took a few deep breaths, "Evey, do you remember your first morning here? When you saw my hands?" At her nod in agreement he continued, "Do you remember how they got like that?"

The question sent Evey reeling for a moment, of all the things she didn't know about him she couldn't forget the tiny details he offered her about his life and who he was. "About the fire..?" Then it hit her; what exactly the mask was for, he didn't want her to see the damage the fire had done to him and her heart broke for him.

V nodded, "This costume... this persona; I've worn since then has been all I've ever known; until you Evey. There is a man Evey beneath this wall." He waved to his mask and all black motifs, in an instance he moved to her and took her hand pressing it to his chest. "Do you feel that Evey, that is life you feel beating beneath your hand. Not a ghost or an idea but a man; standing before you...wishing to love you the way you deserve."

Evey's heart skipped a beat, the man she loved stood before her asking to love her. It was all she'd ever dreamed of since that day and now here he was before her; it was more than amazing; it was perfect.

V reached out and for the mask and took it from her, " you trust me?"

A bright smile crossed her face and she nodded, "With my life V." Evey took a few deep breathes and closed her eyes.

V stepped behind her and slowly tied the mask on her face; V took her by the hand and led her back towards the bed. He removed his mask and touched her face, "So beautiful my love," with the last words spoken V kissed her. It was sweet yet strong and full of passion beyond words; he wrapped his arms around her to hold her closer.

Evey held on as tight as she could and sank into him when he kissed her, it was beyond perfect. His lips felt so soft and different than anyone she'd ever shared this type of embrace with, she wished it to go on forever. Evey kept her eyes closed and let V take charge as he started to lead her closer to the bed finally kneeling on the bed as he lowered her down with him. V's kisses were more than just kisses it felt like he was touching her soul.

V's hands roamed over the beautiful body beneath her; hesitantly he broke the kiss and left little kisses across her cheek to her neck where he just took in her scent. His lips moved next to her ear, he began to whisper to her, "Ancient man believed that the air had magic powers; and that when a man and a woman kissed it was if their souls were intertwined, Evey. Everything I am is yours...I love you."

Evey was so overwhelmed tears started to flow freely she reached up to remove the mask and opened her eyes, but there was no mask on her face. Even worse there was no V lying above her on the bed, tears continued to stream down her face as she sat up looking around the room for any indication that V had indeed been there and this hadn't been a horrid trick by her mind. " ...V?! V!!!" She looked around the room and squeezed her eyes closed tightly, "V...I love you too."


Please don't hate me for doing that! It's just I wrote the ending before anything else...I led you on but it was a fun ride! I was thinking about writing another but I'll see how everyone likes this one and the feedback I get. Come check out my other stories and fan vids at my website.
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