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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

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Yes Bitches, I updates. WOO. Dedicated to my wife Lexi, (Who didn't stop bugging me about updating,) and to Alex, my daughter. Haha. [If you read 'I'm still on my own' from the Saturday series by Moocow, you'll know why she is my daughter.] Yeahh bishes.

86400 Seconds.

1440 Minutes.

24 Hours.

1 Day.

That's how long I had left.

That's how long both I and Lexi had left.

We were to be discharged at the same time, so we would leave together.

And now I was absolutely shitting it.

Going out into the outside world in 24 hours, and I'm fucking scared shitless.

I'm going to see Pete; and the other guys.

I'm going to see Mike.

I'll probably be fired when I get out.

I had packed my bags already, and I was sitting on my now made up bed, waiting for lights out. Tomorrow evening I will be leaving this crack-pot land, and getting back to normal life. I think Lexi was as scared as me, and we were both in silence, wondering what life will throw at us when we get out of here. There had been a few occasions where both of us had said we needed our drugs, but a few days ago, the truth had sunk in, and the reality that we were finally getting out started to hit us. I think that made us realize what idiots we had been, and that drugs don't help anyone. It was nice to know that we had control over ourselves, and that we didn't have to rely on something so petty as a few packets of cocaine and a few bottles of alcohol.

The doctors had said drinking didn't affect us too much, but both of us had decided to go straight-edge, thinking that it would do us good. Lexi had even said she was going veggie, that it would help her 'cleanse herself.' I laughed at this, earning a bruise on my arm.

10800 Seconds.

180 Minutes.

3 Hours.

I'm leaving in three hours, and I'm practically shaking. I think somehow, my body has disconnected itself from my brain, and was shaking at a ridiculous rate. Lexi was pacing the room, and I had given up trying to calm myself down. I was slightly hyper-ventilating, and my hands couldn't hold anything; I was that nervous.

"Lexi." I tried to get her attention, but failed miserably.

"Lexi," I said again, and was once again met with silence.

"LEXI!" I screamed, causing her to fall head first over the coffee table. I laughed, and stood up to help her up. She glared at me and brushed herself off.

"What? I could've hurt myself, and then you'd be sorry-" I cut her off by putting my hand over her mouth.

"Shut up Lex." I said, and she rolled her eyes. Giggling lightly, I made my way to the door.

"Time to check out Lex." I said. She widened her eyes, and checked the clock.

660 Seconds.

11 Minutes.

I smiled as she ran for her bags, and I let her move past me towards the door. Watching her run down the corridor, I laughed as she hit each of the windows while running past them.

"BYE BITCHEESSS!" She screamed, and she ran out into the foyer where we were supposed to sign out. Approaching the desk, the secretary gave us the forms to fill in, and I laughed when Lexi scribbled her signature, and throwing the pen at the receptionist. She glared at us, and I stuck my tongue out as I signed. She rolled her eyes, and I turned to Lexi.

"Free, Llama. Free at fucking last." I sighed and looked to the doors.

"YEAHH BITCH!" And she linked her arm with mine. We were about to push the door open when I heard someone call my name behind me.

"Taela," I turned around, and settled my eyes on Alex, who was approaching us.

"I just wanted to say goodbye, and good luck." She said, and she pulled both me and Lexi into hugs.

"Thanks, Alex." I smiled, and she turned to walk away. I laughed slightly, and she turned back around.

"What?" She asked, and I grabbed Lexi's hand, ready to run.

"MOOSEE!" And with that, I dragged Lexi out of the building and into the sunlight. We stopped running about ten feet away from the building, and we looked at our surroundings.

"Welcome to the world Lexi," I looked at her and she giggled.

"Welcome to our world, Tay."


I hopped off of the bus, and dragged my small suitcase behind me, watching Lexi lug her huge bag around with her. I had convinced her to come and meet my boys, wanting her to see my people before she dragged me off to have a 'Fun day out' as she described it. Don't ask me what her description of a fun day out is, because I don't even know.

We walked down the street to Pete's temporary flat, and I skipped down the hill that led to the garage at the end of his street. Singing, I waited for Lexi at the bottom of the hill and tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for her to catch up. She ran down the last part, almost colliding with me at the bottom.

"Watch it Llama! Geez..." I sighed, and she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Geez..." She mocked me in a baby voice and I slapped her arm.

"Stop it!" I joked, and she grabbed my hand. Skipping, I stopped when we arrived outside of Pete's apartment.

"Here goes nothing..." I mumbled, and gripped onto Lexi's hand tighter as we walked up to the door. Knocking, I tried to steady my breathing as I heard footsteps on the other side. I closed my eyes, and opened them in time to see an annoyed looking Joe answer the door.

"God Damnit! We were trying to-" He stopped halfway through the sentence and looked at me properly.

"Wait, Taela?" He widened his eyes and squealed. He picked me up and swung me around in his arms.

"TAELAAAA! Oh my god..." I laughed and he put me down. I laughed again and he looked at me whilst smiling.

"It's so good to see you! And-" He stopped again. "Who's this?" He questioned, and I laughed and looked towards Lexi.

"This is Llama." He questioned my answer with his eyes and I laughed.

"Joe, Lexi. Lexi, Joe." I side stepped their greeting and squeezed inside. The flat hadn't changed that much, and I heard noises coming from the front room.

"The guys are all in there," Joe said, entering the hallway with Lexi on his heels. I nodded and walked into the front room, where the noises were identified as video games. I saw five figures in the room, and they were all on the couch facing the screen. I saw Pete in the middle, with Andy and Joe on one side of him, and two girls on the other side of him. I looked back at Joe; obviously they hadn't heard his squeals at the front door. Turning back to the couch, I approached the people quietly. I leaned down to Pete and whispered in his ear.

"Boo," I smirked as Pete jumped about a foot in the air and he turned to face me. Realization spread over his face and he jumped over the top of the sofa and on top of me. I screamed and let him jump off of me, and he gave me a proper hug once he had settled himself.

"TAY TAY TAY TAY TAY!!!" I laughed and hugged him, as the other two guys came over to me. Andy grabbed me and suffocated me into his chest, and then Patrick gave me a tight squeeze. After being unlatched from Patrick, Pete picked me up and twirled me around again.

"AHHHH! We've missed youuu!" He screamed, and I laughed again. He put me down, and I looked into his eyes.

"I missed you too," I said, and we heard one of the girls cough from behind him. He turned around and I saw the faces of them. One had short brown hair, and the other had Chest-length blonde hair. Pete held out his hand to them.

"Ohh! Tay! This is my sister, Rose." He gestured towards the girl with short brown hair, and I smiled, and she smiled back. I shook her hand, and she giggled lightly.

"Hi, Pete told me all about you," She smiled again, and I looked at him.

"Did he really?" I asked, and he smirked nervously.

"Yeahh..." He looked down, and I laughed. I heard another cough, and I turned towards the blonde girl.

"Who is this?" I asked, and Pete looked down again. I saw Patrick and Andy exchange glances while Joe chomped on an apple unawares of the situation.

"Uhm, Tay, this is Abi... My girlfriend."

Oh, Shiz.
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