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Finally, if you would've refuesed any longer, i would have tied you to a chair!

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Chapter 3- Suspision

Edward had insisted that he was fine. And to him, he truly was. He believed in the 'mind over matter' way of thinking. He continued to tell himself he was fine and believed it. Of course this was flawed, and Alphonse knew it. Especially since, Al knew his brother didn't worry about his own health. At least, not until he had buckets of blood escaping his body, then Ed cared. Sometimes then he didn't care. But Edward was always stubborn, even as a child. So, Al decided it was best to just leave his brother alone about it as much as physically possible. Physically possible meaning until Ed's body has had about as much of being sick as he can stand, sometimes literally. And this time, wasn't much different.

"Brother are you sure your-"
"I'm fine Al." Ed said beginning to get annoyed. He quickened his pace towards the town's central building. Al quickly followed, right on his brother's heels.
"But brother, you look really ill. I think you should stay inside. If you continue to walk around in the snow, you'll only make it worse." Ed grunted, and turned on his heels.
"Al I promise you, I-Am-Fine, ok? I don't feel sick and I'm sure that I don't look sick either." He said smiling. Alphonse tilted his head.
"Well, I hate to disappoint you but..." he trailed off. Making Ed return a scowl and stomp off. "Brother wait up!" Al called out to his angry older brother. He quickly took off running to catch up to him. Once he reached his brother, they were in front of the main building. Edward quickly walked inside, wasting no time to get warm. The entry way was most grand. Marble floors, huge paintings and not a soul in sight. Each step Ed took echoed loudly throughout the great corridor. A look of interest and confusion spread across the young alchemist's face. Al paused for a moment before asking, "Brother, where is everybody?" Ed turned around and took notice of the silence that rested over the town. The night before was filled with many houses being lit, lots of laughter, and voices. Today, it seemed as though this whole town didn't exist. Like it had been wiped out. They exited the large establishment and began to look for someone, anyone in the town who could tell them what was going on. They searched windows, stores, and even the inn they had stayed in. they found no one, until...
"Mr. Elric, what are you doing out in this weather?" said the woman. Ed recognized her as the woman who had given him his room key. She was carrying something in her hands, a bottle it looked like. Although he couldn't make out what its contents were, so he decided to answer her question.
"I was looking for the guy in charge around here. I figured it would be best to start my inspection as soon as possible. So, where is he?" He finished with a smirk. The woman frowned slightly before plastering a smile.
"Oh, he's not in. He left on a business trip to East city. He should return in the next couple days. I'm sorry I must have forgotten to mention that." She smiled wider this time. Ed returned the smile and waved his hand towards her.
"Oh that's ok. We'll just stay here and wait for him." He began walking back towards the inn. The woman eyed them as they entered, cursing under her breath. She needed to finish what she started, and she couldn't do it if that Elric boy was around. She started walking again, she then stopped as a manicale smile crept across her features. Or, could she?
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